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It's here! It's here! Black Friday deals are HERE!! For the deal lover and deal finder in me, this is basically the BEST day of the whole entire year! But it's also one of the MOST overwhelming sale days of the year, because so so so much good stuff is on sale.

Don't worry though – we're here to help. Take 15 seconds to grab a leftover slice of pie and then let's get down to business. You're going to want to start your Black Friday by browsing our BUY FIRST list!!

black friday deals
FROM: My favorite Always Pan & Perfect Pot 25% OFF!!
Photo by Arielle Levy

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Black Friday deals: PRO tip

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Why do I need this Black Friday deals list?

The very best and very trickiest part about Black Friday deals is that there are so many people shopping for the same thing! Things do sell out because the prices are that good. We rounded up all the items that we think pose the very highest sell out risk that'll give you the most FOMO if they were on your Christmas list. These are the top 9 things we're seeing so far that you should buy very first before they have a chance to sell out!

  1. Always Pan & Perfect Pot: Always Pan $50 off at $95 (reg ($145), Perfect Pot $50 off at $115 (reg $165)
  2. SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet: $678 off at $1,017 (reg. $1,695)
  3. Nugget Ice Maker: $150 off at $449 (reg. $599)
  4. Anthropologie Primrose Mirror: $479 off at $1,118.60 (reg $1,598)
  5. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller: $210 off at $489.99 (reg $699.99)
  6. Philips Sonicare 6500 Toothbrush: $80 off at $89.96 (reg $169.96)
  7. Braun Electric Razor: $42.49 off at $189.94 (reg $232.43)
  8. Ninja Air Fryer 5.5 qt: $60 off at $98.99 (reg $159.99)
  9. Troomi, the safest phone for kids: FREE Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE with code FREEA13LTE, 75% off Samsung Galaxy A13 5G or XCover Pro with code THANK75

Our Place Black Friday Deals

Always Pan

This. pan. does. EVERYTHING. Boils, steams, fries, sautes – you name it. Plus it's UBER pretty and well loved by me (and across the Internet!).

The Always Pan typically retails for $145, but today you can add one to your kitchen or buy it as a gift for just $95. That's its LOWEST PRICE EVER – a savings of $50!! So if you're thinking about buying, today's seriously the day with this Black Friday deal going on! Read more about the Always Pan here.

Always pan sale
FROM: The Always Pan – LOWEST PRICE EVER! Run!!
Photos by Arielle Levy

Perfect Pot

Another GEM on sale today from Our Place! The Perfect Pot is multifunctional and takes the place of several pots. Boiling? Baking? Crisping? Steaming? This is your go-to for all of the above! The Always Pan and Perfect Pot combined replace an entire 16-piece cookware set! Mic drop. Right now you can get this incredible all purpose pot for $50 off, making it $115 (back to $165 after the Black Friday deal)!

our place black friday deals
FROM: I don’t say this often, but this pot is literally PERFECT
Photo by Arielle Levy

SNOO Bassinet

The SNOO bassinet is practically like having a mother’s helper around the clock in your house…FOR REAL! It’s a smart sleeper that actually responds to your baby’s fussing. So if it senses them crying out, it'll respond with increased rocking and white noise to soothe them! It comes with tracking capabilities on your phone, including how long the baby’s longest stretch of sleep is by the day. You can also set it to a more gentle mode if you have a preemie baby, and a weaning mode when you’re ready to wean them and move them to the crib.

The price on the SNOO bassinet is definitely up there, and I don’t think for a minute it’s a necessity to getting your baby to sleep. But it's for sure REALLY nice and when people ask me (all the time) whether it’s worth the splurge I always say, “YES! It totally is.” Because if you’re the type of person who’s considering splurging on it, and it’s reasonably within your budget, I think it’s an AMAZING help to mom and dad who could use more sleep at night.

Right now during Black Friday you can get the SNOO bassinet for 40% OFF bringing the price down to $1,017 (reg $1,695)! I hardly EVER see this go on sale, especially for almost HALF OFF, so if you've been eyeing this, now's the perfect chance to get it!

black friday deals
FROM- Review on the SNOO bassinet from a mom of 4 who used it with 2 babies

Nugget Ice Maker

This is one of the BEST Black Friday deals this year! I’m absolutely, completely, totally OBSESSED and in love with this nugget ice maker! It's a bit of an investment, yes, but ALL of the other built-in model nugget ice makers that I've ever looked into buying were literally thousands of dollars, not in the hundreds.

Our pebble ice machine is not only MY favorite, but Neil's, our girls, AND our neighbors and friends who drop by just for a cup of nugget ice. Best purchase ever!!! I've blogged about it in a past kitchen reveala gift guide, and my third trimester pregnancy favorites.

I love that this one can be plugged into the wall ANYWHERE and that it doesn't have to be hooked up to a water line – we just pour bottled water into the bottom and it produces the most perfect, chewy, heavenly pebble ice you could imagine.

If you've got a party coming up, or you're hosting Christmas at your house, or you have an office or a butler's pantry (where we store ours) it's SO perfect! But really, this ice machine is the best to have in EVERY situation. You'll be surprised how much you use it!!

NUGGET ICE MAKER deal: 25% OFF at $449.99 (reg. $599)!

black friday nugget ice maker
FROM: Nugget ice maker LOWEST PRICE EVER! Over $100 off!

Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

I wanted this mirror for YEARS and finally took the plunge during Anthro's Black Friday sale a couple years ago and I'm SO happy I did.

It's the prettiest statement piece right when you walk into our house, but it's beautiful in the smaller sizes, too, and would look so cute on top of a mantle or a dresser or on a gallery wall.

We have the large mirror and right now it's $1,118 (reg $1,598) with the 30% off Anthropologie Black Friday deal discount! That's almost a $500 savings!

anthropologie black friday

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double Stroller

We absolutely LOVE this stroller for its one-hand quick fold, its super light weight, and amazing quality push and glide. It's basically like the Cadillac of all travel strollers! If I had to choose just ONE stroller to recommend to a parent who travels a lot or is on-the-go, this would be it.

Get it during this Black Friday deal for only $489.99 (reg. $699.99)!

If you're looking for the single version of this City Mini stroller you can get it here for only $279.99 (reg. $399.99)!

city mini double stroller

Philips Sonicare 6500 Toothbrush

Right now, you can get the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Electric Toothbrush for $89.96 (reg $169.96)! This is a crazy good Black Friday deal!! There's a good chance they'll sell out before the end of the day, so act fast!

These toothbrushes come in pink (my fave!), white, blue, or black (what Neil has). It also comes with a travel charging case, and the upright stand which Neil uses and hides in his medicine cabinet. Super convenient either way! Trust me, once you get used to brushing with these, you'll never want to use a plain old toothbrush again.

electric toothbrush amazon
FROM: $90 OFF the BEST electric toothbrush I’ve ever used!

Braun Electric Mens Razor

Once your man has a nice shaver he'll never go back – and I promise that YOU are going to love this shaver, too, for how clean and tidy it keeps your bathroom sink! I never thought I'd really care what shaver Neil used until he started using this one.

Grab your man this amazing Braun Electric Shaver Series 9 9330s (the best men's electric shaver) today for only $189.94 (reg $232.43) – I promise that you both will be so happy you did!!!

braun shaver amazon
Photo by Arielle Levy

Ninja Air Fryer

I decided to try this particular Ninja Air Fryer because it’s so highly rated on Consumer Reports as well as on basically every website it’s sold on. And now I can NOT get over how much I love it.

It seriously has so many uses! You can heat up frozen food, reheat leftovers, or just crunch up your take out in it and it makes the food so.much.better. I even used it to make 10 minute cauliflower gnocchi here!

You'll love this air fryer, especially at $60 off! You can get it for only $98.99 (reg. $159.99) today. This is definitely a HIGH sell out risk so grab it while you can!

ninja air fryer black friday deal
FROM: HOT! Ninja Air Fryer at its VERY LOWEST PRICE!!

Troomi – the safest phone for kids

Troomi Wireless is a kid-safe cell phone option that we LOVE. The idea with Troomi is to keep kids safe while teaching them how to use technology. Their software includes a Parent Portal on your own phone where you can see a log of everything that happens on the phone, as well as control what's allowed and what isn't – without even having their phone in your hands.

It also has a true “safe list” of apps and websites and phone numbers allowed, so your child truly won't even get spam calls or texts! ONLY what you allow will be able to get through to this phone.

Troomi has been an amazing way to know we can communicate with our girls without feeling like we're giving them full reign of the Internet and a smart phone. And as time progresses, we can gradually give them more privileges and apps to use on their phones!

This would be an amazing Christmas gift if your child has been begging for a cell phone – peace of mind and a super exciting gift for them.

Use code FREEA13LTE to get a FREE Samsung Galaxy A13 LTE while supplies last! OR use code THANK75 to get 75% off the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G or the XCover Pro.

troomi kids smart phone

Someone go buy these Black Friday deals!

Remember, these are what we predict to be the HOTTEST Black Friday deals with the BIGGEST chance of selling out!! Buy these items FIRST while they're still in stock. And keep checking back here all day for ALL THE BEST deals and sales of Black Friday so you can shop smarter, not harder!

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