Episode 206: Why Do We Have to Have All These Kids?!

How many kids is the perfect, ideal amount? What's the best family size? Is it wise to have a big family? These are some of the questions we'll explore today as well as tell our own story on how we decided to have 5 kids and what led up to that big decision! We're also sharing an announcement so stay tuned for that and we hope you know how grateful we are for your listenership and for being here as part of our Mint Arrow Messages family.


Time Stamps:

[00:33] – Corrine and Neil have an announcement to make. What’s the big news?

[02:05] – Have you ever watched It’s a Wonderful Life?

[04:15] – Corrine still has a picture of Neil changing his first diaper. Why does the photo make them laugh?

[06:43] – Corrine originally thought the family would cap at three children until she felt a prompting.

[08:59] – When did Corrine get a prompting to have another child? What did Neil think?

[10:58] – Corrine and Neil thought four kids was definitely the final number.

[13:03] – Corrine and Neil started feeling like someone was missing from the family. PART 1

[16:00] – Corrine and Neil started feeling like someone was missing from the family. PART 2

[18:52] – You think once you follow God’s plan he’ll make it easy. That’s not always true.

[21:50] – Why has this recent pregnancy felt like a little miracle after a little miracle?

[23:27] – God qualifies those he calls for his plans.

[25:02] – What is the general idea of a “perfect” family? Does it matter?

[27:28] – People can have different perceptions of what life looks like with their family.

[30:28] – Corrine feels blessings are on the other side of following God’s plan.

[32:14] – You will rise to the occasion when you need to.

[35:04] – Corrine says it’s so awesome to see kids grow and become more self-reliant.

[37:23] – When we put our trust in the Lord, he helps us be more than what we thought we could.


Supporting Resources:

“Americans, in Theory, Think Larger Families Are Ideal” Gallup article

“Be Not Afraid, Only Believe” Talk by Jeffrey R. Holland


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