Episode 218: The Pursuit of Being Cool

We've all seen it in movies and TV shows and books and in real life, sometimes in a lunch table or a tight-knit group of people who are popular-by-association, otherwise known as the cool kids. It might seem harmless, but it can be problematic and detrimental to personal growth and to our culture and community in schools, neighborhoods, churches, really everywhere.

Furthermore, it's a mirage. It's not even real! And that's the funny irony: the pursuit of being cool is the most un-real kind of connection you can make, an authenticity killer. Today Neil and I are going to talk about why the pursuit of being cool can stop your growth and keep you from some of the deepest and most meaningful relationships available in this life, and how to conquer this human-nature desire to be perceived as one of the cool kids.


Time Stamps:

[00:55] – Corrine and Neil talk about the pursuit of being cool.

[03:01] – Corrine and Neil share thoughts on acting as a “cool kid” and what they remember from their school days.

[09:24] – The pursuit of being cool can cause people to hold back their authenticity to avoid being rejected.

[14:03] – The beauty of unlikely friends. Don’t miss out on who you could meet.

[19:01] – Beware of Pride.

[23:02] – Corrine and Neil talk about building a healthier perspective of comparison. How does comparison influence the way we view ourselves and our lives?

[27:50] – Are you worried about completely being accepted by others?

[31:32] – Look for the humanity in others and see them as God sees them.

[34:49] – What example are we setting for children when we comment on the life of others?

[38:10] – The coolest thing is to show love and appreciation to each other.


Supporting Resources:

Book by Brene Brown “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.”

“Beware of Pride” Talk by Ezra Taft Benson

“Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?” Talk by J. Devn Cornish

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