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I've said this so many times on here, but my preferred method of shopping is always online shopping because with two (now THREE) kids in tow, going to the mall is way more hassle than it's worth. But have you ever wished you could try on all the clothes you're thinking about getting BEFORE you pay for them? I'm talking have them shipped to your house, try it all on, and send back what you don't like, without a charge even hitting your credit card! If that doesn't sound like the best thing since sliced bread well I don't know what is.

When I initially saw “Prime Wardrobe” popping up on some of my amazon items and heard some buzz going around with some of my fashion influencer friends on how great this was, my biggest question was, “okay how is this any different than ordering clothes online and then just doing a good old return?” I'm about to tell you.

Prime Wardrobe is basically your house as a dressing room! It's available to anyone who has Amazon Prime, and it allows you to order clothing, shoes, and accessories at no upfront charge (!!), take seven days to decide what you want to keep, and send the rest back with a prepaid label included in your initial shipment. You even get discounts on items you'd like to keep! How cool is that?

Ruffle Shirt

Here are the items I got in my first box, and whether I decided to KEEP or RETURN each one!

Embroidered White Shirt
Embroidered White Shirt

I had super high hopes for this Embroidered White Shirt, but it ended up being probably my least favorite item in the box just because it was super see-through. But this is exactly why Prime Wardrobe is so perfect!! I got to try it on and stick it right back in the bag and send it back with the pre-printed label. So easy! RETURN.

Ruffle Shirt

The Ruffle Shirt I chose was PERFECT though! It has some gorgeous detail on the sleeve and was opaque enough that I could wear it without feeling like you could see right through it — hard to find, and even harder to tell if that's going to be the case when ordering online! This material is a little thicker so it's perfect for the fall and winter months! And I love that it's more of a boxy fit while I'm in that lovely postpartum phase. KEEP!

Women's Sweater Women's SweaterI've been living in open sweaters lately!! This slouchy cardigan sweater is one of those pieces that I can grab as I'm running out the door and it goes great over almost any outfit when it's chillier than expected! Plus, I love bringing cardigans like this to the movie theater, where it's always freezing. KEEP!

Denim Jeans
Denim Jeans

For denim, I found a couple pairs of skinnies in different washes that I liked a lot! This light wash pair has a higher waist and a raw hem that's so great for a casual day around the house, running errands or even for dressing up with heels and a nicer top! Fit is nearly impossible to predict online but these were a very flattering fit, although they were a little on the tight side! I decided they'd be good jeans to hold onto because my body will probably continue to shrink a little, especially as I ease back into working out. KEEP.

white skinny jeans white skinny jeansFinally, for a brighter look, I was excited to try on these white skinny jeans because I wear white WHENEVER I WANT! Ha! Sadly these were way too see-through (another thing that's so hard to detect in online shopping!) so, even though they fit really nicely, they're not quite worth keeping if I'm always worried about my undies showing. RETURN.

caramel bootie
gray ankle boot

I found two great pairs of booties using Prime Wardrobe! Seriously, this time of year just sends me into a bootie frenzy. Aren't these to die for?!

gray ankle boot caramel Ankle BootieThis Ankle Boot has a really pretty braided side detail and a low block heel, which makes them comfy for a day to day outfit, and as a dressier option I loved this pair with a taller heel. Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't say no to either one! KEEP and KEEP.

caramel Ankle Bootie  caramel Ankle BootieI love that Prime Wardrobe has the whole family covered! You can order a few things for yourself but then throw in a little men's or children's clothes to try on at home too! I added these ruffled bodysuits to my package for baby Millie and was immediately smitten!! Where kid's sizes can change so fast, it's awesome to be able to order a couple different options and see which ones work best, then send back the rest!

Girls Bodysuit
Girls Bodysuit
Girls Bodysuit
Girls Bodysuit

As a longtime OBSESSED Prime member, I'm so excited about this new service! I've been shopping Amazon fashion for clothes and shoes for years because hello, free FAST shipping, competitive prices, and I've loved browsing their selection. The try before you buy feature is a total game changer. Reading reviews is so helpful, but there's just something about being able to try clothes on before you commit to the purchase!!

Prime Wardrobe

Ruffle Shirt
Embroidered White Shirt
Ankle Boot
Women's Sweater
AG Leggings
Denim Jeans
Ankle Bootie
Skinny Jeans
Girls Bodysuit
Photos by Arielle Levy

What do you guys think? Will you be trying Amazon Prime Wardrobe? What questions do you have about their service? Leave them in the comments below!

Start your own box with Prime Wardrobe today!

prime wardrobe caramel Ankle Bootie

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  1. When I have looked into womens clothes for prime wardrobe, the prices are $$$ for an article of clothing. I don’t understand how it is affordable in that sense. Do they have moderate prices for prime wardrobe and I cannot find them? I would love to try, but don’t want to spend hundred(s) of dollars for one item.

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