It's here! It's here! Black Friday deals are HERE!! For the deal lover and deal finder in me, this is basically the BEST day of the whole entire year! But it's also one of the MOST overwhelming sale days of the year, because so so so much good stuff is on sale.

Don't worry though – we're here to help. Take 15 seconds to grab a leftover slice of pie and then let's get down to business. You're going to want to start your Black Friday by browsing our BUY FIRST list!!

black friday deals traeger
FROM: This Traeger grill set is over $200 OFF today – don’t miss it!!
Photo by Arielle Levy

In a hurry? Shop the deals below!

Sometimes our hottest deals sell out REALLY fast, so if you want to be in the know and find out FIRST, you can join our bestie group text! And don’t worry, I'll only send you the VERY hottest deals that have the highest sell out risk – PROMISE. To join the list, text DEALS to 949-506-2558


PRO TIP: if you're looking for one specific item on sale for Black Friday, make sure you search on THIS PAGE and it will pop up with the best results!

Why do I need this Black Friday deals list?

The very best and very trickiest part about Black Friday deals is that there are so many people shopping for the same thing! Things do sell out because the prices are that good. We rounded up all the items that we think pose the very highest sell out risk that will give you the most FOMO if they were on your Christmas list. These are the top 10 things we're seeing so far that you should buy very first before they have a chance to sell out!

  1. Nugget Ice Maker: 22% off at $409.99 (reg $529)
  2. Traeger: 28% off at $599.95 (reg $837.94)
  3. Philips DiamondClean Toothbrush: 21% off at $179.99 (reg $229.99)! Earn $45 in Kohl's Cash! From now till 11:59 p.m. (CT) November 26, everyone gets $15 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent on all sale, regular, and clearance-priced merchandise! BONUS: Philips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush: 40% off at $23.95 (reg $39.95)
  4. Dyson V11 Vacuum, Dyson V8 Vacuum, MOOSOO Vacuum: V11 35% off at $529.99 (reg $819.96), V8 25% off at $299.99 (reg $399.99), MOOSOO 35% off at $79.83 (reg $122.83)
  5. Lululemon Align Leggings 23″, 28″, & SAVE option dupes: Align Leggings 23″ $69-$79 (reg $88-$98), 28″ Align Leggings $79-$89 (reg $98-$118), SAVE option dupes 30% off at $16.09 (reg $22.99)
  6. MZ Wallace Bag: 50% off at $112.50 (reg $225)!
  7. Always Pan & Perfect Pot: Always Pan $46 off at $99 (reg $145), Perfect Pot $40 off at $125 (reg $165)!
  8. Dyson Straightener & Airwrap: Straightener 25% off at $374.97 (reg $499.99), Airwrap 27% off at $399.99 (reg $549.99)
  9. NUNA Convertible Carseat, NUNA Pipa Infant Carseat (color: refined), Maxi Cosi Carseat: NUNA Convertible Carseat $50 off at $499.95 (reg $549.95), PIPA Lite $64 off at $335.95 (reg $399.95), Maxi Cosi Pria 25% off at $254.99 (reg $339.99)
  10. Instant Pot Duo Nova: 6 quarts for 51% off at $59 (reg $119.99), 8 quarts for 43% off at $79.95 (reg $139.99)

Nugget Ice Maker

This is one of the BEST Black Friday deals this year! I’m absolutely, completely, totally OBSESSED and in love with this nugget ice maker! It's a bit of an investment, yes, but ALL of the other built-in model nugget ice makers that I've ever looked into buying were literally thousands of dollars, not in the hundreds.

Our pebble ice machine is not only MY favorite, but Neil's, our girls, AND our neighbors and friends who drop by just for a cup of nugget ice. Best purchase ever!!! I've blogged about it in a past kitchen reveala gift guide, and my third trimester pregnancy favorites.

I love that this one can be plugged into the wall ANYWHERE and that it doesn't have to be hooked up to a water line – we just pour bottled water into the bottom and it produces the most perfect, chewy, heavenly pebble ice you could imagine.

If you've got a party coming up, or you're hosting Christmas at your house, or you have an office or a butler's pantry (where we store ours) it's SO perfect! But really, this ice machine is the best to have in EVERY situation. You'll be surprised how much you use it!!

NUGGET ICE MAKER deal: 22% OFF at $409.99 (reg. $529)!

black friday nugget ice maker
FROM: Nugget ice maker LOWEST PRICE EVER! Over $100 off!

Traeger Grill

Right now you can get the Traeger 572 sq. in Wood Fired Grill & Smoker for $599.95! The retail value is $837.96, so you're really getting this for 28% off retail value and about $238 OFF!! AMAZING value for something you'll use and love for years and years.

This deal not only comes with a Traeger that you'll be able to cook several large pieces of meat on, but it also includes an all-weather cover, two temperature probes, a 20-lb bag of mesquite pellets, and a 20-lb bag of hickory pellets! All of these extra accessories will help you get a jump start on your Traeger grilling and cooking life without having to figure out how to source the pellets or temp probes. It all just comes in one package.

TRAEGER deal: 28% OFF at $599.95 (reg. $837.94)

traeger grill discount black friday deals
FROM: This Traeger grill set is over $200 OFF today – don’t miss it!!
Photo by Arielle Levy

Philips DiamondClean toothbrush

Right now, you can get the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush for $179.99 (reg $229.99)! You can also earn $45 in Kohl's Cash on this purchase! From now till 11:59 p.m. (CT) November 26, everyone gets $15 Kohl's Cash for every $50 spent on all sale, regular, and clearance-priced merchandise! This is a crazy good deal!! There's a good chance they will sell out before the end of the day, so act fast!

These toothbrushes Neil and I have come in pink (my fave!), white, or black (what Neil has). It also comes with two different types of charging stations, the little glass which I prefer, and the upright stand which Neil uses and hides in his medicine cabinet. Super convenient either way!

It also comes with a handy little traveling case which I LOVE. Trust me, once you get used to brushing with these, you'll never want to use a plain old toothbrush again.

BONUS: You can also try the more affordable Philips One Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush right now for just $23.95 (reg $39.95)! That's 40% off!

philips diamondclean sonicare toothbrush deal
FROM: $90 OFF the BEST electric toothbrush I’ve ever used!

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

The V11 is like the Bentleys of vacuums, and I'm telling you right now it’s worth EVERY penny. And it’s the perfect time to invest!

Having a cordless vacuum is a DREAM and I’ll never ever go back to a vacuum where I have to plug and unplug over and over again throughout the house. It makes chores so much easier (even littles like Lyla can help without it being too big or heavy for her to use!). It’s also the #1 thing my mom said she missed from her house when she was living in Spain.

Today you can get the Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum with Grab & Go Dock for only $529.99 ($289.97 OFF – $819.96 if purchased separately)!


  • V11 Torque Drive vacuum
  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Floor Dok docking station
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year limited warranty

You can also get the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum (a smaller but more affordable option!) for 25% off at $299.99 (reg $399.99), and the BEST Dyson cordless vacuum dupe for 35% off at only $79.83 (reg $122.83).

dyson v11 torque
FROM: The Dyson V11 Cordless Vac is $250 OFF, we’re freaking out!
Dyson V11 Torque Vacuum
Corrine’s Jumpsuit (exact color sold out)
Corrine’s White Shirt
Photos by Arielle Levy
dyson v11 torque vacuum

Lululemon Leggings

The align leggings have almost ALL sold out in the blink of an eye this morning because they're AMAZING, but there are several sizes left in both the 23″ and 28″ lengths at almost $20 OFF!

SAVE option: you can find some super highly rated Lululemon DUPE leggings here for 30% off at only $16.09 today!!!

align leggings black friday
FROM: RARE: Lululemon sale that NEVER happens
Photo by Arielle Levy

MZ Wallace – the everything bag

These MZ Wallace bags are basically weightless, squish into the smallest corner of any suitcase, and they pop out unscathed. They're rollable, foldable, packable, crushable, and totally versatile.

Cute enough to dress up, but durable enough to take down to the sand and wipe clean after. These bags are ready for anything from travel to the beach to the gym and can be seen in the hippest places from New York to LA.

Today for Black Friday, MZ Wallace has an AMAZING 50% off sale! 50% off is such a big deal that every single thing is a high sell out risk, so if you've been dying to snag one of these bags, today is your chance!

designer mz wallace tote bag
FROM: HIGH SELLOUT RISK – MZ Wallace Black Friday sale!!
Photo by Arielle Levy

Always Pan

This. pan. does. EVERYTHING. Boils, steams, fries, sautes – you name it. Plus it's UBER pretty and well loved by me and across the Internet!

The Always Pan typically retails for $145, but today you can add one to your kitchen or buy it as a gift for just $99. That's its LOWEST PRICE EVER – a savings of $46!! So if you're thinking about buying, today's seriously the day! Read more about the Always Pan here.

Always Pan Black Friday
FROM: The Always Pan – LOWEST PRICE EVER! Run!!
Photos by Arielle Levy

Perfect Pot

Another GEM on sale today from Our Place! The Perfect Pot is multifunctional and takes the place of several pots. Boiling? Baking? Crisping? Steaming? This is your go-to for all of the above! The Always Pan and Perfect Pot combined replace an entire 16-piece cookware set! Mic drop. Right now you can get this incredible all purpose pot for $40 off, making it $125 (reg $165)!

always pot black friday
FROM: I don’t say this often, but this pot is literally PERFECT
Photo by Arielle Levy

Dyson Hair Products

I'm always on the hunt for deals on Dyson everything, but it's pretty rare when a deal on TWO of my beauty favorites pops up at the same time. So it's time to get really excited because right now you can save over $100 on these fave Dyson hair products of mine! SUPER excited about these Black Friday deals.

  • 25% off the Dyson Straightener (refurbished) – $374.97 (reg. $499.99)!! LOWEST PRICE I'VE SEEN IT.
  • $150 off the Dyson Airwrap (refurbished) – $399.99 (reg. $549.99)!!

Is it okay to buy refurbished?

What does refurbished mean? This means that it's been opened, or a minor flaw has been repaired, but it's gone through a rigorous process to deem it ready for resale!

My experience with buying refurbished items has been flawless. I've literally never bought anything refurbished and had a bad experience – including everything from electronics to hair products. Buying refurbished is often an incredible (and super smart) way to save on an item that's a little bit of a splurge!!

dyson corrale straightener black friday
FROM: $50 off my FAVE hair straightener & more beauty deals!
Photo by Arielle Levy
dyson airwrap black friday
FROM: HOT! Dyson hair dryer, Airwrap, & straightener up to 30% off!
Photo by Arielle Levy

Convertible Carseats


If you're looking for a highly rated convertible car seat, you might want to try out the ULTRA popular, very highest-rated by Nordstrom shoppers, Nuna Rava convertible car seat!! It's $50 OFF today at $499.95 (reg $549.95).

I wish I had more to say about this myself, but we've personally never owned or used this car seat. BUT, it comes from the same family as our beloved VERY favorite infant car seat, the Nuna Pipa Lite (ALSO on sale today in the Refined color for $64 off!!), and the Rava has insanely high ratings.

nuna rava carseat black friday deal

MAXI COSI: Maxi Cosi convertible car seats are at the top of our family's list! It's definitely got the most cushion and comfort, so if getting some good sleep in the car is a priority for you, THIS is your car seat. It's super comfortable for long road trips or snoozing during errands. I've bought this one more than any other because of the comfort factor. And today it's 25% OFF at $254.99 (reg $339.99)!!

maxi cosi carseat black friday deal
FROM: The five BEST convertible car seats!

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is a pressure cooker so you can make crockpot type dishes but in a fraction of the time! It is a total go-to for all those rushed nights when you realize you haven't planned dinner yet. I'm SUPER excited that today you can grab the 6 quart size for 51% OFF, and the 8 quart size for 43% OFF.

I like to make this quick chicken dinner in just a few minutes and serve it over a little Trader Joe's rice and everyone gobbles it right up. You can see more of my favorite Instant Pot recipes here!

instant pot black friday
FROM: HOT up to 50% off Instant Pot deals + my fave recipe roundup
Photo by Arielle Levy

Someone go buy this!

Remember, these are what we predict to be the HOTTEST Black Friday deals with the BIGGEST chance of selling out!! Buy these items FIRST while they're still in stock. And keep checking back here all day for ALL THE BEST deals and sales of Black Friday so you can shop smarter, not harder!

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