Episode 231: The WHY of Your Weight Loss and Physical Health with BodyByBree

BreeAnna Cox is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, mother of four, and the founder of BodyByBree Fitness. Bree loves helping women find their inner power through meditation, personal development, fitness, and nutrition. Certified in behavioral change, Bree really believes in helping people align their thoughts with action and today Bree walks me through my current state of mind with my physical body and health and where I'd like to be, and how to make some simple mind shifts and adjustments to make things more sustainable EVEN for a busy mom of 5 running multiple businesses. I think you will love Bree so much and if you want to follow her, you can on instagram at @bodybybreefitness or find all of her training materials and products at bodybybree.com.

Time Stamps:

[00:55] – BreeAnna Cox talks about being a personal trainer for 18 years and helping women transform from the inside out.

[07:26] – “You’re not alone in this.”

[13:59] – Is your exercise habit the issue or is it something else? BreeAnna explores why it’s important to approach deeper rooted issues with love.

[18:57] – Don’t be so focused on the results that you discredit your efforts.

[26:25] – BreeAnna talks about setting Floor Goals and Ceiling Goals to help you build consistent habits.

[31:45] – Rebalance your exercise regimen.

[41:36] – What does it look like to work with BreeAnna when it’s not in person?

[46:11] – Take a minute to envision your highest self, and do small steps every day towards that potential.

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