Ninja Air Fryer: is it worth it?

I’ve been SO impressed by our air fryer this past year! Honestly, I kinda thought air fryers were pointless before trying one. Like, do I really need ANOTHER appliance that takes up space in the kitchen? One word: YES! This thing reheats, crunchifies, melts, bakes and (duh) air fries! It’s pretty much amazing and we don’t want to cook without it anymore! Keep reading for all the details!

ninja air fryer xl sale

Ninja Air Fryer Deal Details

This top-rated 5.5-qt Ninja Air Fryer Max XL that can retail for up to $199.99 is on sale right now for ONLY $119.99! That’s 40% off retail, and one of the lowest prices I’ve seen! Keep reading to find out why it’s SO great.

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ninja air fryer

Why the Ninja Air Fryer?

I decided to try this particular Ninja Air Fryer because it is so highly rated on Consumer Reports as well as on basically every website it is sold on. And now I canNOT get over how much I love it. It seriously has so many uses! You can heat up frozen food, reheat leftovers, or just crunch up your take out in it and it makes the food so.much.better. I even used it to make 10 minute cauliflower gnocchi here!

air fryer recipes

The whole idea behind the air fryer technology is to make food that “tastes” fried. But it just uses hot air for a healthy alternative that still packs a crunch! It saves time, calories, and lives. JK, but heating up nuggets in it *might* just make you your kid’s hero!

air fryer kids recipes

How does an air fryer work?

An air fryer’s heating mechanism is located at the top. It’s also where the air circulation fan is. When you turn it on, the heat is accumulated and evenly circulated within the device. The result is food cooked to crispy perfection.

Seriously, once you get yours (and the next time you have a leftover slice of pizza you need to reheat), pop it in your Ninja Air Fryer at 325 for 4 minutes and you’ll get a perfectly toasty (NOT soggy) crust underneath, and gooey melted cheese on top, and you’ll never be tempted again to use your microwave to heat up that leftover slice of pizza.

healthy air fryer recipes

Feeding a crew? Meet your new best friend!

A common complaint I hear about air fryers is that sometimes you have to cook in batches. TRUE! This is so true with a standard size, especially if you’re feeding an entire family. This one that’s on sale today 40% off is an XL so you can double stack whatever you’re air frying and get double the food cooked in the same amount of time. We also own this one that can be used like a toaster oven too, and we love it!

Dinner, but make it crispy!

I love this appliance all months of the year, but I love it in the summertime especially because you don’t have to heat up your whole kitchen for a meal, and everything tastes better with some texture! WIN! If you’ve been thinking about getting an air fryer, you won’t regret it!

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