the very BEST Halloween costumes for your entire family!

My girls are sooo excited for Halloween this year!  Lyla keeps asking me when it’s going to be time to celebrate Halloween’s birthday haha! We had so much fun dressing last year up as the Wizard of Oz that when it was time to come up with a new theme for this year’s family Halloween costume I had no idea where to start! I asked everyone for opinions but my girls got to make the final decision on who we would be.  And this year I have to admit I can’t wait to show you guys what we have planned.  In fact, we got super into the holiday spirit and decided to do two family costumes because why not?! Haha!  But after we were done choosing we still had so many options left over that I wanted to a few quick and easy idea guides for you guys in case you’re having some decision making dilemmas.

Lyla’s Red Sparkly Shoes 
Lyla’s Gingham Dress 
Ani’s Green Witch Costume
Ani’s Green Face Paint 
Ani’s Black Shoes 
My pink Witch Costume 
My glitter Gel 
My gold Shoes 
Neil’s Tin Can Costume 
Silver Face Paint 
Nude Slip worn under pink witch costume 
Toto in a Basket


One thing I love about all these costumes is you can adjust to the size of your family.  For one of our family costumes this year both my girls are going to be the same thing. So you can totally double up your kids (if they’re okay with that haha) or downsize based on your people.

halloween costume cat in the hatCAT IN THE HAT
1. Cat in the Hat (toddler) // 2. Thing 1 & 2 (kids) // 3. Cat in the Hat (adult) // 4. Thing 1 & 2 (adult) // 5. girly Thing 1 & 2

halloween costume peter panPETER PAN
1. Wendy // 2. Peter Pan // 3. Tinkerbell // 4. Captain Hook (if you have a family dog they can always dress up as Nana because who can forget Nana!!)

halloween costumes snow white seven dwarvesSNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARVES
1. Snow White // 2. Evil Queen // 3. Prince Charming // 4. Dwarf

halloween costumes star warsSTAR WARS
1. Yoda // 2. BB-8 // 3. Ewok // 4. Princess Lea // 5. Hans Solo

halloween costumes super mario brosSUPER MARIO BROTHERS
1. Mario // 2. Donkey Kong // 3. Luigi // 4. Princess Peach

You might’ve noticed a lot of these costumes are ON SALE which means they’re going fast! Not to mention Halloween is 2 weeks away which is so crazy that it’s already time! So make sure to get your costumes asap so they don’t run out of your faves and you can still get them shipped to your doorstep on time, instead of wandering around some crazed costume shop the night before Halloween looking at the last shreds of costumes left behind, because ain’t nobody got time for that!!

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Si Foster:

every one of these Im dying because, Neil! Oh gosh. Im voting for Cat in the Hat. They are all so cute!


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