Episode 221: Becoming Codafree Bootcamp: What It Is & Who It’s For (and not for)

Today we're opening the doors to our first semester ever of Becoming Codafree Bootcamp!

This bootcamp was birthed after more than 12 years of my own self-development work to overcome codependency, and in this episode I'm sharing where this whole idea came from and what codafree means, who this bootcamp is for, and who it's not for, and what you can expect if you enroll.

Enrollment is only open for ONE WEEK and then we'll close the doors midnight on Friday, June 30. ALSO, we're offering founder pricing this semester, meaning we will never price the bootcamp this low ever again because it's the first time we're offering it! Bootcamp will begin the following week, with 10 private podcast episodes that will drop semi-weekly (or twice a week) the rest of the summer. Then on Thursday August 24, live school sessions will start where l'II be teaching these principles on a weekly zoom call at 10am Pacific Time. You can attend live, or watch the replay later. You'll also have weekly worksheets to go with every lesson to really put pen to paper, do the work, and apply these principles to your life.

This program is not affiliated with the 12-steps, it's NOT the 12-steps, but it can absolutely be done alongside or before or after you work a 12-step program. Becoming codafree bootcamp is not for everyone, but if you think it might be for you, by the end of this episode you should know whether you want to and are ready to do the work with me to become codafree.

Find the signup link at mintarrow.com/codafreecamp and if you want in, make sure you grab your spot before Friday June 30 at midnight.


Time Stamps:

[04:24] – Corrine tells us the responses she gets when sharing content on codependency.

[08:29] – What does codafree means?

[13:35] – Who is the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp for, and who is it not for?

[18:10] – Corrine shares what to expect from the bootcamp and the options to make the experience your own.

[24:47] – You don’t have to stay stuck in chaos. You deserve peace, joy, and freedom.


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Go to mintarrow.com/codafreecamp to sign up for the “Becoming Codafree Bootcamp”

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