The BEST Baby Deals of Amazon Prime Day!

You guys know I absolutely love a good deal on baby gear and I know most of you do too! Lucky for us Amazon Prime Day is full of them! We’ve got all the very best and favorite baby deals out there covered for you in one neat little post so you don’t miss out on anything. Ready? Let’s go.

One of the biggest deals of Amazon Prime Day is on the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper! This is an essential I absolutely swear by and think every mom of a newborn baby should have!

I’m obsessed with the Rock N Play because when you have a tiny newborn and you need to set them down to do ANYTHING you know like wash a couple dishes, wash your hair (don’t be too hard on yourself if this only happens once a week for a while!), run to the bathroom, or have a safe place for them to sleep while traveling THIS will save your life! It’s extremely lightweight and folds totally flat so it’s super compact for travel. I threw this in my car and took it with me all over the place, including the beach with Lyla, until she was maybe 4 months old?

This amazon prime day deal WILL sell out so if you’re having a baby sometime soon, get one NOW!

Here’s where you can find ALL AMAZON PRIME DAY BABY DEALS.

We’ve picked out all our favorite baby gear deals from Amazon Prime Day below (don’t sweat it if you don’t have a membership yet, you can sign up free for 30 days and get all of today’s deals) and to see all my baby favorites and must-haves, go to my best baby registry list ever!


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