Workout tips for busy people!!

I'm not a workout junkie, but I love the way that working out makes me feel!  When you're a busy mom (or just a busy person) finding time to workout sometimes feels impossible. #amiright?! I'm no expert, but today I'm sharing a few tips on what works for me.

CUTE WORKOUT CLOTHES: Obviously this isn't going to make or break your workout goals, but it might be my favorite way to get excited about exercising! I love a good excuse to buy new workout clothes. Nothing motivates me more to workout than having a cute new outfit to sweat it out in. Having a jacket to slip on before or after a workout is a MUST. It makes running out the door for an early morning workout a little more appealing. I adore the ruffles on this one. Duh. And I'm totally obsessed with the thumb hole sleeves.
I'm currently very into these Beyond Yoga leggings. They are super, super soft and slimming. Plus hello pink and ankle bows?! Plus they're totally multi-functional if you need to run a few post-workout errands you can just throw on a cute cardigan or jacket.
 SCHEDULE IT: Put it in your calendar or in your planner like any other appointment. If it's a scheduled part of your day it's much harder to skip it, because you've already set aside the time. It also really helps if this “appointment” is one of the first ones in your day-before the day gets away from you!
FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: One of the biggest changes that finally got me to work out was hiring a personal trainer. Now I know this isn't feasible for everyone, I totally get that. But honestly, aside from her helping me use proper form while lifting weights, the biggest thing for me is having someone who's keeping me accountable 3 days a week to work out. If you don't want to invest in a trainer, get a workout buddy who has the same goals as you, so you can keep each other accountable! TAKE TIME, DON'T MAKE TIME: Find those unused chunks of time in your day. Like the 10 minutes we all spend mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or getting caught in a Pinterest vortex or an accidental Netflix binge. Pay attention to how and where you're spending your time and figure out which activities you could “take” time from. If possible lump these little chunks of time all together and use them for a sweat session! Or sneak in your workouts! Do squats while you scan your social media or planks during commercials.

Pink Tie Leggings
Ruffle Jacket (sold out similar)
New Balance Sneakers (similar here and here)

In case you need a little workout motivation, here are some of my very favorite active clothes on the internet right now!!


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