Episode 250: “Let Me Save You 25 Years” with Shawn Nelson

Shawn Nelson is the founder and CEO of Lovesac, repeatedly recognized as the fastest growing

furniture brand in the US for over a decade. Lovesac is publicly traded on Nasdaq and is

projected to exceed $1 Billion in annual sales over the next few years with more than 270 Lovesac branded retail locations. From humble beginnings, Shawn founded Lovesac in 1998 making Sacs by hand for neighbors and friends while in college.

In 2005 Shawn won a million-dollar investment by Richard Branson on his prime time hit reality TV

show, The Rebel Billionaire, and was named acting President of Virgin Worldwide for a time. Shawn’s recent book, “Let Me Save You 25 Years,” celebrates Lovesac’s colorful history, and the many “mistakes, miracles, and lessons” learned along the way. Today Shawn and I get to talk about this brand new book release, and he shares with me some of the stories behind these mistakes, miracles and lessons. If you’ve ever wished you could sit with a super successful CEO of a publicly traded company for an hour and learn the most important lessons they’ve picked up along then way, then I think you’re really going to enjoy today’s episode.


Shawn’s new book “Let Me Save You 25 Years: Mistakes, Miracles, and Lessons from the Lovsac Story”

Shawn’s Podcast- Let Me Save You 25 Years

Lovesac products

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