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It’s not too late for spring cleaning! Don’t worry if you haven’t tackled some of those spring cleaning projects yet – this guide's got you covered on the best ways to refresh and organize your kitchen and living room.

Even though it can be a SUPER daunting task – or something you never have time for – this spring cleaning guide is complete with a checklist and everything that'll be helpful in keeping your most loved family spaces in the house fresh and neat!

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning checklist

Save this for later to make spring cleaning a breeze!

cleaning checklist

Let's talk living room

Start HIGH

Get started in your living room by working high to low! First, start off with dusting the ceiling fan, blinds, and coffee tables with this super affordable microfiber duster. This duster will get in all the hidden places!


If you have an area rug in the living room with spots on it (aka people live here proof), you can use this AMAZING spot cleaner to take the stains right out! This is a great price for such a quality, non-toxic spot cleaner. It also works wonders on couch cushions, wood, and clothing.

spring cleaning

These sponges are the best of the best with getting scuffs, paw prints, or any scratches off the walls by simply running under water. You can’t beat this price, so stock up because you can seriously use them all over the house!

magic eraser

Bring out the vacuum

Now you’re ready to address the crumbs and other surprises your kids have probably dropped into the couch at some point. Wipe down the furniture, clean the chair cushions, and vacuum!

This Dyson is going to save you so much work because it’s the slimmest, lightest weight, and most maneuverable model they have. You can use this Dyson to easily get to every corner, ALLL the way under the couch, convert to handheld to clean the cushions, and even change the nozzle to get dust near air vents!

spring cleaning
spring cleaning

Kitchen spring cleaning tips

The kitchen probably needs the most work, but don’t be intimated – just take it section by section!

Hard to clean surfaces

First, fill a glass spray bottle with your favorite multi-surface cleaner to wipe down your cabinets and counter tops. You can use these microfiber cloths for cleaning if you feel like you’re always going through too many paper towels.

The cabinets and counter tops will clean up just fine with your multi-surface cleaner, but if you have any hard rust lines on your stove or sink, grab this now! This cleaner will remove rust, stains, and tarnish from stainless steel appliances and sinks leaving them sparkling clean.

For a good, deep clean of your oven or grill use this product with foam formula that breaks down grime that's been built up too long. It's amazing how you can get your kitchen to look just like new with these products!

spring cleaning

Declutter and organize

This will probably take the most time, but has the BEST pay off! The fridge is especially one of those places you open daily, like ugghhhh why did I stack everything in there, I can’t find anything?!

First, you have to do the unbearable: take everything out of your fridge and pantry. Once they’re cleared, clean the inside and outside of the fridge and give a good dusting to the pantry shelves. You’ll probably be shocked by how much you’ve accumulated (or held onto past expiration) and will be able to dispose of.

Make sure you’re going in there and deeply cleaning the fridge before putting in a refreshing air filter! These are the BEST baking soda products that absorb bad odors.

Now, you can put your food back in using clear organizers so everything is visible but has a place! These are super lightweight and work in the fridge or pantry. You can customize a system that works for you like keeping the kid’s snacks on a specific shelf, meal prep to one side, and produce drawers just for produce!

Do the same thing with your other cabinets and drawers to stay organized, see what you have, and donate what you really don’t need. Start asking yourself, “what do I grab every day that needs to be eye level, or which boxes can I condense to take up less space?”

These baskets are awesome for storing snacks in the pantry, or keeping your cleaning supplies in under the sink.

spring cleaning

Places to clean that we always miss

There are some super important areas to hit up every few months, but they don’t cross your mind too often! Cleaning and organizing your fridge and stove are GREAT, but when was the last time you rolled them out to sweep behind them (…same)?

You can grab a simple broom and dustpan to reach those hard places and not worry about taking a ton of storage space up after! Don’t forget to use a cleaner for your dishwasher that gets buildup you can’t see. It doesn’t get easier than throwing a tablet in the machine to run on its own before doing a load of dishes, and they’ll come out cleaner if you take good care of the machine!

spring cleaning

Lastly, we’re always forgetting to clean and sanitize the disposal and sink. Pick up these super tough sponges to remove the mess in your sink without scratching delicate surfaces. You’ll be able to cut out grease and grime with that sponge and an awesome dish spray cleaner! This spray is a miracle worker for hard to clean items like blenders and choppers – and you can’t go wrong on a bundle at such a killer price.

Kitchen and living room spring cleaning – DONE!

Spring cleaning feels SO good for the soul, but also like you got in an awesome workout. All of the products featured today are available at Bed Bath & Beyond at prices you can’t beat! Hopefully you can make one last spring cleaning push and use Bed Bath & Beyond to create the space you want in your home all year round. Check out all the products used in this post below, plus a few extras that'll be the cherry on top to getting your home into tip top shape!

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