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November 6, 2017

With Christmas card season right around the corner I've been getting tons of requests from all you mamas out there about family pictures! I think the first question I ask is what in the world do we wear?! Do we match? Do we not match? Do we have a theme? How do I find something for both my girls to wear that will coordinate with both Neil and me?

Thankfully a few weeks ago I was introduced to a site that's about to make your family photo fears walk right back out the door. Boomdash is a one-stop shop that's about to become your new BFF. It's the Mary Poppins to your children's wardrobe not only when it comes to figuring out what to dress your kids in for this year's family photos, but also just great clothes for your kids all year around!

With so many different options and places to find cute kids clothes out there it can be tricky to jump from site to site. Instead Boomdash takes care of all that work for you by creating a one-stop shop for all the favorite brands you already know and trust for your kids, as well as having a few new ones mixed in for you to discover. I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself, “if I could have all of the different stores in ONE shopping cart to compare I could be so much more efficient.” And Boomdash is exactly that solution. Tons of brands, ONE easy site.

Not only has Boomdash made it super easy to find everything you want in one place, but when you sign up for a Boomdash account they'll ask you a few questions about your kids sizes and clothing style and then spit out what they have that matches what you said you wanted. It's like a personal shopper and style guide wrapped up all in one! One-stop AND personalized shopping? I'm totally in!

This is Anabelle's classic “I'm looking for where I can get into some trouble” look. Classic.

If you read last year's tips on family photos you know I really like to do relaxed, outdoor settings for family photos where my kids can be themselves and have a little room to run around and show their personality. We decided to take things one step further this year by bringing them out to a farm with animals and hay and lots of wide open spaces! I think it turned out pretty cute.

The kids are clearly thrilled about parental PDA here haha.

One of my best tips for family photos is a quick pose or two and then back to playing and having fun! That helps keeps kids from getting super whiney and grumpy.

I love the sweet little bunny print on this dress for Lyla! It adds such a cute, subtle vibe to the outfit without being too loud for family photos. Which also makes it the perfect option for church, Thanksgiving or any other event where your family might need to get a little more dressed up for the holidays. Or you can dress it down with a pair of leggings like these! And these are under $10 and have a great look and fit!

Plaid is always super in for this time of year. But plaid WITH ruffles? Anabelle was totally on board! One thing I always try to go for with family pictures is getting everyone within the same color palette without being too matchy-matchy. The great thing about choosing plaid as one of the prints in your family photos is that it gives you so many other colors to work off of when dressing the rest of your kids.

Matching Uggs with pink bows? Let's just say I didn't have to twist my girls' arms to wear these. Even if you're not going for that 100% matching look for all your kids like we did in these family photos, I think it's always fun to have some sort of symmetry between them and shoes is such an easy, but subtle way to do that! Plus these are going to get worn over and over all Fall and Winter as we travel to Gaga and Gra-Most's house and anywhere else cool or wintery.

I know in the past I've worn basically prom dress looking outfits haha but this year I toned it down with a super relaxed (but still feminine!) button down and jeans!

If I could give a little advice on matching versus coordinating, I'd say trying to pick complementary patterns and colors are way better than making everyone super matched up. Boomdash did all the work for me with the girls, helping me find the blue, navy and light pink pieces. From there it was pretty easy for me to grab a stripe pink shirt and I put Neil in a subtle plaid that wouldn't compete with Anabelle's plaid pattern. The pops of pink actually complemented the Fall leaves really nicely without being too overpowering.


Corrine's pink bell sleeve top
Corrine's jeans
Corrine's boots
Neil's shirt
Neil's jeans
Neil's shoes
Anabelle's plaid top
Annabelle's leggings
Anabelle and Lyla's boots
Lyla's pink dress
Lyla's leggings

I'm excited to be teaming up with Boomdash to offer all of you mamas a special discount! Take 20% off EVERYTHING on their site from now until Dec. 31st and pick up outfits for you family photos and kids winter wardrobes. There's also FREE shipping and returns too!

Use the promo code: MINTARROW20 during the checkout on Boomdash.

I'll keep using Boomdash throughout this year to help me pick out the girls clothes as the seasons change and their sizes grow! I'll take alllllll the help I can get as a busy working mama of two.

Thanks Boomdash for sponsoring this post!

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