Up to 75% OFF on our fave St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse!!

Quick Version: Save up to 75% OFF on THREE St. Tropez bronzing products today! Keep reading for the deal details.

When self-tanning is synonymous with a particular brand, you know it’s gotta be GOOD! St. Tropez is the most widely known and acclaimed name in the game and for good reason. It’s been around forever and reviews for its products are consistently amazing across the board at major beauty retailers. St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse is no exception to their flawless reputation!

This product is a game-changer for at-home tanning and there are some HUGE deals on it right now! Keep reading for all the details.

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In a hurry? Shop the deals below!

Deal details!

DEAL 1: Today only can get 46% OFF the St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Duo with Mitts for only $58.98 (reg. $110), with code WELCOME24!! This code takes an extra $10 OFF and is for new customers OR emails, but you can still get this duo for $68.98 if not! This set comes with not only one but TWO off the applicator mitts and TWO full size bottles of the bronzing mousse.

DEAL 2: For the deepest darkest tan that you can get try the St.Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse for only $11.25 (reg. $45 if you were to buy it at Sephora)!! That is a savings of 75% OFF!

DEAL 3: The St. Tropez Self Tan Berry Sorbet Bronzing Mousse is also on sale right now for $11.25 (reg. $45 if you were to buy it here)!! This is the same as our fave express tan but comes in a limited edition scent of fresh berries swirled with rose and warm vanilla. This deal saves you 75% OFF too!

These are such amazing deals, and a great way to get a beautiful tan in these winter months. Keep reading to find out all about St. Tropez and why we love it so much!

St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

St. Tropez Express Bronzing Mousse is so user-friendly, you’ll consider yourself a self-tanning expert in no time! Just exfoliate, apply the mousse with a tanning mitt, and hang out for two hours. After showering it off, the tan continues to develop for hours for a golden and natural-looking glow.

You'll want to just rinse off after two hours, not shower with soap since the tan continues to develop!!

ALSO we love that St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse DOES NOT dry our skin out. For a while there Corrine was using this self tanner instead, but she noticed that it really was drying her skin out and since she already has dry skin, it would peel and look not awesome by the 4-6 day mark. This St. Tropez Mousse does NOT do that to us – it fades really gently and doesn't dry out our skin. HALLELUJAH.

st tropez self tanner bronzing mousse
St. Tropez Self Tanner

St. Tropez self tanner is PERFECT for anyone paranoid of getting self-tanner on their white sheets OR forgot to set a reminder to get a spray tan before a big event! Not only does it just take two hours, but there’s NO funky smell or sign of orange to be seen!

Ours lasts us a solid 5-6 days of looking amazing before we exfoliate and start again! You can read about more of our favorite self tanners in high and low price ranges here.

St. Tropez FAQ's

  • Is St. Tropez self tanner safe to use while pregnant? Always consult with your doctor — but according to St. Tropez’s website, yes!“The Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) confirm that spray tan and self-tanning products are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding (lactating mothers may choose to avoid the breast area during the breast feeding stage).”
  • Is St. Tropez self tanner waterproof? As long as you leave it on for the full amount of time directed on the can — YES. Both of these bronzing mousses will leave you with a gorgeous tan that you can wear to the pool or lake or beach and feel confident in from sunrise to sundown! The Express tan lasts us 5-6 days.
  • Can you use St. Tropez self tanner on your face? While these St. Tropez self tanners are meant specifically for your body, you can totally put it on your face if you add a layer of moisturizer and serum before the bronzing mousse. However, we like to use these face self tanning drops because they're made specifically for the gentler skin in that area.
  • How to apply St. Tropez self tanner: Tanning mitts — ESSENTIAL to getting an even, beautiful, St. Tropez self tan! DO NOT use your hands, a towel from home, or gloves. The mitts are the only thing that'll truly distribute your tan evenly. And if you want to know the rest of our tried and true tanning regimen that gives us an even, lasting self tan every time, you can find it in this post!

The best tan year round – up to 75% OFF!

These are some incredible deals on our favorite St. Tropez bronzing mousse that we'd recommend over and over again! It’s the perfect time to stock up if you love this as much as we do – and if you haven’t tried it yet, but you really want to – buy it for a GREAT deal. We're so excited about how many pennies you’ll be saving on this amazing product.

Remember, right now you can get the St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse Duo with Mitts + Extra Dark Mousse + the Berry Sorbet Bronzing Mousse for up to 75% OFF!

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