Episode 186: Should I Marry an Addict?

I get some variation of the question, “How do I know if it's right to marry someone who's an addict?” frequently in either my emails or DMs. And it's a great question! Today Neil and I are going to share our experience of knowing it was right to get married and how we landed on that decision, and how YOU can determine this for yourself as well. If this message resonates with you (or any other episode we've shared) we would love it if you'd leave us a review! And if you know someone who could benefit from this podcast episode or another, please share it with them. Thanks so much for being here. We love and appreciate you.


Time Stamps:

[00:44] – Here’s the definition of “addict” used in this episode.

[03:35] – How did Corrine and Neil’s relationship start?

[05:47] – Corrine recalls the Christmas season their relationship broke off.

[07:38] – Corrine shares what she thought after Neil told her about his addiction.

[09:36] – Neil shares what he thought after telling Corrine about his addiction.

[11:04] – What foundational traits matter in a long-term relationship?

[13:04] – Corrine had to let go of the “Rescuer” mentality.

[16:04] – Don’t chase people off the cliff.

[17:49] – Corrine and Neil talk about the “Rescuer” dynamic compared to classic fairy tales.

[19:36] – How did Corrine and Neil figure out if they should get married?

[22:12] – Everyone is imperfect.

[24:29] – Corrine recalls a slip Neil had during their engagement.

[26:54] – Corrine warns people to pay attention to spiritual promptings on relationships.

[28:33] – Neil talks about the difference between challenges and signs to let go.

[31:11] – What did Corrine’s parents think of her relationship with Neil? Has anything changed?

[33:55] – Not a perfect marriage, but an incredible marriage.

[35:54] – Strengthen your spiritual Wi-Fi.

[38:32] – Have the courage to do what God tells you to do.

[40:43] – The person experiencing the addiction must be willing to pursue recovery. PART 1

[42:16] – The person experiencing the addiction must be willing to pursue recovery. PART 2

[44:31] – Recovery is a step by step journey.

[46:57] – This is a lesson that applies with any marriage.

[48:30] – Choosing to walk through life together.


Supporting Resources:

“I Decided to Marry a Recovering Pornography Addict” Corrine’s article for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence” Talk by Jeffrey R. Holland


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