Ultimate guide to CYBER MONDAY!

CYBER MONDAY is HERE, and if you know me you KNOW that's like my Olympics! I'm here to equip you guys with THE BEST guides to show you all the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year.

I'm talking best guides for yourself, your kids, your husband, your house, all the things that you can ONLY get on sale during Black Friday!

This ultimate guide is going to walk you through all the basics of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, give you some of my best insider tips, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: an easy place to find ALL OUR OUR CYBER MONDAY GUIDES in one simple list!

black friday deals

Click on a topic below to jump right down to exactly what you need to know about Cyber Monday!


We've worked hard to create QUICK GUIDES for you guys to shop the very BEST picks in the most fast, efficient way possible so you know what's really worth spending your money on today!

Click on any of the guides below to see what DEALS you can take advantage of today!

DYSON. HOT Cyber Monday deal on Dyson Hair Dryer
BRAUN: Hot Cyber Monday deal on the best men's electric shaver ever
BEACHWAVER. BEST DEAL EVER on my fave curling iron
PMD. EXCLUSIVE Cyber Monday PMD beauty deals!
BEAUTY. Best Cyber Monday beauty deals

ANTHROPOLOGIE. Cutest Anthro home decor at a Cyber Monday Discount
TUFT & NEEDLE: Amazing Tuft & Needle Cyber Monday sale!
TV & ELECTRONICS. Best Cyber Monday TV & electronics deals!!!
APPLIANCES. Best home Appliance deals of Cyber Monday
HOME DECOR. Stackable coupons for crazy discounts at Kohl's today!

ANTHROPOLOGIE. Anthropologie's better than Black Friday Sale
NORDSTROM. Top-rated Cyber Monday Nordstrom women's items
J.CREW. HOT!! 50% off for Cyber Monday at J.Crew
UGG. GIGANTIC Cyber Monday Ugg sale!!
H&M. Quick guide to the HUMONGOUS H&M Cyber Monday Discount
MADEWELL. Madewell's BETTER THAN Black Friday sale!
NIKE. Quick guide to Nike's Cyber Monday sale!
SHOPBOP. Your quick guide to Shopbop's Cyber Monday extravaganza!

TOYS. All the best toy deals of Cyber Monday!

BABY DEALS. The very best BABY DEALS of Cyber Monday

MINTED. Minted's Cyber Monday Deal


What to buy first on Black Friday: 10 hot items that will sell out fast

TARGET. HOT! Top 10 best things from Target’s BLACK FRIDAY
URBAN OUTFITTERS. Quick-guide to Urban Outfitters' Black Friday BOGO

BEST BABY DEALS. The very best baby deals of Black Friday
GAP. Quick-guide to GAP's crazy good Black Friday double deal
TARGET. HOT! Top 10 best things from Target’s BLACK FRIDAY

BEAUTY DEALS. Black Friday BEAUTY DEALS that are breaking the internet
BIOSSANCE. More than HALF OFF my holy grail eye gel!!
DYSON HAIR DRYER & AIRWRAP. HOT deal on Dyson Hair Dryer and Airwrap!
PMD. EXCLUSIVE Black Friday PMD beauty deals!

HOME DEALS. BEST home deals of Black Friday
HYDRO FLASK. Red Hot Hydroflask Deal
INSTANT POT. AMAZING Black Friday deal on Instant Pot
KITCHENAID MIXERS. Killer Black Friday deals on KitchenAid mixers!!
TARGET. HOT! Top 10 best things from Target’s BLACK FRIDAY
TV & ELECTRONICS. BEST Black Friday TV & electronics deals!!!

GAP. Quick-guide to GAP's crazy good Black Friday double deal
KIDKRAFT VINTAGE KITCHEN. HOT!! Black Friday KidKraft Vintage Kitchen deal
PAJAMAS. INSANE pajama deals for Black Friday!!!
TARGET. HOT! Top 10 best things from Target’s BLACK FRIDAY

GAP. Quick-guide to GAP's crazy good Black Friday double deal
LEVI'S. LEVI's insane Black Friday savings code
MEN'S SUIT. TOP-RATED men's suit under $100 total
NORDSTROM. The Nordstrom men's Black Friday sale you can't afford to miss!

AMAZON. The BEST Amazon women’s fashion finds for Black Friday!
ANTHROPOLOGIE. Your quick guide to Anthropologie's Black Friday Sale!!
GAP. Quick-guide to GAP's crazy good Black Friday double deal
HUNTER BOOTS. HOT Hunter boots Black Friday deals!!
LEVI'S. LEVI's insane Black Friday savings code
MADEWELL. Madewell's KILLER Black Friday sale
NIKE. QUICK GUIDE to Nike’s Black Friday SALE!
NORDSTROM CASHBACK. HOT!! Nordstrom Black Friday deal that gives you cashback
PAJAMAS. INSANE pajama deals for Black Friday!!!
SOREL. Sorel Black Friday sale!!
TARGET. HOT! Top 10 best things from Target’s BLACK FRIDAY
TOP-RATED NORDSTROM. Top-rated Nordstrom women's items
URBAN OUTFITTERS. Quick-guide to Urban Outfitters' Black Friday BOGO

You can trust me

This is my SEVENTH year blogging about the best of Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales!! Can you believe it?! So I think I'm safe to deem myself an expert and someone you can trust at this point!

But you don't have to just take my word for it. Last year I was featured by Business Insider as a Black Friday expert.

Today I'm sharing all my BEST tips and tricks for getting the very most out of all the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals with YOU! I'll be giving you all the juice on which days the best deals are available and how to make sure you get what you really, really want on Black Friday before the good stuff gets picked over or sells out!!

Why are Black Friday & Cyber Monday such a big deal?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are universally known as THE very best days to get the lowest deals on everything from electronics to all the toys on your kids' Christmas lists to pet gifts and even a genetic DNA kits.

Want a big screen TV? Looking for an Apple watch? Hoping to snag a designer bag? If you ever are going to find a deal on these things, Black Friday is the day you'll most likely find those deals, at their very lowest prices of the year.

Stay updated

You can sign up below to be on our EXCLUSIVE insider email list where we'll ONLY email you about the best tips, secrets and quick-guides to things that will sell out fastest and the hottest items of Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

I'm going to give you guys ALLLLLL the details about the very BEST buys on Black Friday & Cyber Monday and be continually coming out with helpful guides so you can quickly shop each sale without having to pick through thousands of items. Make sure you're following me on Instagram @mintarrow so you don't miss out!

Leading up to Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we'll also be updating this post every day to share our top tips that will be useful for you as you shop!

Game Plan

Every pro-shopper knows you can't go into a sale without a good game plan. There are SO many items included in each Black Friday Sale and HELLO, that basically spells automatic overwhelm.

The best way to get prepared is to look through the ads and our guides from years past, and make a list of the things YOU need a deal on this year. Then when it comes time for Black Friday, we'll hunt down all the very best deals for you and post them RIGHT HERE so you can find all the best Black Friday deals in one easy place. SIMPLE!

black friday ads

Black Friday Ads

Here are the Black Friday ads that have been released to the public SO FAR in 2019. We'll be updating this page DAILY with new ads so you can always come back here to see them all in one easy spot!

Amazon Black Friday 2019 Ad

Target Black Friday 2019 Ad
Shop deals now on Target.com. Free shipping until December 21st.

Kohls Black Friday 2019 Ad
Take an extra 15% off with code: GIVETHANKS
Deals start on Kohls.com Monday, November 25th at 12:01 AM CST.
Get $15 Kohls cash for every $50 spent November 25-29 – coupon is redeemable Nov 30-Dec 9(exclusions apply).
Take an extra 15% off your purchase November 25 – 29(exclusions apply).
Free shipping when you spend more than $25 or more Nov 25 – Dec 4.

Walmart Black Friday 2019 Ad
Shop online starting Wednesday, November 27th at 10 PM PST.

JCPenney Black Friday 2019 Ad
Shop JCP.com starting Wednesday, November 27th.

Macy's Black Friday 2019 Ad
Shop online and in stores starting Wednesday, November 27th.

Old Navy Black Friday 2019 Ad
Pre-Black Friday starts now!

ULTA Black Friday 2019 Ad

QVC Black Friday 2019 Ad

Early Black Friday: 30% Off your purchase with code GIFTWELL through December 1, 2019.

Early Black Friday Sale: 40% off your purchase with code WHYWAIT through December 1, 2019

Black Friday Week: Free shipping on orders over $49 for a limited time

Black Friday Sale 30% off plus free shipping & returns over $49 with code H7N3 through Dec. 3

The Black Friday Sale enjoy 40% off with code TGIBF through December 1

Countdown to Black Friday

Early Access Black Friday take 30% off sitewide with code THANKS

Black Friday Ad

best black friday sales

Important Dates

Here are the most important dates to know about leading up to Black Friday

November 1: Black Friday sales begin!
Early coverage of Black Friday sales:
2019 Early Black Friday baby gear deals
2019 Elemis Black Friday deal
November 26: My personalized map for Black Friday sales goes live on the blog
November 27: My personalized map for Cyber Monday sales goes live on the blog
November 29: Black Friday
December 2: Cyber Monday

Top tips for Black Friday shopping

  1. Do your homework.
    Just because it's a Black Friday deal doesn't automatically mean it's THE BEST deal. We'll be sure to give you the best deals based upon my years of experience watching prices and trends. MOST places are going to give you their best deals that day, but not everything is a great deal. Doing your homework by looking at the ads, reading our past year's guides, and studying our Black Friday Map once it's published for 2019 (where we compare ALL the ads and advertised deals before the big day) will empower you to be ready to make the smartest purchases!
  2. Email subscribers know first!
    Did you know we have a HOT DEALS email list that notifies our VIP deal finders FIRST about the best deals? My promise to you is that we always send these deals to our HOT DEALS email subscribers FIRST, and then we post on social media about the deals we find! If you're on this list, you'll find out about the hottest early Black Friday deals and deals throughout the rest of the year, before everyone else does! On Black Friday, we email this list a couple times throughout the day to give you a recap of all the deals we've found so you're sure to not miss the most important ones.
  3. Price check Amazon.
    A LOT of deals are matched or even beaten by the big box competitor we all know and love, Amazon.com! You can see their Black Friday deal page here and always check to see if the item you're thinking of buying somewhere else is cheaper there, plus it will most likely ship free too if you're an Amazon Prime member!
  4. Don't count on stores price-matching.
    MOST stores, even the ones known for price-matching during the regular shopping season, void all price-matching during Black Friday. I would hate for one of you to show up to Walmart expecting them to match a Target deal, not realizing that they don't price match on Black Friday! Best to stick with tip 3 if you're looking to match a deal.
  5. Some deals happen early.
    More and more, the best Black Friday deals tend to start earlier each year. We're always watching and finding these deals for you so just sign up for our Hot Deals email list to find out when these early deals drop!
  6. Set a budget.
    It's easy to get carried away when you feel like there are SO MANY good deals, so set up a budget and then cross-check that with your homework list of the deals you're hoping to score. After that, prioritize what you want and need MOST with what fits into your budget. That way you know how much to have saved up, and you don't end up with buyer's remorse!
  7. Stay home.
    Seriously, this is one of my most frequently asked questions: is it necessary to brave the cold, the lines and the crazy early store opening times (or even more crazy, having to leave your house ON Thanksgiving day to get a deal!)? My answer is always NO. You can get all the same AMAZING Black Friday deals at home. I've never ever had someone come to me and say they wish they wouldn't have followed my advice and fought crazy crowds and stood out in the freezing cold starting at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving day to get a TV, when really the same deal was available on amazon the next morning from the comfort of their own cozy home and PJs.
  8. Consider in-store pickup.
    DYING to have your new toy right away but don't want to fight the crowds to get it? Buy it online Black Friday morning, and pick it up later that day, or the next day in store! A lot of stores will die down by Friday afternoon or evening, and for sure early Saturday morning. I personally love having things delivered to my doorstep, but if you don't want to wait on shipping, this is a great option.
  9. Skip the extended warranty.
    With the exception of Apple Care, I almost ALWAYS say no to extended warranties. I just rarely end up using them and it's an easy way to get caught in the trap of paying way more than you really need to! Also, if you purchase with an American Express, they often times offer warranties on many items. Check your individual card's terms and conditions, but a lot of times this can act as a free warranty!
  10. Don't forget about Cyber Monday!
    Many people consider Cyber Monday to now be a BIGGER deal than Black Friday. If you don't see the deal you're dying to get on Black Friday, don't panic because it might be coming in just a couple days on Cyber Monday! We'll be covering BOTH here with all the very best deals on both days.

What if there's a deal BEFORE Black Friday?

Sometimes better than Black Friday deals hit the market EARLY, like the Early Black Friday baby deals we found recently and shared with all of you. You can bet that if and when these happen between now and Black Friday, I'll break down for you whether they're BUY NOW deals, or you can wait till later to see if a better deal happens.

Promo Codes

I'm not seeing any promo codes YET, but you can be sure that when they start rolling out we'll update with all of them RIGHT HERE. So make sure you keep checking back to get any and all Black Friday promo codes that we find for you!

Online vs In-Store

In case you haven't figured this out yet yourself, it is SOOOOO not necessary to inflict the pain of standing out in the cold on yourself in the middle of the night just to snag a big screen TV at a killer deal. YES, a few stores still offer doorbusters that are in-store only, but 98% of the very BEST deal I see every single year are either matched or beat online!

Think about it!

Most people shop online these days, and retailers have wised up. They know that their biggest potential to make the most money on people eager to find a deal is offering those deals ONLINE, not just in-stores. I promise that if you're dying to get a deal on just about anything, you can get it IN YOUR PAJAMAS from the warm and cozy comfort of your home, as long as you have access to the world wide web.

black friday ads

Final words of wisdom

This might come off as counter-intuitive, but as the Grinch said so wisely, “Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” Black Friday deals are SO FUN, and I love that we get to help so many of you guys get deals on things you would've bought anyway during the holiday season.

But don't feel like if you can't buy everything you love or everything that it seems everyone else is buying, that you'll be less happy. Happiness comes from doing good and being kind to others.

I hope these tips help you score some GREAT deals on Black Friday, and I can't wait to conquer it with all of you guys again this year!!

Corrine Stokoe

Corrine Stokoe is a blogger, podcaster and content creator behind the brand Mint Arrow. She and her husband Neil live in South Orange County with their 3 little girls and baby boy, she runs her blog and business with 7 team members, where they find the best daily deals and share favorite finds in fashion and beauty. They also run a podcast called Mint Arrow Messages. Mint Arrow has been featured in Forbes, Women's Wear Daily, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, AdWeek and Allure. Corrine is passionate about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ as often as she can and teaching others to use social media for good.

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