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YOU GUYS. This. Is. Amazing. Walmart now carries Evolution_18, an exclusive and super affordable line of gut and wellness beauty products and I am THRILLED!!!

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The goal of this line is to address the all big ticket items on everybody's beauty checklist from the inside out: stronger nails, healthier skin and shinier hair!! If you're wanting to get into collagen and hyaluronic acid and take your beauty routine to the next level this is a super effective and inexpensive way to start!

A lot of the postpartum beauty symptoms like hair loss and dry skin tend to hit me late. Even though I have a 9-month-old I feel like I'm STILL recovering from having a baby!! Since I started incorporating collagen and hyaluronic acid into my diet and routine I've noticed a HUGE difference! My hair is growing a lot faster. My eyelashes are growing a lot faster. My nails are growing a lot faster. So needless to say, I am pretty obsessed with these products.

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These hair and nail growth gummies totally work and they're super yummy! Like I promise as yummy as a fruit snack except better because it has magical hair and skin powers. The reviews are perfect, and you get a month's supply for UNDER $10! It's a little biotin berry bomb and I think you're going to love it!!

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We loooooooooved these Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid tablets. They are little fizzy tablets that are packed with peptides, vitamins and minerals that help promote healthy skin, hair and nails and give you a little beauty boost! Plus they're really good and UNDER $15!

I tried these out with a group of grownup friends and everyone (including a couple guys who didn't care at all about the collagen or hyaluronic acid) said these tasted super good. WIN.

best probiotic

There is also a Hydration Antioxidant Blend of these little fizzies that we also really liked. This product was developed to promote healthy, plumper skin and keep you feeling energized! I'm totally sold on that idea!

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If you prefer a capsule to a gummy, these Grow caplets are the perfect thing to incorporate into your routine! These little capsules provide nutrients that lead to shinier hair, firmer skin, and stronger nails and even though I SWEAR the stuff I recommended earlier in the post tastes amazing, this is an option to not have to taste anything if you want. So much YES!

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Three cheers for collagen! This Super Fruit and Vegetable Beauty Blend is super tasty and the ultimate beauty cocktail. Just like the other supplements I talked about above, I was FLOORED at how seriously delicious this tasted and all the grownup friends who were with me when I tried it agreed. AND I let Anabelle (my 6 year old) have a sip and she didn't want to give it back! It's packed with collagen, fruits, veggies and healthy fats to help give you that gorgeous glow we ALL totally want!

superfood powder
walmart beauty wellness
walmart beauty wellness
walmart beauty wellness
walmart beauty wellness

We also tried and liked the Probiotic Blend Quick Melts. Did you know that a healthy gut leads to gorgeous, clear skin? Isn't that so crazy? These lemon quick melts initially had a little bit of a chalky taste, but once you let it dissolve it actually tastes really good!

walmart beauty wellness

Beauty Hair and Nail Growth Gummy
Beauty Bubbles Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Tablets
Beauty Bubbles Hydration Antioxidant Blend Tablets
Beauty Hair and Nail Growth Capsules
Super Fruit and Vegetable Beauty Blend Powder
Probiotic Beauty Blend Quick Melt
Photos by Arielle Levy

Overall I'm just super-duper happy with the fact that these products were designed by a beauty industry legend (wait till you find out who), and Walmart provides everyone a really, really affordable options (not a single one of these products costs more than $20!) for women to improve their health and start boosting their beauty routine from the inside out! If you've been wanting to jump in on the collagen craze, I promise you won't be disappointed by any of these!! If you try them, please come back and let me know here or on social media what you think!!

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