Episode 187: Creating a Radically Unified Culture with Dr. Rich Hada

Dr. Richard K. Hada graduated from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health where he excelled in general and special needs dentistry. His love of general dentistry has afforded him to further his career by studying the latest in Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology (dental implants), and Endodontics (root canals). He not only happens to be our dentist but he also did an incredible job with veneers on my teeth a few years ago, and then on Neil's teeth just this past year.

Dr. Hada and his wife have two girls and two boys. He is an active member of his church and community. In his free time, he loves to play sports, surf, and do woodworking projects. But what really impresses both Neil and me is the incredible company culture he's built in his dentistry practice at Hada Family Dental. His google and yelp reviews accurately reflect just how many raving fans he has here in south Orange County, but you can also really feel that whenever you walk into his practice. Everything is beautifully decorated, his office staff is extremely efficient and friendly, and he's somehow made even people who hate going to the dentist love visiting his office. Today Rich teaches us about how he created such a tight knit culture in his office and what he's done to create a radically unified team at Hada Family Dental and the exact practices you can apply to whatever work or leadership opportunities that you personally have too.


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Time Stamps:

[01:37] – Dr. Hada first chipped his tooth in third grade.

[03:33] – Who convinced Dr. Hada to be a dentist?

[05:06] – How is Dr. Hada so happy as a dentist? He talks about why his passion for dentistry feels fulfilling.

[07:20] – Dr. Hada explains the philosophy of his work culture at the practice.

[09:10] – Always deliver an exceptional experience and invest in your team.

[11:44] – Dr. Hada’s warmth is the same no matter where he’s at.

[14:08] – Dr. Hada creates an environment where people are happy to come to work. How does he build a work culture?

[16:01] – Dr. Hada shares a team building exercise that he admires.

[18:58] – This work culture habit is inspired by Dr. Hada’s wife.

[21:47] – Here’s how you can get a free consultation with Dr. Hada.

[24:00] – Dr. Hada treats his team to tacos for lunch. What’s the significance?

[26:18] – Be a team player and have each other’s backs.

[28:47] – Optimize and be scrappy.

[31:22] – Dr. Hada talks about creating raving fans for the dentist practice. What’s the story behind it?

[33:52] – Dr. Hada is grateful for all the people who rock the Hada Family Dental merch.

[35:04] – Corrine mentions how Dr. Hada helped the dental journey of her and Neil.

[36:41] – Why are veneers useful in dental health?

[38:50] – There’s something that holds people back when they are not comfortable with their smile.

[41:37] – “The more you give. The more you live.”

[43:19] – Thank you Dr. Hada, and thank you for listening!


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Hada Family Dental website

Dr. Hada’s Instagram @doctor.hada

Veneer Giveaway! Go to @doctor.hada or @corrinestokoe on Instagram for details on entering the giveaway.


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