My #1 travel tip: packing cubes

April 23, 2019

Let's talk TRAVEL! If you have a Springtime getaway coming up or summertime vacations planned, it's the perfect time to start thinking about staying organized and tidy while you're packing your bags. I mean, the less time you spend digging through and sorting your luggage…the more time you can spend on the beach! As Miss Kondo would say “that sparks joy!!”

My number one tip for travel is to get yourself some PACKING CUBES!!! If you don't travel a lot you might be thinking that you don't need them, but trust me here…when you do travel, they make the BIGGEST difference!

When I'm packing my own suitcase, I love using cubes to sort my clothes by item. I keep all my tees in one packing cube, bottoms in another, underwear and socks get their own, etc. This prevents everything from becoming a gigantic ridiculous tangled mess in my open suitcase over the course of a trip! Plus, I know at a glance what's clean and what's dirty, since I can toss dirty clothes into the main area of my suitcase and leave clean stuff folded or rolled up all tidy in their cube until I'm ready to wear. That's a serious packing hack right there!

Also I LOVE using packing cubes to keep my kiddos organized. The girls usually share one bigger suitcase on a trip, so packing cubes are a really good way to keep everyone's clothing separated! It just helps keep all the little lookalike clothes in slightly different sizes organized.

Packing cubes is also the best thing that ever happened to your post vacation laundry situation!! Packing cubes allow you to toss dirty clothes into your suitcase and keep the clean stuff separated and in their own space. So when you get home ALL you have to do is sort and wash the stuff in the main compartment. Anything that didn't get worn is in a cube ready to be put away again! I also really love that I can pack shoes in their own cubes to keep them away from my clothes and everything else.

There are tons of different options for packing cubes! I have these ones that I love cause they're super affordable. I've used them for TONS of trips and they're still holding strong! If you're a frequent traveler and you want to invest in something a little higher end, you might want these ones (I do – hint hint Neil haha). And for kids you could try packing cubes like these ones!

Happy packing and, more importantly, happy vacationing!!

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Can you do a post on your favorite beach/travel items for babies? Taking our baby on her first road trip to the beach this summer and would love to know most useful things to pack!

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