Episode 239: Unpopular Opinions

This year I challenged myself to be as unfiltered and real as possible on this podcast so today I'm really putting that to the test as Neil and I share our most unpopular opinions. The point of today's episode isn't to persuade you to think just like us in all aspects, but to hopefully encourage you to stand out, speak up, and be different from the world. Be OKAY with not going with the flow of the world. I promise you that as you stand for something, in your homes, in your private lives, in your conversations, in the way you live and teach and lead, you will find greater happiness.


Time Stamps:

[00:43] – Corinne explains her experience of going to the Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie and why her recent reel went viral.

[05:18] – Corinne and Neil talk about staying close to what matters to them personally, even in the little things.

[10:19] – “You should do whatever you feel good about.”

[12:46] – Corinne and Neil discuss relative truths vs consistent truths.

[19:23] – Although romantic, another person does not actually “complete” you.

[24:19] – Your parents aren’t responsible for your adult problems.

[27:50] – “Get used to it.”

[31:27] – The idea of dissolving the patriarchy could be more balanced.

[37:14] – Corinne and Neil talk about having an open mind while keeping your values.

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