I tried Nordstrom’s online styling service – here are the results!

This past year, delivery services have been a FAVE of mine on so many levels – and after trying Nordstrom's personalized stylist delivery service out, I have NO idea why I haven't been using it for so much longer!! I have absolutely been over-impressed with it, and I can't wait to share all the details with you today.

Just imagine: outfits made specifically for YOU landing right on your doorstep when you want them to show up (you can choose to use the service one time only, or at whatever pace you would like!), and you don't need to search for ANY items on your own… All of these points plus so much more made Nordstrom Trunk Club a 12/10 would recommend for me! I've tried other personalized stylist delivery services before and never really loved them – but Nordstrom's version has completely blown my mind. They've thought of everything to make the process pretty much flawless.

nordstrom trunk club
nordstrom trunk club
best styling service
personal styling service

Comparing similar services

Before I get into it, I need to tell you a little bit more about how perfect Nordstrom's Trunk Club is. Like I said, I've tried other services like this in the past and they were good but not perfect. They gave me items that were cute, but not always up to my modesty preferences or the fit I was looking for. And sometimes they just gave me items that didn't really feel like “me.”

THIS is the first time I've had a service pick EVERY item and be spot-on to my style and fit and personality. I was so happy! It was seriously like I took the time to go to Nordstrom, walk around with a stylist, and buy a bunch of new pieces for my closet. It's the coolest service ever! Trunk Club is officially something I'll rave about from now on.

nordstrom trunk club

The background on the stylists

I love, love, LOVE that all of the Nordstrom stylists behind Trunk Club have been extensively and intensively trained before they are assigned to any customer. They are taught how to find the best styles for EVERY body type, from XXS-4X women, maternity sizes, and even XS-4XL men. It made me feel super confident from the get-go that my stylist wouldn't just be shooting in the dark to find what was right for me. And she did NOT disappoint! I was pretty shocked at how spot on all of the pieces were that my stylist found for me.

cute winter outfit

How Trunk Club works

The quick gist of Nordstrom's Trunk Club: you take a quiz, your stylist picks out items very specific to YOU, and you approve ALL the items before they are shipped to your door! And you don't pay until you try everything on and are 110% sure they are what you want. I have to say, even though I ended up not returning ONE thing, it was so nice to know there was no risk involved!

The quiz is a little long, but PIVOTAL in getting the clothing you will actually want to keep. HUGE TIP: you HAVE to answer everything as honest as honest can be. I strive to be honest but I will admit to fudge just a little bit on my printed driver's license weight 😉 But seriously, that would be such a disservice to yourself if you did that here! Being super super honest is how you are going to get exactly what you want out of this service. They can't get you what you want if you don't tell them the detailed facts! This is the number one part about finding success with this service.

nordstrom styling service

What the quiz asks

The quiz for Nordstrom Trunk Club will start out asking your style goals. Anything from “saving time shopping,” “discovering my style,” “finding clothes that fit me better,” or to “just find something new.” I love how inclusive they are with everyone whether you are a fashionista, or someone who just wants a little wardrobe makeover from an expert! SO helpful.

Then, they'll ask you about the location you're shopping for. When I did my quiz, I was shopping for our Lake Arrowhead weekend getaway, so I wanted more wintery clothes. (If you missed it on my Instagram, we went to the prettiest Airbnb and it was literally a dream!) But I loved being able to let them know the type of clothes I was looking for according to what weather I'd be in.

winter outfit
winter outfit ideas with booties

And after that? They've literally thought of everything when it comes to getting you the perfect outfit for your life. Colors, patterns, and materials you dislike wearing, the way you like your clothing to fit, the styles you prefer, issues you normally have when buying clothes (long arms, short torso, things like that), how much you like to spend on certain pieces, and MORE.

Another tip: Don't answer these in a way you think you should, if that makes sense. Stay true to your style – and if you aren't sure, they always have an “I don't know” option that you can select! And if you feel like more than one option describes your preferences, they allow you to choose multiple so you aren't limited to just one style. They are very specific with their questions and I loved that, because the more specific you can be, the more spot on your items are going to be in your trunk.

Cost questions are key!

I was able to tell my stylist that I would much rather spend more of my budget on a nice pair of jeans or booties, and that I'd prefer my tops to be more affordable. She listened to every word and all of the product selections were perfect and exactly what I was looking for! Since ultimately you will be paying for each item, you want to make sure they don't pick out crazy-ridiculous-expensive items for things you don't want to spend too much money on – but also let them know if you are willing to spend more on something so that you get the quality you are looking for!

nordstrom trunk club

“Help your stylist pack this trunk” – v. important section!

This section of the Nordstrom Trunk Club quiz is optional, but it's really where you're going to reap the rewards of getting exactly what you want. There is an essay question box which is perfect for telling them what it is you definitely want to find from this experience. Talk to them like they're you're best friend, be that honest! Tell them the parts of your body that you're most confident in, and the parts you would like to be clothed in with a little more of a flattering look.

For example, I told them that I was specifically looking for clothing that would be flattering on my mid-section, since I just had a baby eight months ago and would rather not wear anything too form-fitting right now! And I also told them the specific modesty standards I have. Not too low-cut, knee length dresses, completely covers the shoulders (unless athletic wear), etc. Things like that can really help these stylists to get you items you will feel confident in and be happy with. You can also send in pictures of clothing you love that you already have (or items that you think you would love from online inspiration photos!) to help them understand your style preferences a little more.

the north face coat

The results

You preview your trunk before they send anything, so when I logged on I was so excited! Most everything I could already tell I was going to love. There were a couple pieces that I thought “Mmm… I'm either going to love this or hate this,” but I wanted to give the stylist the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes the biggest plus to having a stylist is finding pieces that you normally wouldn't try on that you end up loving. (And spoiler alert, I really did end up loving everything!)

Another thing I loved from the results was that my stylist gave me outfit combination ideas. For example, she told me that my jeans could be paired with three of the tops super easily, and that the boots would be the perfect length for the jeans or the long-sleeve sweater dress she picked. So cool that they show those options to you beforehand!

sweater dress
cute sweater dress
the north face coat outfit

Surprise item I was obsessed with!

I think the item I was the most surprised with, but the most obsessed with was the satin slip dress with the wool sweater. I NEVER would have picked that out for myself, but it is SUPER cute on, and the slip dress would also look cute with a jacket I already own so I loved that it was such a universal item. AND it was on sale! I thought maybe all the items in my trunk would be full price, brand new items but they didn't shy away from items that were on sale, too, which was awesome!

nordstrom outfit
satin skirt nordstrom trunk club
satin skirt and sweater

The universal BOOTIES

Probably the piece that I am going to wear the most that my stylist picked out was the booties. They are something I will wear the rest of winter, and starting again next fall, and seriously could be worn with pretty much any outfit during those times of year. Jeans, dresses, leggings. It was a piece I was SO excited to spend my money on and these fit my style perfectly.

Aldridge Bootie
MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS nordstrom trunk club

Final verdict? SO THRILLED.

I seriously couldn't be happier with the results of my trunk. Everything was in the price range I was hoping for, some of the items were on sale, some of the items were investments that I told her I would be so happy spending my money on for the quality and multi-functionality! And I love that each item could be used with different combinations which was SO fun to see how many actual outfits I was getting in this trunk. Another cool thing: after approving my trunk, I also decided to add a couple accessories which I thought would be super cute paired with the pieces my stylist picked out for me. So if you want to add anything, you totally can!

gorjana jewelry

Details on the items once they showed up at my door

All of the tops ended up fitting absolutely perfect (WIN!), and I loved that there was a variety in the tops, too. There was a sweater, a blouse, and a boat neck tunic (which I normally wouldn't have picked for myself, but ended up being THRILLED about because it was a super flattering cut that I could wear with my favorite leggings).

cute tunic top nordstrom trunk club
tunic top outfit

I remember in the quiz talking about how much I loved loungewear, so I was super duper excited to try on the loungewear set my stylist picked which ended up being a dream. The booties fit so comfortably (which was something I asked for in the quiz!) and they were so dang cute in person, too. The jeans fit flawlessly – and I was so happy that they picked one of my favorite brands, Good American, because there was a part of the quiz that asked that, too! So smart. I always love how their jeans fit and I love their quality. That was an easy yes for me!

loungewear set nordstrom trunk club
loungewear set nordstrom
joggers nordstrom trunk club

The North Face jacket fit SO perfectly. It's a little bit of a longer fit, but this one was actually way cuter in person that I thought it was online! I know I am going to wear it for years because it's not going to go out of style any time soon. So I was super happy my stylist picked that out for me. I was just happy with EVERYTHING she picked for me, ha! However if you don't like something in your trunk for some reason, you get to send it back, no questions asked. And if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you are only charged for what you keep. AMAZING!

IMPORTANT $$ INFO: There is a $25 home try-on fee for this service if you are not a Nordstrom cardholder. If you ARE a Nordstrom cardholder, that fee is waived! Returns are always free.

nordstrom trunk club
winter outfit nordstrom trunk club

Keep. Exchange. Return.

After you've decided what you're going to do with the items in your trunk, they make it super easy for you online to tell them your decisions. There are three simple boxes that you click: keep, exchange, or return. You can also thumbs up or thumbs down style, color, pattern, etc. so that if you decide to order another trunk they can get it even better next time! The customer service is on point if you ask me.

nordstorm trunk club styling service
Rib V-Neck Top
Parker Beaded Necklace
High Waist Straight Leg Organic Cotton Jeans
Down Hooded Parka
Satin Slip dress & Wool Blend Sweater sold out, similar skirt, similar sweater
Pleat Tie Neck Blouse
Crewneck Long-Sleeve Sweater Dress
Bateau Neck Tunic
Sleek Flat Hoop Earrings
Aldridge Bootie
Brushed Joggers
Cutout Back Pullover
Photos by Arielle Levy

So what's my opinion on Nordstrom Trunk Club? HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

I have NEVER had a style delivery service be this spot on in every aspect. There was not one part of it that I was not happy about, or that I wished was better! This really is a dream come true for me since Nordstrom is my favorite store ever, and I trust in their stylists so much. This process makes it so easy to still get their one on one help, but without having to leave my couch.

And of course I love that you can bring any of the items to Nordstrom that you received to get tailored as well if anything needs to be taken in just a little bit. And if you only want one trunk sent your way? Awesome! If you want it monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, etc., that's cool, too! I love that this is NOT a subscription, but something that you can decide on according to your needs and wants.

I couldn't be happier with this service on all counts! Maybe the MOST fun I've had with a shopping experience in a year. I hope you will try Nordstrom Trunk Club one day yourself. I know you'll be so happy with it too!

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