Cutest affordable LONG puppy pajamas for the win!!

I think we can all agree that Amazon Fashion is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world of online shopping! Okay wait, maybe it's Amazon Prime haha. Because there's something truly magical about ordering something and knowing it will be all yours within 48 hours, amiright?!! Either way I can't tell you how many times I click the order button per week. Is there some sort of club for us? Because I'm pretty sure I'd happily be the president of it!

amazon Christmas pajamas

amazon Christmas pajamasThere really is something so great about flannel jammies at Christmas time! Maybe it's the nostalgia of wearing them when we're younger or maybe it's just because no matter what age you are they really are just the coziest for rockin' around the Christmas tree. But also let's be really real, anything that has little puppies on it in Christmas colors is definitely a must own in my book. I think Winnie was just a little sad these didn't come in her size haha!

amazon Christmas pajamas amazon Christmas pajamas Amazon Christmas pajamasThese jammies are from the this designer collection on Amazon Fashion that's exclusively for Amazon Prime members (the benefits of shopping Prime just keep getting better and better!). And if you're not an Amazon Prime member yet don't even worry because you can get a free trial here!

This brand specializes in everything that's going to keep a girl living her best lounge life and you guys KNOW that's a train I can always get on board with!

As a tall girl of 5'10” stature, the struggle is REAL finding pajama pants that are actually long enough to hit the floor but these jammies fit the bill perfectly! Speaking of bill, they're also ONLY $38!! A price I can live with this time of year when there are so many people on my shopping list.

amazon Christmas pajamas  amazon Christmas pajamas amazon fuzzy black slippers These slippers aren't made of glass but I think they might give Cinderella a run for her money in that they're totally the perfect fit!  They come in five different colors, but I love the black because there's no risk of getting them dirty. Can a girl ever have too many slippers? Ummm no. The correct answer is definitely no.

amazon Christmas pajamas  Amazon Christmas pajamasamazon Christmas pajamas These slippers are from an Amazon Fashion brand called 206 Collective and it's about to become one of your amazon faves because it's all about SHOES!  They carry both women's and men's shoes in any style you can think of. Flats, heels, dress shoes, boots, booties, etc. It's actually hard to stop scrolling once your start!

amazon Christmas pajamas  amazon Christmas pajamasAnother thing I really love about shopping Amazon Fashion is how easy it makes to send gifts to your loved ones that you might not be seeing in person for the holidays! You can go through and pick your items and just ship them out – my favorite way to gift this time of year. And then of course, maybe pick up a pair of puppy pajamas for yourself too, because don't we ALL need a pair of them in our lives?!

amazon christmas pajamas
Christmas puppy jammies
Black fuzzy slippers
Photos by Arielle Levy

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