Episode 195: REST – Why You Need It, and Where to Find It

This hustle and bustle world that we live in can sometimes seem like it's also an impossible place to find rest. So today we're talking about why rest is SO essential, who came up with the idea that we need to be resting, and how to find better quality and more rest in your life.

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Time Stamps:

[00:24] – This week’s topic is a request from a good friend.

[02:24] – Corrine points out examples of rest in the scriptures.

[05:05] – “Misery Avoidance Commandments.”

[06:48] – Corrine recalls hiring a virtual assistant and this particular request a candidate made that got them the job.

[09:28] – Most times you need to slow down to lessen life’s turbulence.

[12:00] – How has society changed conversations around rest?

[14:49] – Sometimes you have to trade off something good for something better.

[17:45] – You should be able to enjoy your efforts and recharge.

[20:53] – Even the highest achievers take time to rest.

[23:03] – Corrine and Neil talk about listening to your body.

[25:14] – You could make things worse if you don’t take time to rest.

[28:12] – Corrine and Neil talk about balancing rest and newborns.

[30:39] – If you need to take a step back for rest, you can, and you don’t have to justify it.

[32:44] – Know when to create boundaries around technology and 24/7 connection.

[35:05] – Turn to the right resources for true rest.

[37:40] – “There are times and seasons for everything.”

[39:33] – “Find true peace and rest in Jesus Christ.”


Supporting Resources:

“Of Things That Matter Most” Talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“Overcome the World and Find Rest” Talk by Russell M. Nelson


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