Why you want a platter more than a pot, plus a RARE sale on MacKenzie-Childs premium dinnerware

Something I totally undervalued when I first was putting my kitchen-life together was the importance of BIG serving pieces! I was pretty excited and motivated to fill my kitchen up with every latest and greatest gadget out there, but really, how many of those have I tossed over the years, or have collected dust?! While easily one of the BEST investments I've made over the years has been on the biggest bowls and platters I can get my hands on.

It's the huge trays, platters and bowls that I've used to gather people into my home, to take a dish to a shower or help feed another family. Those pieces hold meaning, stories, and value for years as they’re passed throughout the family because that isn’t just our serving tray- it’s the centerpiece to mom’s recipe, the base for the birthday cake that the dog almost knocked over one year, and sometimes the subtle comfort of knowing your family was all under one roof.

For 40 years MacKenzie-Childs has created a brand that's worthy of being stocked at Williams-Sonoma, and timeless pieces (mostly hand painted!) to create the centerpieces of so many family traditions. 

I'm SO EXCITED to share with you how to temporarily get a discount on almost everything they sell, and which pieces I personally love for my own kitchen.

mackenzie childs sale
beautiful dinnerware for serving
long lasting dinnerware for serving
mackenzie childs sale

How to shop MacKenzie-Childs sale and save 60% OR MORE

From July 20th through the 24th, MacKenzie-Childs is holding an online barn sale featuring discounts of up to 60% or more on many of the brand's best-selling enamelware, ceramics, kitchen/entertaining pieces, furniture, staple decor accents, and more. It'll be updated daily with new items!

To help you navigate MacKenzie-Child's biggest sale of the year, I'm sharing my list of strategically picked pieces that are BEST for entertaining or bring to parties, and almost all of them are on sale! 

mackenzie childs sale on serveware and dinnerware

Why I’m obsessed with this dinnerware

Let’s keep it real, hosting people or bringing a dish to a friend’s gathering is all about the presentation! Having big platters and serving bowls is so valuable and definitely something I underestimated when I first got married, but it's a BIG deal when you have to feed a ton of people.

Even though MacKenzie-Child’s hand-painted ceramics and dinnerware sound and look delicate, I’m telling you they are practically indestructible. Most serving dishes I own are breakable and fragile, but not these!  

Speaking from experience, we just had a summer BBQ for new friends in the neighborhood and I wasn’t nervous when my kids helped with the dishes after at all! Let’s jump into the pieces I was SUPER excited to get that’s mostly all included in the MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale

classy dinnerware
mackenzie childs sale
mackenzie childs sale pie dish

Dinnerware you’ll be using time and time again for entertaining 

Rounding up the best MacKenzie-Childs Bowls

  1. Huge Everyday Bowl: I recently used this bowl to take a salad to a bridal shower and I’m obsessed! If you know the brand, you’ll know immediately by the courtly check design it’s a MacKenzie-Childs piece. Designed with enamelware, this piece will be durable throughout tons of uses and serve as cute decor on the counter. On sale for $75 (reg: $98)!
  2. Large Everyday Bowl: This might be the true perfect everyday bowl because it’s not quite as big as the extra large, but still a great size! If you’re budgeting for one of the bowls or still trying to build up your collection, this size is a perfect place to start. The bronzed stainless steel detail on the rim gives this piece the prettiest touch.  On sale for $65 (reg: $88)!
  3. Medium Everyday Bowl: Super helpful for times that recipes call for separate mixing to have a middle of the road size. This medium bowl can hold up to 10 cups! Since every piece is handmade, you’ll feel each piece works together but nothing about them will feel generic or cookie cutter! They’re truly a work of art. On sale for $60 (reg: $78)!
  4. Small Everyday Bowl: Make your set complete with the small bowl that’s made with quality and just as sturdy as the largest in this collection! Mirroring that classic black and white courtly check, these pieces will truly be timeless and you’ll get a ton of use out of them. On sale for $50 (reg: $68)!
  5. Abundant Bowl: This serving bowl, which is almost flat enough to feel like a plate, is going to be your most used item! It’s so versatile for serving different hot dishes like pasta and made with the same durable enamel making it pretty on the table but realistic for your cooking needs. The details are so well thought out with these pieces like upturned edges to keep sauce off the table! On sale for $75 (reg: $98)!
  6. Flower Market Everyday Bowl: If the black and white doesn’t blend with the look of your kitchen as well, the pretty and different signature MacKenzie-Childs style of the flower market might make your heart skip a beat! The flower market collection is so pretty and will compliment a lot of the staple pieces, too. On sale for $60 (reg: $78)!
  7. Flower Market Simply Anything Bowl: It’s true, you can do ANYTHING with this piece! The options are endless, but I love it for decor. We have open shelving in my kitchen and I was able to restyle the top shelf that’s been the same for a few years; it looks so pretty and fun now! On sale for $50 (reg $78)!
mackenzie childs large bowls
mackenzie childs sale

Serving stands and platters that are game changers 

  1. Two Tier Sweet Stand: If you’re hosting a birthday party with lots of sweet treats or a tea party for the girls, this two tier stand is the best piece! I’m in love with the details all the way up to the knob on the top. This piece is truly so unique and next level, you’ll want a reason to use it more often! This is an amazing investment to pass throughout the family. On sale for $159 (reg: $218)!
  2. Courtly Check Serving Platter: Platter perfection! This piece will get you through anything from homemade cookies during the holidays, Sunday breakfast before church, or main course meals for dinner. This sturdy platter is simple yet hits all the necessities and I love how MacKenzie-Childs suggests hanging it on the wall when not in use! On sale for $59 (reg: $88)!
  3. Large Pedestal Platter: The food tastes good, but the platter will make the presentation heavenly! This is a great size on a traditional “cake stand” but can be used for multiple things including baked goods you want to display in the kitchen throughout the week. Clean up is super easy with this piece, all they suggest is a wipe with a damp cloth! On sale for $109 (reg: $148)!
  4. Large Serving Platter: Disclaimer, this is the one piece I make sure to wash myself! This stunning platter is more delicate than others and I wanted to make sure it was washed really carefully. It’s nothing short of a work of art from the scalloped rim edges to the hand-painted and jewel toned colors. This is a must-have piece! 
  5. Enamel Pie Plate: Those fall months are slowly sneaking up on us which will mean more cozy dishes like pies. This pie plate is so pretty and I was blown away that because it’s made with enamel it is oven-safe up to 400 degrees! You have to be sure the plate is at room temp before going in the oven, but it’s amazing that you can prep and bake it all in one. On sale for $49 (reg: $65)!
  6. Large Oval Platter: I can see this being used for turkey at Thanksgiving or so many big, warm meals that bring the family all together. The hand-crafted work on this piece makes it seem loved and already full of all the family traditions and memories! It’s 22” long and can be hand-washed for easy clean up. On sale for $149 (reg: $198)!
classy serveware and dinnerware
mackenzie childs sale

BONUS MacKenzie-Childs sale finds that you’ll love year round

  1. Courtly Check Pitcher: This pitcher was SO useful when we had that welcome BBQ for our new neighbors and is a great staple all summer long. This medium size can hold 7 cups and has a steel underbody which can help keep drinks nice and cold! On sale for $89 (reg: $118)!
  2. Flower Market Colander: Drain your pasta or veggies in the dreamiest way! This colander is going to make you look like the host with the most. The floral and delicate design bring brightness and color into the kitchen. On sale for $75 (reg: $118)!
  3. Small Flower Market Small Colander: Shop the same beauty in a smaller size, too! This works great for the nights you’re throwing dinner together for just one or two people and not the whole family. The gold detailing lining the edges make this piece so unique and a cherished item! On sale for $55 (reg: $88)!
mackenzie childs dinnerware
mackenzie childs sale

MacKenzie-Childs sale that rarely ever happens!

I hope you take advantage of this July 20th through 24th sale because I cannot stress enough how rare these discounts are!! A lot of the pieces will help you build memories throughout your family, but also make amazing gifts for those just starting out on their own! From MacKenzie-Childs’ legacy over many decades to your own families, I know you’ll love these unique, hand-crafted pieces for YEARS to come! 

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