Episode 229: The Many Mirages of Life

Have you ever had a huge AHA moment in life where you realize, “Oh my gosh, that THING that I thought was real, it totally wasn't?” Or maybe you say to yourself, “Wow. That was totally not what I made it out to be in my mind?” Today we're going to talk about these situations, that we call, the many mirages of life.

Time Stamps:

[00:40] – Do you think everyone else has it together?

[06:46] – Are you carrying a secret that you think would lead to rejection?

[12:21] – Have you ever felt like no one is suffering like you are?

[18:02] – Do you feel like rules ruin your life and hold your back?

[24:27] – Are you the type to worry and obsess over situations? PART 1

[35:59] – Do you have a scarcity mindset?

[39:02] – Do you postpone your happiness?

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