Exclusive free nest thermostat offer + the BEST home security system

I'm so excited today to be sharing an exclusive deal on something I'm truly COMPLETELY obsessed with, and have been for YEARS. I sleep more soundly every night because of my Vivint system, and I automate everything from my air conditioning (which you know is high on the priority list of a pregnant woman!) to unlocking the front door for a neighbor while I'm away.

best home security system vivint

Right now Vivint is offering a FREE Nest thermostat with the purchase of your system using our code – MINTARROW – when you sign up with a new Vivint system. If you've ever thought about getting a smart home, you should definitely call and get a quote! I have a dedicated customer service line where reps are standing by to answer any of your questions. And there's no pressure to make a decision on the spot so you can just call to get some info!

I'm sure most of us feel the same that there's NOTHING more important than the safety of our families. Creating a safe space for us was priority number one when we moved into the new house, and I didn't even think twice about calling Vivint to get our home all set up!


With our Vivint Smart Home, I'm able to securely arm our home every night, ensuring that if a door or window was opened or broken into at night, an alarm would sound and if we don't disarm the system with our pin code within seconds, the police would also automatically come straight to our home, which is so comforting!

I've been a fan of Vivint for most of my adult life, ever since my home was broken into for the SECOND TIME when I was a single girl. Yes – this happened to me twice as a single girl! It was terrifying to think about someone being able to break in at any time, and installing a security system was the only thing that helped me sleep better at night. This has only gotten more important as we've added little ones to the mix. I'm really excited to share all of my favorite features of our home security system with you today, along with a really incredible exclusive Vivint offer to get a free Nest thermostat (that I'm totally in love with!!) if you'd like to arm your home, too!

best home security system vivint


Okay, so maybe you've seen our thermostat war on Instagram stories! I am constantly turning the temperature down (I'm pregnant! I like it a little chilly in the house!), and then Neil is always right behind me turning it back up a few degrees. The Nest thermostat makes it so, so easy to control the climate in our home with the quick turn of a dial, or by one simple tap on the Vivint app. There's even an eco option that senses when there's no one home and eases up on the AC to save us money, and I can just switch it back on from my phone when we're headed back so it's nice and cool when we arrive!

best home security system vivint


I am so happy with how sleek all of the devices look in my home, too. Everything is minimal and modern, which is really amazing considering how many features we have at work protecting us. This doorbell enables me to see on camera who is at the front door, and I can even unlock it so they can come right in if I want to (or know if I don't need to come to the door right away, like if a package is being dropped off). It's kind of like voicemail for my front door if I'm not home, too–I can see who I missed! The Vivint doorbell camera also has the widest field of vision in its class, so even when the girls are ever playing in the front yard or on the porch, I can see them from my phone!

best home security system vivint

best home security system vivint


Arming our home every night before we go to sleep gives us such a peace of mind. There is nothing more calming than getting everyone tucked into bed and knowing that we have every resource we need right at our fingertips in case of an emergency. I ALWAYS tell babysitters too about this feature, because in a moment of panic most young girls aren't going to have any idea what our home address is or how to direct police, fire or ambulance to our home, but it's easy for them to walk over to the system and press and hold one button for a couple seconds before someone comes over the intercom and is calmly walking them through the emergency, and simultaneously sending emergency vehicles to our home.

best home security system vivint


Also if I haven't made a big enough deal about this yet, I LOVE that everything about the Vivint system can be accessed through my Vivint app too. I can't even describe how convenient it is to turn off lights, lock doors, and enable our alarms all while I'm laying in bed! I can also set temporary codes if we have a guest staying at our house.

best home security system vivint

Look at all of the different things I can monitor inside my home! I feel like this will only get handier as the girls get older. No teenagers sneaking out of our house! Ha!

best home security system vivint

best home security system vivint

Look at that cute face! Being able to peek in on the girls when they're playing upstairs is so much fun and makes getting things done in other parts of the house a breeze. They totally know they're on camera, too–I love it when they wave or make silly faces at the monitor! Using the app I can zoom in and out on my feed  and both ends have microphones, meaning I can have conversations with people in other areas of the house!

best home security system vivint

I think you'll end up surprised by how reasonably priced it is, and everything is installed by pros so you don't even have to stress about wiring and drilling holes. Not only are you saving yourself about $250 on the cost of a Nest thermostat, having a reliable security system in your home with all these little convenient bells and whistles will make your life easier AND you'll sleep better and feel more secure every time you tuck your loved ones in or leave your home whether it's for a few hours on a date or a few days on a vacation. Do you have a smart home/security system? Have you ever thought about getting a smart home?

Watch the video below to see our system in action and how life-changing these little conveniences are!!!

Video by Nate Javi Media.

Thanks Vivint for sponsoring this post! Although we partnered on this post, I have been a happy, paying customer for more than 8 years 🙂

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