The BEST tech deals on Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days. More Amazon deal days that are delivering some amazing tech and electronics deals! Below we’ve rounded up some of the best tech deals to make your life a little easier. We truly think there’s something for everyone in your family with these items. Due to the quick nature of this sale, these deals can go pretty fast. We would grab them ASAP if you’re even considering it. It’s kind of like the Amazon Olympics…you’ve been training all year, and now it’s time to really shop! Ha!

frame tv
samsung frame tv deal

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Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days tech deals

We rounded up all of the best tech items on sale right now for Amazon Prime Big Deal Days that we think you will LOVE. These are the top tech items we’re seeing so far that you should buy very first before they have a chance to sell out!

  1. Samsung Frame TV
  2. Fire TV Stick
  3. Apple TV 4K
  4. Apple AirPods Pro
  5. Bose noise cancelling headphones
  6. Skullcandy wireless headphones
  7. Sony noise cancelling headphones
  8. Echo Dot
  9. Fire HD 10 tablet
  10. Fire HD 10 kids tablet
  11. Kindle Paperwhite
  12. Apple Watch series 8
  13. Smart light switch
  14. Ring video doorbell
  15. Google Nest thermostat
  16. Digital LED alarm clock with wireless charging station

Smart TVs

Samsung Frame TV

These frame TVs are wildly popular because you can display art when you’re not using the TV! Geeeenius. Corrine was dying to get one for years, and finally decided to take the plunge during the amazing Amazon Prime Day deal a couple of years ago! BEST. DECISION. EVER. (Well at least of all my Amazon decisions she’s ever made – and that’s saying a LOT!) She has absolutely LOVED it, and loves how it makes her living room feel when the TV is off. It’s so pretty!

During the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, you can get this 55″ TV for $997.99 (reg $1,497.99)!!

samsung frame tv deal

TV Accessories

Fire TV Stick

Corrine went to San Diego for a little staycation a while back and the Airbnb she stayed in had an Amazon Fire Stick. She was absolutely blown away by it! It’s super easy to use. It works so well. It’s lightning-fast. And it gives you all the options, from Netflix to Hulu to YouTube to Disney Plus to Apple TV+. We are very impressed by how teeny tiny and insanely portable it is. You can get it during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days for only $22.99 (reg $49.99)!!

Apple TV

Get the 64 gb Apple TV 4K for 29% off during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days! This is a MUST HAVE in our homes. Makes it so easy to Airplay photos and images from our phone straight to your TV screen! We use it to watch all of our streaming apps like Netflix, HBO now, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and thousands of more apps in the App Store. There are also TONS of movies and tv shows to choose from directly on the Apple TV+ app. Easy to take with us on trips and hook right up to any tv so we can enjoy movies, tv shows, games, and so many other apps!


Apple AirPods

There’s a reason we’ve included AirPods in multiple gift guides and major sale days like today, and that’s because you basically can’t go wrong with buying a pair for someone as gift or for yourself. Apple AirPods are a must for us! If we have downtime waiting for an appointment, or getting our nails done, we like to pop these in and listen to podcasts, church talks, or audiobooks. You really can’t beat the crisp sound!

SO excited that you can snag these Airpods Pro today for ONLY $189, a whopping $60 savings!! AirPods Pro are super hard to find a deal on, so this is a steal!

Side note: Corrine also really loves these silicone cases to easily differentiate between hers and Neil’s AirPods. And today they are on sale for up to 20% off!

If you prefer the over the ear version and want to spend a little more you can get the Apple AirPods Max for up to $70 off and as low as $479!

apple airpods

Bose noise cancelling headphones

Get these Bose Noise QuiteComfort Cancelling Wireless Headphones for up to 30% off at just $230 (reg $329)! You can get up to 22 hours of wireless battery life on a SINGLE charge. These are super powerful noise-cancelling headphones with astonishing crisp and clear sound details. Enjoy your music, phone calls, or just your peace and quiet without any outside noise distractions! AND love the crisp, cute look of these headphones! Seriously amazing.

Skullcandy wireless headphones

Get these Skullcandy wireless headphones for 57% off! These wireless earbuds have 30 hours of total battery + an insanely fast rapid charge. Sweat, water, and dust resistant – perfect for a nice sweaty run in the heat or in the rain! AND they stay in your ears (a FAVE!) Love using these when we want to pack light or to just throw in our purses to have on hand!

Sony noise cancelling headphones

Take 53% off these Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones!! ONLY $118 for Prime Big Deal Days (reg $249.99)! These headphones give the ultimate comfort and sound experience! These are also noise cancelling, AND they include a built-in MIC so you can take phone calls hands-free and multi-task at the same time! 35 hours of battery life and quick charging. Jump on these while this incredible deal lasts. Such a steal!!

Other tech deals

Amazon Echo

If you don’t have an Alexa in your family, you really want one and you just don’t know it! This thing does everything. It can play music, order a pizza, call an Uber, control smart home devices, read the news or audiobooks, send and receive messages, set alarms and basically answer any question you can think of! We seriously love ours. They also come in so many different finishes now, so I love that you can make it blend with any room in your house.

If you’re wondering how you’d even use an echo device in your house, here are some posts we’ve done in the past to explain how we use Alexa for SO MANY THINGS!!

The best part is if you need one for several different rooms of your house, you can add Alexa to any room with so many different options. During Prime Day get the following Echo products on sale:

amazon echo dot
Original Post Here

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

The Fire HD 10 tablet is normally $149.99, but is 50% off at only $74.99! This tablet is truly amazing, 30% faster than the older models, and the battery life lasts up to 13 hours! It also comes in three colors and offers either 32gb or 64gb storage capacity.

tablet amazon prime day sale

Amazon Fire HD 10 kids tablet

If you’re looking for something for your kids, the Fire HD 10 Kids edition is seriously the best! It comes with a kid-proof (for reals) case and one year FREE of Amazon Kids+. It retails for $199.99 but for Prime Big Deal Days it’s $119.99 (40% off!)

kids tablet prime day

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is on MAJOR sale for Amazon Prime Day and it’s something we have by our side ALL THE TIME. We’re obsessed with how easy it is to pack and we’re even more obsessed with how easy it is to read. It seriously reads just like a book. We like that it’s sooooo easy to see the text on the screen and you can see the screen clearly in the dark or in the bright sun!  Also, the Kindle Paperwhite is WATERPROOF!!! Hello, so perfect for a poolside read in the summer months.

Did we mention how great it is to have all your books in one tiny tablet? And a single battery charge lasts WEEKS! Normally $140, during Amazon Prime Day you can get the Kindle Paperwhite for $95, 32% off and you’re saving $45!

If you are looking for other Kindle options you can get the following on sale:

amazon kindle paperwhite
amazon kindle deal

Apple Watch

Tons of people ask what the advantage is to having an Apple Watch if you already have an iPhone. This is a super valid question, but it’s kind of like that old apples and oranges argument. Both are fruit, but totally different!

On the Apple Watch, you can answer phone calls, track your steps, upload music, plus we LOVE the convenience of it on our wrist. No more digging for your phone in your purse!! For more reasons why Corrine loves her Apple Watch, take a look at this post!

Apple Watches are always one of Prime Day’s most sought after items – we know they are going to go FAST! Grab the Apple Watch SE for 20% off and save $50 during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days!

apple watch series 8

Smart Light Switch

This light switch allows you to say “Alexa, turn on the living room lights” and have the lights go on. It’s the best thing since the “clap clap” lights came out in the rain 80s!! You can also turn it onto away mode to “keep the sticky bandits at bay while you’re away.” Or you can automate daily routines too.

Get this smart light switch that’s normally $20 for $12.99!! Over 35,000 rave reviews and 35% off!

smart light switch

Ring video doorbell

Peace of mind in a doorbell! Whether security is your top concern or if you just want to keep an eye out for packages during the work day, the Ring Doorbell is one of the most simple yet effective way to keep an eye on your home. Get it for 45% off during Prime Big Deal Days making it just $54.99 (reg: $99.99).

ring video doorbell

Google Nest Thermostat

Corrine has these thermostats in her house and she is OBSESSED!! The newer options are even cuter (hello gold!!) and we love how easy they are to operate, AND how we can change them from our phones. Comes in handy when we leave town and forget to turn the AC or heat off, or if we’re lying in bed and need to turn the AC to 68 without our husbands noticing.

You can get this Google Nest Thermostat for 31% OFF today for only $89.99 (reg. $129.99!).

google nest

Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is one of our new most favorite things in life!! Corrine discovered it at an airbnb she stayed at on her way home from Easter in Utah, and she LOVED that the light on it is perfectly dimmable but has a warm orange glow so it doesn’t keep you up at night. Keep it at the most dim setting so that if you wake up in the middle of the night and need to know what time it is, you can see without looking at your phone. We also love that you can charge your phone on top of it, and it has a USB port too so that You can easily charge my Apple Watch right next to it on your nightstand each night. So many solutions all in one!

Act Fast!

Don’t miss these amazing Prime Big Deal Days tech deals! They make the most perfect gifts, or amazing treat yo’self gifts too! Most of these are super HOT items, so there’s a good chance they will sell out pretty quick!!

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