How to apply halloween face paint!

I've got a confession: I'm kind of a Halloween scrooge! I just have never LOVED Halloween like some people love Halloween. Until I had a preschooler. And then I saw the light.

HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween is life when you're almost 4! “MOM LOOK at those decorations!” “Mom, I'm going to be a ____ for Halloween!!!” (Fill in: princess, witch, ghost, superhero, pumpkin, puppy, bird, bunny, ballerina, and rotate ever 5 minutes.)

green witch costume

After weeks of wavering back and forth between options Ani FINALLY chose a “green witch” as her Halloween costume, because we all know who's in charge in this house. So the green witch it was! And the rest of the family chose costumes to kind of mirror her theme from one of my favorite childhood films that's now one of Ani's favorites too.

But in order to be a proper green witch, one MUST have a green painted face.

This took a bit of trial and error but I think for this very craft-challenged mom, we found our sweet spot with Halloween face painting! I've partnered with Q-tips and today we're going to share a few tips with you using Q-tips Precision Tips, Q-tips Beauty Rounds, and Q-tips Cotton Swabs to make the whole process a little easier, more precise, and less messy.


First I used a Q-Tips Beauty Round as a palette. Fancy wording I know 😉 They're the perfect size though to get just enough face paint down that won't dry out!


Then I used more Q-tips Beauty Rounds to massively apply the face paint all over.

green witch costume

If you think she's ecstatic, you are greatly underestimating the emotion going on here.

green witch costume

Best day EVER for an almost 4 year old! Green face paint every day.

Next I used a Q-tips Cotton Swab to fill in some of the areas that weren't quite as fully covered. Kind of like a step you'd take with concealer. Just touch ups!

Green Witch costume
green witch costume

And lastly I used Q-tips Precision Tips to get some of the spots that really needed a clean line, like right under the lips or close to the eyes. I wasn't worried too much about her hairline since she had a hat as part of her costume.

green witch costume

Neil was a different story.

Neil kind of acted like I was amputating his leg or giving him a root canal when I began applying face paint to his face. BUT he chose to be a tin can! That's what he chose. So that's what we went with. And I've never seen a tin can with a tan face so, silver face paint for him.

Again I just used a Q-tips Beauty Round for the face paint palette, and Q-tips cotton swabs and Q-tips Precision Tips to fill in any gaps or make any of the lines a little less smudged or uneven.

green witch costume
green witch costume

Caption to the photo above:

Neil: “I hate getting my face painted.”

Me in the photo below: “Haha. I mean, oh, sorry. Feel super bad for you.”

green witch costume

Ani did a great job supervising.

green witch costume

Lastly I kicked everyone out so I could get myself ready and really all I needed was a little glitter to look like the happy pink girly “witch” I always wanted to be.

good witch costume

Again with the squirting glitter onto a Q-tips Beauty Round. Perfect palette size!

good witch costume
good witch costume

Then I very carefully used Q-tips Precision Tips and Q-tips cotton swabs to gently glide the glitter all over my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Same places I would use a highlighter if I were doing my makeup. And since I already had makeup on, my application process was very slow and steady because I wanted to layer the glitter on, not wipe my makeup off!

good witch costume

And then POOF! With the wave of a magic wand, we all somehow ended up in our costumes, with face paint on, and nobody rusted or melted and we all lived happily ever after,

good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume
good witch costume

We all honestly had so much fun with this shoot and everyone was laughing and happy at the end, and I didn't even have to bribe anyone (Neil included) to smile.

I loved using Q-Tips to apply all of our face paint for this year's Halloween costumes! They're convenient, perfectly sized, affordable and disposable. Which means no ruining nice makeup brushes for green witch faces or silver tin cans.

Q-tips Beauty Rounds
Q-tips Cotton Swabs
Q-tips Precision Tips
Lyla's Red Sparkly Shoes

Lyla's Gingham Dress
Ani's Green Witch Costume
Ani's Green Face Paint
Ani's Black Shoes
My pink Witch Costume
My glitter Gel
My gold Shoes
Neil's Tin Can Costume
Silver Face Paint
Nude Slip worn under pink witch costume 
Toto in a Basket

Big thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring this post and giving my family an excuse to dress up way before Halloween and have fun together. Pretty sure Ani will love you forever!

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