HOT! Beachwaver (the best curling iron ever) more than half off!

Quick version: right now you can get the Beachwaver Glitter B1 kit for 55% OFF at only $62.10 (reg. $137!) with code MINTARROWWAVE at checkout.

Corrine's FAVORITE curling iron ever, the Beachwaver (the one that's basically impossible to find a deal on) is on major sale right now!! This deal is insane. Get ready to jump out of your seat because this deal is SO SO GOOD and this is a product she's been in love with for years. We know you're going to love it, too!

beachwaver curling iron deal
Beachwaver Curling Iron – 55% OFF with code MINTARROWWAVE

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Deal details

Right now you can get the Beachwaver Glitter B1 kit for 55% OFF at only $62.10 (reg. $137!) with code MINTARROWWAVE at checkout. This is one of the best deals on Corrine's fave Beachwaver Curling Iron, plus this deal comes with two Darby clips and one wide toothed comb!

Keep scrolling to read why Corrine loves the Beachwaver so much! ALL the pics below were taken after curling her hair with the Beachwaver Curling Iron.

beachwaver curling iron
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loose beachy waves
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Beachwaver Curling Iron – 55% OFF
Photos by Arielle Levy

What's to love about the Beachwaver curling iron

The Beachwaver curling iron will curl your hair in literally HALF the time a regular curling iron takes, but it lasts twice as long.

Your curls will last for DAYS because the barrel winds your hair up so close to the heat that it does a super good job of curling it. Corrine's hair does NOT hold curl easily, and her Beachwaver curls last for multiple days at a time. So this curling iron really is a game changer!!

Is the Beachwaver hard to use?

The Beachwaver is NOT hard or scary to use at all. It's super-duper easy and so quick! Yes, it curls your hair for you and yes, that sounds intimidating, but Corrine figured it out literally within the first three seconds of trying it out.

Which size is the best?

Corrine has and loves all three of the Beachwaver curling irons, but she definitely uses the 1″ the most! It gives her the perfect curl that lasts days. FREAKING OUT that you can get her favorite one for 55% OFF, plus the clips and comb during this insane deal!

Wave hello to your new fave curling iron!

Don't miss out on getting the Beachwaver B1 Glitter kit for only $62.10 with code MINTARROWWAVE! Usually it'd cost $137 to get all three of these things, so this is a crazy good deal. Get ready for your hair-curling game to be changed FOR.EV.ER.

Team Mint Arrow

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    1. Corrine uses the 1″ 🙂 She said the waves are usually tight the first day but then they last a few days! -Kourtney

  1. Thanks for all your great tips over the past several days!
    Might want to add to this post that you need to use a coupon code- cyber30
    If you follow the links in this post directly to the iron you want you will miss that info on the beachwaver homepage.

    1. Thank you!! It’s so crazy with all the Cyber Monday posts today, I totally meant to include this. Adding it now! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love mine!! I had it under the counter and then saw your post and remembered that I had one. It is now the only curling iron I use! Highly recommend!

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