The prettiest slow cooker is under $50 right now! Run!

Quick Version: Get the prettiest slow cooker on sale for 28% OFF + under $50 HERE!

While Corrine was on bed rest during her pregnancy she had to figure out a new routine and method for how to take care of her family's needs while she couldn't be as hands on. Something that was an absolute LIFE SAVER was cooking a majority of their dinner meals in this beautiful slow cooker from Walmart. We've found that one of the easiest ways to dinner is to be able to have a very simple meal plan, with ingredients that can all be thrown into the slow cooker, and then it's just ready to go at dinnertime.

We're so excited to share with you a slow cooker that's super affordable and that we've been loving. Plus some super yummy, easy recipes that are dinner go-to's!

pretty slow cooker
FROM: Top 10 recipes + the prettiest slow cooker you’ve ever seen!
8 qt. pictured sold out, similar digital 6 qt. 28% OFF

In a hurry? Shop the deal below!

Deal Details

Get this pretty 6 qt. slow cooker by Drew Barrymore on sale in white for only $49.96 (reg. $69) – that's 28% off! This is the perfect slow cooker that won't break the bank and also looks pretty when you're using it. WIN WIN!

This particular slow cooker actually has a programmable screen (different from the one Corrine has, pictured in this post with just a knob). The one on sale today includes:

  • Large 6 qt. capacity, serves up to 7 people
  • 5 preset slow cooking functions – Meat, Poultry, Stew, Soup and Chili
  • Integrated flat screen design control panel
  • Automatically switches to keep warm function
  • Dishwasher safe, removable cooking pot and tempered glass lid for easy cleaning
  • Programmable digital countdown timer from 30 minutes up to 20 hours
  • Removable ceramic pot for easy serving
  • Stainless Steel lid rest for easy handling while serving
  • Cool-touch handles for easy portability
  • Shatter-resistant, tempered glass lid

The prettiest slow cooker you've ever seen

Walmart sells this beautiful slow cooker by Drew Barrymore. This is one of the more affordable ones out there – plus it's on sale for under $50! A lot of times a slow cooker is over $100, so this is a huge steal!

Like we said, the one pictured in this post has a manual knob on the front to change the cook settings, but the one on sale right now is the digital version. The 6 qt. size on sale would work great if you're making a dish that that feeds 7 people or less.

HOT TIP: Walmart sells these crock pot liners that are genius because it makes cleanup so easy! Before you throw in all of your ingredients, you line your slow cooker with this liner and when you're all done eating and ready to cleanup, just remove the liner and throw it in the garbage. They won't melt or catch on fire because they're crock pot-safe and they're a lifesaving hack. If you're looking for something to make your life a little bit easier, these are the best!

slow cooker on sale
FROM: Top 10 slow cooker recipes
8 qt. pictured sold out, similar digital 6 qt. 28% OFF
Dinnerware set on sale
Gold kitchen tools sold out, similar

Are slow cookers worth it?

100% YES. Using a slow cooker to prep + make meals absolutely is the easiest way to do dinner when you have kids with a bunch of different schedules.

If anyone's like us with chaotic kids' schedules, this is amazing because the weeknight dinners stay warm and fresh for so long without getting overcooked! It's the perfect solution for a family with lots of different schedules.

What can I cook in a slow cooker?

The options are ENDLESS for the things you can cook in a slow cooker. You can read our top 10 recipes post for some of Corrine's favorites!

Cooking made easy!

Cooking for a busy family can be difficult, but this slow cooker is the secret to making it a breeze! Grab it while it's on sale and still available for under $50.

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