Episode 172: Getting out of the Box with Spencer Taggart

Spencer Taggart, a LONG time friend of ours, has a strong background in social media and marketing. Prior to accepting a full-time teaching position at BYU Hawaii, he was the director of Strategy and New Business for Boncom and a Social Media professor at LDS Business College. Before diving into academia, Spencer was the Global Marketing Manager for Blendtec, one of the most successful companies to use social media as a marketing tool today. Spencer received his BA in Communication from the University of Utah and his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. Spencer and his wife, Katie, have 4 amazing children and they live on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Spencer and Katie bought an investment property in 2020 after God told them that it would be a place of healing and gathering. They hold womens retreats where Spence and his team help people discover their infinite worth and truest purpose in life, which is what we're going to talk all about today. Spence is going to teach us about getting out of the box, leaving behind the pressures and expectations of the world and embracing an intentional life of focusing on the potential God sees in you.

Time Stamps:

[01:13] – Spencer Taggart is a LONG time friend. How do Corrine and Neil know Spencer?

[02:55] – Spencer shares how he came up with the idea for strategic framework sessions.

[05:19] – What is a vision video?

[07:38] – If you design your dream life, what would it look like? What would it feel like?

[10:29] – Spencer says that all of us are born with confidence.

[12:34] – Spencer talks everyone through a powerful box analogy for fear, limits, and progress.

[15:04] – Here is a secret about how the “box” was created.

[17:19] – Real failure is part of life and helps us learn.

[20:09] – Living authentically can inspire others to do the same.

[22:32] – Don’t get stuck in the box.

[25:20] – How many times have you allowed fear to win?

[27:49] – Everyone wins when you do this. What is it?

[29:44] – When you move with love, you are courageous.

[31:53] – Spencer encourages being more present with yourself.

[34:44] – Follow along with this meditation guided by Spencer: PART 1.

[36:26] – Follow along with this meditation guided by Spencer: PART 2.

[39:00] – Live everyday on purpose.

[41:55] – Truth leads to freedom and love.

[44:08] – Spencer encourages you to get out of the box.

[45:55] – Change your life and start truly living.

[48:14] – What is Spencer’s gift?

[51:10] – Tune into Spencer’s morning walk show!


Supporting Resources:

Learn more about the September 2022 Her Infinite Worth Retreat with Spencer and Corrine at herinfiniteworth.org

*Sign up and join us for the retreat at mintarrow.com/retreat

Spencer’s Instagram/morning walk show @sptaggart

Follow along with the women’s retreats on Instagram @herinfiniteworth


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