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10 Amazon vacation faves to add to your packing list

June 27, 2019

It's vacation season, baby!! I don't know about you, but we are totally ready for all the vacations and staycations and loooong weekends. We will take any excuse to pack our bags and head out on an adventure!

As an expert procrastinator I sometimes fail to think of everything I need to pack until a few days before or sometimes even the day before and then I'm totally scrambling! Same? Amazon to the rescue, AGAIN! Amazon makes it super easy to tie up all those vacation loose ends and have everything on your packing list on my doorstep the next day in just a few clicks.

I rounded up TEN of my vacation packing list favorites that are SUPER highly rated on Amazon and ready to Prime right now!

1) A Cute Coverup

This beige coverup is one of THE most highly rated swimsuit coverups on Amazon and is a MUST for your packing list. We're talking hundreds of 5-star reviews. It comes in 15 colors and every. single. one is UNDER $20! I love that it's so neutral that you could pair it with literally any swimsuit! Black, brown, a bright color, a bold pattern-THIS coverup just works! And it's perfect for the beach, the pool, the water park, WHEREVER you go on vacation! It's cute and soft and guaranteed to look good straight out of your suitcase.

2) Perfect Packing Cubes

I'm a big HUGE fan of packing cubes. They're maybe my #1 best travel tip! I basically wrote a love letter to packing cubes and talked about how to use them in this post. These cubes aren't the most expensive option and they're not the least expensive option, but they're kind of right in the middle and super highly rated. They're UNDER $20, they're basically weightless and they work AWESOME. I don't like to pack for any trip without packing cubes anymore!

3) Hanging Toiletry Bag

Put this on your packing list and don't look back! The magic is the hanger. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 if it doesn't have a hanger! There are so many cute color options that it was nearly impossible to pick just one! It's less than $18 and has insanely great reviews.

Prior to this purchase my toiletry bags were 5-8 years old so it was time to upgrade. Being able to hang this up in a hotel or Airbnb bathroom on vacation is a game changer!

4) A Petite Steamer

If you haven't invested in a steamer yet you really NEED to get on board! This is another vacation packing list essential! I never EVER travel without a steamer. This one is smaller than an iPad, weighs 1 pound, and won't break your budget at just $19! You can smooth out ALL the wrinkles in your suitcases in like 2 seconds flat!

5) TSA Approved Travel Bottles

If you're totally married to your at home shampoo, conditioner, and skin care you NEED these in your life! This little set is only $12 and allows you to take the products you already own and love on vacation with you versus having to spend money on the travel versions of all your favorite products. The coolest feature of this particular set is the pre-printed labels in the little spinner that allows you to select what product you put in the bottle! Genius!

6) Wear Everywhere Sunnies

These Quay sunnies are such a summer classic. They're super duper lightweight. They're easy to wear all day long. I think they look cute with absolutely everything. And I looooooove that they're a less expensive alternative to Ray-Bans. These definitely deserve a spot on your vacation packing list.

7) Easy Summer Sandals

These white slides are a knockoff of the Hermes Oran sandals and I have all the heart eyes for them! Love the super cute cutouts and the UNDER $60 price tag! They're totally comfy enough to wear all around town throughout your vacation and they are comfy from the very first wear. I totally expected to get blisters the first time I broke these bad boys out and totally didn't! Comfy as can be, yummy stretchy leather. Just a totally easy summer sandal that can go with anything!

8) A Neutral Sun Hat

My biggest packing secret? Sticking to neutrals. When I pack for a vacation I pick a color scheme-typically black or tans and browns-and then I pack accordingly. Like if I go with tan I would pack all brown tones and a few colors that coordinate with tan or brown.

This $15 beige sun hat has really high reviews and would go with TONS of things in my suitcase when I use my packing hack!

9) One Good Towel

These towels are LIFE. They're oversized, extra thick, and super soft! They're a little spendier than your average towel, but the colors are so pretty (and won't fade in the sun), they're super plush, and worth every penny. Honestly probably not necessary for most beach vacas because most resorts or even airbnbs have towels BUT it was such a good Amazon beach find I couldn't help but include it!

10) A Hassle Free Bungee

I absolutely love this bungee and over 1000 people agree that it's amazing. For $13 you'll never have to worry about your tote sliding off the top of your carry-on suitcase as you walk (RUN) around an airport. It's seriously beyond amazing and I've used it a TON!

Swimsuit cover up (in beige)
Packing cubes
Makeup bag travel case (in pink)
Portable steamer
Toiletry travel bottles
Aviator sunglasses
Leather sandals (in white)
Bowknot straw hat
Beach towel
Travel bungee
Travel Tote picture above
Photos by Arielle Levy 

Hope this helps you get ready for your next adventure LAST MINUTE with Amazon on your side! HAPPY PACKING!!!

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