All the bell sleeves

There’s a trend that’s hot right now that WE ARE LOVING. And that trend is called the bell sleeve. Bell sleeves just make everything prettier, more feminine, more flirty, and I can’t get enough. 

This polka dot bell sleeve dress in particular has AMAZING bell sleeves!! So flowy and pretty and just to add to the femininity, there’s a BOW in the back! Yes!!!

I’m wearing this bell sleeve dress with my favorite minimalist sandals, the nudistsong. They’re 1000x more comfortable than their look-alike evil sister that I can only take 3 steps in, the nudist. Also, this is a great dupe under $40 that’s also pretty comfy too if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative!

So this polka dot bell sleeve dress in particular was a little odd with the high slit on the side, but that was an easy fix just having a seamstress sew it closed! If you like a high slit though, you’ll love it.

Like I said before, the bell sleeves on this polka dot bell sleeve dress  were the main selling point, but that bow in the back just really sealed the deal for me!

Topshop Dress
Black High Heels
Kate Spade Bag
Photos by Jordan Zobrist

I searched the internets far and wide and found you my very favorite bell sleeve dresses and tops right now, in a variety of price points. See all my faves below!!

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