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halloween alice in wonderland family costume Halloween is less than a week away and my girls can't stop asking when it's finally time to go trick-or-treating!! This year we went through a few different options for our family Halloween costume (if you're following on instastories you saw the whole thing go down) and the girls finally decided on Alice in Wonderland!

In all our excitement for the “big day” I'm sharing some of the quick and easy tips and tricks for making Halloween a breeze including a fun Halloween playlist, the quickest and easiest Halloween candy dropped at your doorstep, and the super easy meal I always make each Halloween to get something healthy in my kids' bellies before they go around getting me all the candy 😉

halloween alice in wonderland family costume  halloween alice in wonderland family costume Anabelle has been loving the old cartoon Disney version of this movie lately and absolutely jumped at the chance to be the Cheshire cat (or the “treasure cat” as she calls it!). And Lyla immediately decided she wanted to be Alice. And while we contemplated putting Neil in a caterpillar outfit (can you imagine it? haha!) we finally decided that after him winning husband of the year last year for his rendition of the Tin Man, we'd go a little easy on him and let him be the Mad Hatter. And I think my favorite part of the Queen of Hearts get up in the crown. Because obviously! And I'm pretty sure I just want to wear it everyday now haha! But what I really loved about these costumes guys was they came with everything you needed at a really great value!

halloween alice in wonderland costume halloween alice in wonderland costume halloween alice in wonderland costume  In case you missed it last week I put together a few different options for family Halloween costumes in case you and your littles are having a hard time coming up with ideas everyone can get involved in. Because we all know the family Halloween voting drama can be really real haha!

There's STILL TIME to order any of these costumes in time for next week so that your Halloween is smooth sailing and you're not panicking at the last minute trying to throw together a costume.

halloween queen of hearts costume halloween cheshire cat costumeWhen it comes to holidays I'm definitely more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas girl, but my kiddos absolutely LOVE Halloween!  And I love all the chocolate so I'm in haha. I kind of used to be the Halloween scrooge but as our kids have gotten more into it, so have I because it's just really fun to see them get so excited!

A couple years ago I found a playlist of fun Halloween songs that I played while I passed out candy and it was a hit with the trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.  So to save you from having to do it yourself, here's a playlist that my team and I made that you can turn on while you're getting ready or handing out candy or driving to your Halloween party, whatever you're doing where you need to get in the spirit of Halloween!

halloween mad hatter costume halloween alice in wonderland family costume

Have you grabbed Halloween candy yet? If not here's where you can get to all the best Halloween candy from amazon, delivered to your door free by Hallow's eve!!

I think it's fun to get candy that maybe everyone else isn't handing out, like airheads (make sure to click the 20% off coupon!) or this mixture of sour patch kids & swedish fish!

halloween mad hatter costume

And last but not least, what I'm making for dinner for Halloween!! Growing up my mom always always made Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner on Halloween and I absolutely loved it, so I've continued the tradition in my own family. I'm going to make my mom's chicken noodle soup recipe here, but this year I'm going to try making it in the instant pot. I'll let you know how it turns out!

halloween alice in wonderland family costume

Corrine's Queen of Hearts costume
Neil's Mad Hatter costume
Anabelle's Cheshire cat costume
Anabelle's glitter mary janes
Lyla's Alice in Wonderland costume
Lyla's Alice wig
Photos by Arielle Levy


And here's a roundup of the very cutest Halloween things on the internet right now!  Happy haunting!

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