Quick Version: These are the best Black Friday deals that have a HIGH sell out risk! Make sure to add to cart ASAP!

It's here! It's here! Black Friday deals are HERE!! For the deal lover and deal finder in us, this is basically the BEST day of the whole entire year! But it's also one of the MOST overwhelming sale days of the year, because so so so much good stuff is on sale.

Don't worry though – we're here to help. Take 15 seconds to grab a leftover slice of pie and then let's get down to business. You're going to want to start your Black Friday by browsing our BUY FIRST list!!

dyson airwrap black friday deal

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Why do I need this Black Friday deals list?

The very best and very trickiest part about Black Friday deals is that there are so many people shopping for the same thing! Things do sell out because the prices are that good. We rounded up all the items that we think pose the very highest sell out risk that'll give you the most FOMO if they were on your Christmas list. These are the top 10 things we're seeing so far that you should buy very first before they have a chance to sell out!

top black friday deals
  1. Bissell Green Machine: $89 (reg. $123.59)- 28% OFF
  2. Apple AirPods Pro: $189.99 (reg. $249)- 24% OFF
  3. Tineco Vacuum Mop: $239 (reg. $369.99)- 35% OFF
  4. Vuori Joggers: $75 (reg. $94)
  5. IT Cosmetics Lip Balm: $17.50 (reg. $25)- 30% OFF
  6. Ninja Creami: $169.99 (reg. $199)- 15% OFF
  7. Coop Pillow: $57.60 (reg $72)- 20% OFF
  8. Dyson Airwrap with extra barrel and travel pouch: $479.99 (reg. $698)
  9. Dyson V11: $499.99 (reg. $719.99)- 31% OFF
  10. Nugget Ice Maker: $390 (reg. $459) – 15% OFF + extra $25 off coupon

1. Bissell Little Green Machine

Okay, this little cleaner deserves an award! Stains/dirt/everyday wear is kind of inevitable eventually on your carpet and furniture, especially if you have kids or pets. This cleaner is VERY easy to use, and it's super easy to put away after, too. It also truly is portable and light to carry around! The suction is really good, and it dries super fast. We think every household with babies and kids or pets should have one of these ready to go in the closet. SO excited that you can get this carpet/upholstery cleaner for only $89 – it's regularly $123.59! That's 28% OFF and the lowest price all year!

bissell little green machine

2. Apple AirPods Pro

There’s a reason we've included AirPods in multiple gift guides over the years, because you basically can’t go wrong with buying a pair for someone or for yourself.

Apple AirPods are a must! If you have downtime waiting for an appointment, or getting your nails done, pop these in and listen to podcasts, church talks, or audiobooks. You really can’t beat the crisp sound!

SO excited that you can grab these today for only $189.99, a $60 savings!!! AirPods are super hard to find a deal on, so this is a steal!

apple airpods pro black friday

3. Tineco Vacuum Mop

This Tineco Floor One Breeze Multi-Surface cleaner is an absolute lifesaver for any household – it's your one-stop solution for an impeccably clean home. Reviewers – 26 THOUSAND people – are raving about its exceptional versatility, saying it effortlessly transitions across different floor types, and the smart self-cleaning function truly sets it apart! It's 35% off today – at $239! (previous lowest price was $289 so this seriously is a STEAL).

tineco vacuum mop
FROM: Worth the hype: Tineco vacuum mop + where to get it on major sale

4. Vuori Joggers

Corrine got her mom, sister, and sister-in-law all a pair of the Performance Joggers and they LOVE them. A few family members drove to her house, others flew, but regardless of how you’re doing your holiday travel, these pants are going to be a lifesaver! They’re cute enough to look on trend and like you put yourself together, but comfortable enough to be sitting for hours. These are the most dreamy pants to add to your cozy gift list! They hardly EVER go on sale so grab them while you can for only $75! (reg. $94)

vuori joggers

5. Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Lip Balm

This lip treatment is going to blow your mind! It has a magical quality that transforms into your perfect shade of pink when applied, giving you a natural flush customized with your skin tone. Our whole team tried this product and it showed up beautifully BUT differently on each person! It’s very hydrating and feels like you’re wearing chapstick, but looks like the prettiest lipstick. Reg. $25, grab it for Black Friday on sale for only $17.50!

it cosmetics lip balm

6. Ninja Creami

This TikTok viral dessert machine is seriously genius. Make your own at home desserts in actual minutes – we're talking ice cream, sorbet, gelato, smoothie bowls, and most importantly lately – DELICIOUS protein ice cream that tastes actually SO creamy it doesn't even taste slightly healthy. TRULY. SUPER hard to find right now but we found it in stock and on sale here and you'll seriously be so glad that you scooped (HA) it up while you could get your hands on it! Currently 15% OFF and only $169.99!

ninja creami deal
FROM: HOT DEAL: Ninja Creami Deluxe ON SALE 35% off + fave protein ice cream recipes!

7. Coop Pillow

If you have been searching for the best pillow out there, this is it! This Coop Pillow is the pillow that won Corrine’s pillow test after she ordered and tried out the top 3 results suggested by the besties and she’s 100% going to buy another since it’s on sale for 20% off!

coop pillow

8. Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap is so good and such a great combo tool for drying, curling, waving, or smoothing your hair! It dries AND styles all in one shot so it's a MAJOR time-saver. It's super quick and super easy and you. will. LOVE it. It also uses MINIMAL heat to protect your hair. If you're trying to damage control your hair like I am, you'll love using the Dyson Airwrap to dry OR curl your hair.

It is so hard to find a good deal on this magical tool so we are SO excited that it is on sale for Black Friday! Get the Airwrap + an extra barrel and travel pouch for only $479.99! Reg. $698.98 if you were to purchase everything separately. Plus, use code HOLIDAY20 if you are a first time QVC customer for an extra $20 off!

dyson airwrap on sale

9. Dyson V11

Having a cordless vacuum is a DREAM and we'll never ever go back to a vacuum where we have to plug and unplug over and over again throughout the house. It makes chores so much easier (even littles can help without it being too big or heavy to use!). The V11 is like the Bentley of vacuums, and we’re telling you right now it’s worth EVERY penny. And it’s the perfect time to invest! Right now for Black Friday you can get the V11 for only $419.99! That's 31% off the original price of $719.99! An INSANE deal!

dyson v11 black friday deal
Photos by Arielle Levy

10. Nugget Ice Maker

This is one of the BEST Black Friday deals this year! Everyone loves a good pebble ice maker, and they made this one super pretty so it will look beautiful in any kitchen. We're absolutely, completely, totally OBSESSED and in love with this new nugget ice maker! It's a bit of an investment, yes, but ALL of the other built-in model nugget ice makers that we've ever seen were literally thousands of dollars, not in the hundreds.

If you've got a party coming up, or you're hosting Christmas at your house, or you have an office or a butler's pantry it's SO perfect! But really, this ice machine is the best to have in EVERY situation. You'll be surprised how much you use it!!

Get this new Gevi nugget ice maker for 15% off for Black Friday + make sure to clip the extra $25 off coupon!

nugget ice maker

Someone go buy these Black Friday deals!

Remember, these are what we predict to be the HOTTEST Black Friday deals with the BIGGEST chance of selling out!! Buy these items FIRST while they're still in stock. And keep checking back here all day for ALL THE BEST deals and sales of Black Friday so you can shop smarter, not harder!

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