the perfectly EASY Christmas party beauty look!

December 18, 2017

We're getting so close to some of the most fun days of the year: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and whether you're going super glam with a night out on the town or keeping it low key with someone you love or some fun friends on a night in, I've got a pretty sparkly gold look for you that will make you feel like a million bucks!

I tried a TON of new things out from the Macy's beauty counter recently and today I'm sharing with you the ones I was most obsessed with that made it on my greatest hits list!

  You know I'm all about more for less! This magical powder isn't just a dry shampoo for those days where you spent a little extra time chasing kiddos around in the morning and didn't wash your hair, but it's also a style extender AND volumizer! It cleans your roots up and adds just the right amount of texture for that perfect style you're looking for!

Sweet dreams are made of this curling iron!! I've been a big fan of this one for a really long time and while there are a few other irons and wands out there that I love too, THIS is my tried and true favorite. I use the 1″ on my hair, and it looks like right now it's sold out, BUT if you're looking for a 3/4″ iron it's ON SALE right now for OVER $50 off!

Do you ever look at people on TV who save the world and no a hair goes out of place and wonder “what hairspray do you use girl?!” Haha! I'm not sure if this is the exact hairspray Wonder Woman uses, but let me tell you this hairspray is pretty wondrous all on its own. A little bit goes a long way and it dries super fast!

I love using this serum to moisturize in the morning! It kills two birds with one stone by not only moisturizing your skin, but it also helps to keep it firm and fights those aging effects like a boss! My skin really does feel so soft after using this and a little bit goes a long way. A full size bottle lasts me about a year!

Since this look is all about the power combos, this foundation and concealer were truly MFEO! The concealer covers without being cakey and then the foundation glides right on and is not only really great on coverage but it's actually good for your skin! It contains certain enzymes that improve your skin's texture.

If it's not broke, don't fix it right? Which is why this is probably the brow pencil I'll be filling in these babies with for years to come. It has near perfect reviews and I love that it makes your brows look full and natural.

I love how pigmented these blushes are! They are such insanely gorgeous colors and they last all day. Plus I love the trio for mixing and matching to find exactly the right shade for you!

Bronzer is a must 365 days a year. This bronzer is basically perfection, because it gives you all the tan you want, without all the glisten that you don't. It's amazing for contouring thanks to the amazing matte finish! AND it smells like chocolate in a subtle way that will totally have you obsessed. Promise!

This is not a drill. There is chocolate in this eyeshadow! Seriously. It smells like heaven. It's the perfect blend of mattes and metallics to go from everyday eyes to NYE eyes! This is a BRAND NEW palette and trust me when I say it's flying off the shelves!!!

5-star lip pencil right here! They last forever, they're super creamy and they're WATERPROOF. This is a game changer. Once this dries (which only takes 30 seconds!) it does not budge!! This just might be the best lip pencil out there. And for $20 they're super affordable!

These lippies are super long lasting and super hydrating-which is super important in the winter!! You get a ton of color from just one swipe, because the pigmentation is on point! I bought it in Backtalk because that's their #1 most popular shade and LOVED it!! For sure my new favorite child of all the lipsticks in my drawer.

This body shimmer gives you such a gorgeous all over glow – without looking like you're 12 years old again and trying to bring back body glitter and butterfly clips haha! It's so perfect for all the Christmas parties and events happening this time of year. This shimmer even contains light reflecting particles to help to create a flawless, luminous look!


Bumble and Bumble magic powder
Beachwaver curling iron
Kenra hairspray
Clarins Double Serum
Anastasia blush trios
Too Faced chocolate bronzer
Too Faced chocolate gold eyeshadow palette
bareMinerals BarePro liquid foundation
Anastasia eyebrow pencil

Too Faced concealer
Urban Decay glide eye pencil
Urban Decay lip pencil
Urban Decay lipstick
Urban Decay body shimmer
Thermal top (ON SALE!)
Skinny jeans
Photos by Arielle Levy

And to make it super easy for you guys, you can shop this entire look from Macy's below!

Thanks Macy's and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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