The best Halloween costumes that ship right to your doorstep

Halloween is creeping up on us (ha!). Do you know what you’re wearing?! If not, DON’T PANIC, because today we’re rounding up the best Halloween family costumes that ship RIGHT to your doorstep.

Below you’ll find some of our favorite Halloween costumes! In the past we’ve gone as characters from The Incredibles, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Toy Story, Alice in Wonderland, and before that, the Wizard of Oz. Coming up with an idea for a family Halloween costume can be a Halloween nightmare, especially if you wait till the eleventh hour just before it’s time to trick-or-treat! If I’m being totally honest Halloween is not my jam. BUT my kids love it!! They start talking about what they’re going to be for Halloween from November 1st to Halloween day and about every week in between.

If you’re like me and you just need everything easy and delivered to your door, THIS POST is for you. Easiest family halloween costumes ever, no sewing required.

halloween costume ideas

The Incredibles family Halloween costumes

After we officially decided that we were going to be the Incredibles last year for Halloween, our kids all claimed which of the superhero characters they wanted to be, and surprisingly enough, the characters all matched their personalities pretty well!

Ani chose to be Elastigirl, Lyla knew right away that she wanted to be Violet, Millie decided that she was going to be Dash, and it was just obvious and a total given that Harry would be baby Jack-Jack. Of course our girls wanted Neil and me to be Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, which was really fun for us to dress up as! Mr. and Mrs. Incredible would be so fun even if you’re just looking for couples Halloween costumes.

Let’s just say we had fun getting into character, especially with our matching eye masks. This is such a fun idea if you’re looking for group costumes!

Incredibles Costumes
Mr. Incredible – Neil
Mrs. Incredible – Corrine
Elastigirl – Anabelle
Violet – Lyla
Dash – Millie
Jack-Jack – Harry
Photos by Arielle Levy
mrs incredibles costume
elastigirl costume
mr incredibles

Harry Potter family Halloween costumes

My girls had been asking to do Harry Potter for a couple years, and since we have our own little Harry (!!!) we just HAD to do our own version of Harry Potter costumes! (And this castle set the perfect mood, am I right?)

The girls were thrilled to find these super realistic Hogwarts costumes! Add Hermione’s robes to Ani’s bangs and wavy hair, and she’s totally a dead ringer for Harry Potter’s best gal pal. And Lyla was not about to be left out of Gryffindor house, so she chose to be Ron Weasley’s little sister Ginny! 

My big girls picked out an owl costume for Millie (sold out now, but here’s a super similar one that’s perfect for toddlers!) and it turned out just darling. And I know I’m biased, but I’m pretty sure our Harry makes THE CUTEST, sweetest Harry Potter of ALL TIME!! It was the perfect costume for him.

I wasn’t 100% sure what Harry Potter character I wanted to be for Halloween but was totally inspired by Fleur Delacour. I mean, this monochromatic blue outfit with a beret??? Yes, please. And Neil as Hagrid worked out great and his costume was so easy to put together with a brown top, brown vest and a wig.

best family halloween costumes
harry potter family
Corrine’s Hat
Corrine’s Skirt
Corrine’s Top sold out, similar
Neil’s Shirt sold out, similar
Neil’s Vest
Neil’s Wig and Beard Set
Harry’s Scarf
Harry’s Glasses
Harry’s Moccasins
Millie’s Costume sold out, similar
Ani + Lyla’s Gryffindor Costumes
Photos by Arielle Levy
hagrid and baby harry potter costume
hermoine granger costume

Star Wars family Halloween costumes

You know what happens when your kids get older? They want to choose their OWN Halloween costumes! In 2019, after years of family Halloween costumes, I prepped myself for variations of pink, sparkles, and tutus – but Anabelle stopped me in my tracks: she wanted to do a family Star Wars theme!

I was immediately on board, although fully aware that 1. my girls are scared of Star Wars and 2. they’ve never seen any of the movies. BUT. We’re huge DISNEY fans and the excitement around Star Wars Land this time a couple years ago was electric! AND Neil can make the Chewy sound (hidden talent for the win!).

best family halloween costumes
Corrine – Female Stormtrooper
Neil – Chewbacca, similar
Ani – Darth Vader sold out, similar
Lyla – BB-8, similar,
Millie – Princess Leia, similar
Millie’s shoes
Photos by Arielle Levy
family star wars
star wars family halloween costume
baby princess leia

Toy Story family Halloween costumes

We dressed up as Toy Story a few years ago!

Ani loved dressing up as Jessie and posing with Neil as Woody. They’re the sweetest pair! Lyla was such a sassy workout Barbie. She brought some seriously sweet moves to this costume, and as our little resident Barbie and all things girly fan, this costume matched her personality perfectly.

Millie’s costume was the easiest! Bo Peep and her sheep? I mean come on! The cutest costume for infants! (Millie’s exact costume is sold out, but this is a similar version!) Isn’t she the cutest little fuzzy lamb you’ve ever seen?!

toy story family halloween costumes
toy story halloween costumes
sheep baby costume
Ani’s Jessie Deluxe Costume
Ani’s Cowboy Boot
Neil’s Woody Deluxe Costume
Neil’s Twill Shirt
Lyla’s Metallic Bodysuit Costume
Lyla’s Rainbow Legwarmer
Lyla’s Pink Pump
Lyla’s Pink Belt
Corrine’s Bo Peep costume, similar
Corrine’s Black Pump
Millie’s Laura The Lamb costume sold out, similar
Photos by Arielle Levy

Alice in Wonderland family Halloween costumes

Lyla’s Alice wig still cracks me up! We did Alice in Wonderland several years ago, and it’s a really great theme to build on since there are so many distinct and colorful characters. Funny enough, these characters really matched my girls’ personalities so they REALLY got into their costumes! Plus I always love a red lip makeup look.

halloween family costume alice in wonderland
alice in wonderland halloween costume
FROM: Everything you NEED for a no-stress Halloween!
Corrine’s Queen of Hearts costume
Neil’s Mad Hatter costume nearly sold out, similar
Anabelle’s Cheshire cat costume
Anabelle’s glitter mary janes sold out, similar
Lyla’s Alice in Wonderland costume
Lyla’s Alice wig
Photos by Arielle Levy

Wizard of Oz family costume

A few years ago, we chose Wizard of Oz which was totally nostalgic for me. I dressed up as Glinda as a little girl so it was kind of fun to have a go at it again. Toto in a basket was a huge hit, and getting Ani’s face painted all green was quite the evening project. I can’t believe how tiny they both look in these pictures! The sweetest little Dorothy and Wicked Witch.

wizard of oz family halloween costume
family halloween costume wizard of oz
FROM: How to apply halloween face paint!
Corrine’s Glinda Costume sold out, similar
Nude Slip worn under pink Glinda costume 
Neil’s Tin Man Costume
Silver Face Paint
Ani’s Green Witch Costume
Ani’s Green Face Paint
Lyla’s Dorothy Dress sold out, similar
Lyla’s Red Sparkly Shoes
Toto in a Basket

Easy Halloween costume ideas

We’ve done all the hard work for you and rounded up the best Halloween costume ideas that all ship straight to your doorstep, saving your sanity and your sweat glands from all the stress of going to five different stores to get everyone’s bits and pieces of their costumes. These are the best costume options, especially if you’re trying to dress up together as a family!

The Incredibles

Harry Potter

Star Wars

Toy Story

Alice in Wonderland

Wizard of Oz

Cat in the Hat

Peter Pan

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Super Mario Brothers



Happy Halloween!

Even though Halloween is over a month away, it’s still REALLY smart to get everything ordered before one person’s costume sells out and you’re on a wild goose chase trying to track down all the accessories like some ruby red slippers or a blonde wig for a two year old.

Make sure to order your costumes ASAP so they don’t run out of your faves and you can get them shipped to your doorstep in plenty of time, instead of wandering around some crazed costume store the night before October 31st looking at the last shreds of costumes left behind! Ain’t nobody got time for that!!

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