Top 10 reasons to buy an Apple Watch

Tried and true favorites are kind of our jam. High quality items that we just don't want to live without and are totally worth all the pennies. For us that includes these pajamas, this face moisturizer, this bra, this curling iron (currently), this hair dryer,  Diet Coke (duh) and…the APPLE WATCH! We're completely obsessed with these smart little companions, and today we're filling you in on all the reasons why!!!

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Top 10 reasons to buy an Apple Watch

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Tons of people ask what the advantage is to having an Apple watch if you already have an iPhone.  This is a super valid question, but it's kind of like that old apples and oranges argument. Both are fruit, but totally different!  So here the top 10 reasons why the Apple watch has become a complete game changer for us!!

1. One of the coolest features of the Apple watch just might be “find my phone.” You swipe up on your watch if you can't find your phone and tap a little button that makes your phone chime. EVEN IF IT'S ON SILENT!!! Mind. Blown.

2. Ever walked around Target for hours (guilty!) or chased your kids all day and thought to yourself, “Man I feel like I just ran a marathon?” Now you can see EXACTLY how many steps you took and if you really did walk 5,000 miles. You can set daily step goals and get an alert for how close you are to your goal too!

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3. If you love leggings the way that we love leggings you might hate that it's harder to carry your phone around. Because no pockets. BUT if you have an Apple Watch, it's 100% ok for your phone to be buried in the bottom of your bag (or in your glove box or at home if you have the Series 3) because you'll still be able to quickly glance at your alerts to see if a text or email is urgent or just a fun group text blowing up with 44 texts!

4. The Series 2 Apple watch (the one Corrine's wearing in these pics) and the Series 3 is water resistant up to 50 meters. This is perfect for long days at the pool or the beach when you want to take a dip in the ocean, or don't want to be distracted by your phone being out (or it's too warm to have your phone out), but you need to know if someone's calling or just want to see what time it is.

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5. We love that you can totally change the look of your apple watch with different bands that you can get from just about anywhere – not just an Apple retailer! Lots of cute/affordable options here and here and here.  It takes like 2 seconds to swap them out, because they literally slide right in and out.

6. One massive advantage of the Apple watch over some other fitness trackers and time tellers is that it's compatible with TONS of apps! So if you want a notification from Instagram when your favorite blogger posts (ha!) or if you're looking for alerts or quick reminders from any other app, this watch will do that for you. You can even get alerts from the Vivint home security system on your Apple watch, which is SO amazing.

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7. You can actually PUT your phone away during a date or lunch with a friend (or not bring it AT ALL!). It's kind of shocking how often we pull our phones out to glance at the screen without realizing! It's such a good habit to just put it away when you're eating or visiting with someone. When you have little ones at home, you need to keep an eye on notifications in case the babysitter needs you, so the Apple watch is perfect for those alerts for urgent phone calls or texts. On the flip side, you have to be careful to not look at your watch constantly because it can kind of feel like the universal sign for “I'm bored!” 🙂

8. SO many display options!! You can have jumbo numbers displayed just to tell the time, a favorite picture in the background, or (our personal preference) a little info screen with the current temp, calendar date, time, and another time zone too! It's way easy to swap between displays too, just a matter of swiping left or right (without looking for your next date haha). We've had quite a few people ask what size Corrine prefers, and she has the 38mm! It's not too huge but not too small either. Think of it as the Goldilocks size!

9. With the Series 2 you can upload music and wear bluetooth headphones (these are the best!!) and listen to music while you work out-even if you don't have your phone with you!!! SOLD. With the Series 3 you can stream Spotify or Apple Music straight from your wrist!

10. Hello from the other side!! Say goodbye to freak-out sessions when your phone rings at the other end of the house and you know you're about to miss an important call!! You can answer and make calls on your Apple watch, as long as your phone is within bluetooth distance if you have the Series 2 or ANYTIME if you have the Series 3!! . This feature is super handy when you need to confirm a delivery or catch someone calling back after being on a waiting list!

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  1. What are your thoughts on the constant exposure to EMF radiation? The Apple Watch is directly on skin and absorbing the most radiation possible. Thoughts? Thank you!

  2. This post is so fitting, considering I just bought a 3 series. lol! I was definitely a skeptic, thinking “why do I need a watch when I have a phone?” For me I like that it keeps my hands free 🙂


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