The BEST Tech Deals on Amazon Prime Day!

Amazon Prime Day always delivers some amazing tech and electronics deals and this year is no exception! I love to read and I really LOVE my kindle paperwhite. (p.s. outfit details in this post, and living room details in this post!)

I’m obsessed with how easy it is to pack and I’m ever more obsessed with how easy it is to read. It seriously reads just like a book. I like that it’s sooooo easy to see the text on the screen and you can see the screen clearly in the dark or in the bright sun!  Did I mention how great it is to have all your books in one tiny tablet? And a single battery charge lasts WEEKS! Today during Amazon Prime Day you can save $30 off the Kindle Paperwhite!

If you don’t have an Alexa in your family, you really want one and you just don’t know it! Today you can get the Amazon Echo for for $90!  Which is almost $100 off the normal price!

This thing does everything. It can play music, order a pizza, call an Uber, control smart home devices, read the news or audiobooks, send and receive messages, set alarms and basically answer any question you can think of! Have you added it to your cart yet? We seriously love ours.

And you can add Alexa to any room of your house with the Echo Dot, which is $35 today!

Here are all the very BEST tech deals of Prime Day:


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