Episode 145: All About Temples: What They’re for and Why We Go

If you've ever driven down the 5 freeway in San Diego and seen the huge glowing temple from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and wondered what the heck goes on in there, or you've seen us talk about going to the temple weekly on our stories and wondered why we’re so obsessed with hanging out there, or even if you're a member but are struggling with getting to the temple, today we're talking about all these things. We're first breaking down some of the basics of the temple, and then sharing some personal experiences and blessings we've received in the temple, and why it's so vital for us to keep going.


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Time Stamps:

[00:40] – Corrine and Neil explain why they go to the temple and what they do during the visits.

[02:41] – Corrine and Neil explain the difference between temples and chapels. Is either open to the public?

[05:13] – Being part of the church includes following the Law of Tithing, the Law of Chastity, and the Word of Wisdom. Corrine reassures that no one expects you to follow these perfectly.

[08:05] – If you’re not prepared to make the covenants, you can move at your own pace. The important part is that you make an effort to follow the covenants.

[11:05] – Before being a member of the church or being of age to enter temples, people can attend a temple open house while the temple is not dedicated.

[13:24] – What happens inside the temples? Why do people need to be careful of where they get information about temples?

[15:13] – Corrine and Neil explain the origin of baptism and temple marriages.

[16:49] – Temple marriages for the eternal family unit can happen before or after a family comes together.

[19:22] – Endowment is where you learn about the creation of the world, blessings, and more.

[20:59] – Corrine retells the story of how the Disney World ride “It’s a Small World” reminds her of the promises of the temple.

[22:58] – Don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed by learning about the temple and covenants.

[25:25] – What is the Celestial room? Corrine expresses why going to the temple was beneficial for her relationship with Neil.

[28:41] – What can you do if there’s resistance, whether internal or external, when you try to go to the temple?

[31:19] – Corrine and Neil talk about when they first decided to do weekly temple visits.

[33:24] – How did Corrine and Neil keep up with temple visits when real life situations fought for their attention?

[34:35] – Being in the temple, so close to heaven, Corrine says she was able to get comfort in those moments.

[36:52] – The more you visit the temple, the deeper the connection settles. Neil shares how he was able to simplify his approach to strengthen his spirituality while facing life.

[38:31] – Neil says he notices when he does this particular thing life turns out better than he could ever imagine.

[41:17] – The promise of happiness is built on agency, but remember that you have a choice.

[43:50] – The temple is where you can get the strength to do what you need to do.


Supporting Resources:

Current LDS temple open houses

Video clips about LDS temples and what goes on inside

1 Corinthians 15:29 “Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead rise not at all? Why are they then baptized for the dead?”

Video about our friends Ryan and Natalie going through the temple for the first time

“Becoming Exemplary Latter-Day Saints” Talk by Russell M. Nelson on making an appointment (temple appointment) with the Lord and keeping it with exactness and joy.

“Make Time for the Lord” Talk by Russell M. Nelson


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