ELEMIS triple deal: up to 75% OFF our fave products!

Quick Version: Right now there is a huge sale on already discounted Elemis products here (we're talking up to 75% off + free shipping!!).

You already know how much we love ELEMIS. We'll forever and always love their products. And if you're a fellow ELEMIS lover, too, we have the absolute best news for you!! There's an INSANE TRIPLE DEAL happening today on some of our favorite Elemis products!

If you aren’t already hooked on these products like we are, it's time to get yourself some high quality skincare at SUCH an amazing price! We can’t rave enough about them. Keep reading for more details about this unreal sale!

Marine Cream duo

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Details on these AMAZING deals

Right now you can get some of our favorite Elemis products up to 75% OFF, free shipping + an EXTRA $15 OFF code (details next)! We rarely see deals this big and prices this low! Check out the discounts below:

EXTRA discount code!

On top of these already amazing deals, right now you can get $15 off orders of $35 or more on your first purchase (or new email!) with QVC with the code WELCOME15!

Marine Cream

Of all the beauty products Corrine has had over the years, she has emptied and re-emptied more of the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream than anything else! The pot will last you a really long time.

Since we started using the Marine Cream we've used it more consistently than any other moisturizer. Honestly, this is our total go-to and a tried and true forever fave!

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is a proprietary blend created from algae that protects your skin's moisture barrier and gives the skin an ultra-hydrated look and feel. It's just SO dreamy. It's thick and supple and luxurious, but NOT greasy in the least bit.

This is a product Corrine's mom has gotten hooked on, and one Corrine recommends to all of her best friends without any hesitation, NO matter what skin type they have. In fact, speaking of her mom, she has crazy sensitive skin but she LOVES ELEMIS. You’ll notice SUCH a difference when you start using this product in your skincare routine.

Marine Cream

Cleansing Balm

The Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm is seriously like a wash from heaven and Corrine's very favorite cleanser of all time. It's SO buttery soft on your skin and melts off all of your makeup PLUS leaves your skin feeling so moisturized!

This cleansing balm truly is the most luxurious facial cleanser we have ever used and it somehow leaves your skin uber soft, yet totally clean! We don’t know how they do it. It’s like MAGIC. And as long as we don't get it in our lash extensions when we have them but just carefully use it and wipe away with a washcloth around our eyes, it's not so oily that it messes with our lash extensions like many other oil-based cleansers we've tried in the past.

cleansing balm
FROM: UPDATED: AMAZING ELEMIS deal! Pro Collagen Marine Cream + Cleansing Balm Duo

Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask

Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask is a recent find and it's gooooood. Think of an eye gel that can double as a mask – you can wear it under OR over your makeup, or as a luxe eye revive treatment before bed that will help you wake up with less puffiness and MORE collagen in your eye area.

It's not thick, sticky or heavy – more of a jelly texture and it feels super good if you put it on cold! It's received 4.4 out of 5 stars and other reviewers are saying that it “DOES reduce puffiness and dark circles,” and that “this eye mask reduced my fine lines around eyes after 1 week of use.”

Eye revive mask
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Dynamic Facial Resurfacing Pads

These small but mighty pads pack a huge punch of potent products (try saying that five times fast!).

Basically, there are two ways to exfoliate our skin, using chemical and physical exfoliants. Some products have both but sometimes they’re simply physical (scrubbing beads, etc.) or chemical (enzymes, acids, etc.). The difference is that physical exfoliation just scrubs the top layer of the skin by pushing the dead skin cells around. Chemical exfoliation actually digests the dead skin cells beneath the surface, revealing a brighter complexion!

These pads utilize BOTH methods, and we can totally see and feel a difference when we're using active ingredients that WORK! Plus, they’re made with lactic acid, which our bodies produce naturally so it’s great for sensitive skin or pregnant ladies.

We love using these pads after cleansing to do a thorough job of making sure all of our makeup is gone, PLUS adding some exfoliating power into our routine. These give us that super clean feel that’s perfect right before your heavy-hitting skincare or putting makeup/self-tanner on!

Elemis resurfacing pads
FROM: A NEW way to add ELEMIS to your cart

Crazy low prices!

We have so much love for ELEMIS and so much love for YOU. So we CANNOT contain our excitement about sharing these amazing deals with you!

And don't forget to use code WELCOME15 right so now you can get $15 OFF orders of $35 or more on your first purchase with QVC.

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