friday favorites: mother’s day edition 2013

i am a gift girl. i love presents. i love giving them, i love getting them, i love any occasion you can use as an excuse to give and receive gifts! so for today’s friday favorites post, i decided to round up some of my favorite ideas for mother’s day gifts in a variety of price ranges and categories. all of these products ship free (if they’re from amazon and you aren’t a prime member, your order just has to total $25) and all are returnable. the amazon picks are tax free for 41/50 states too! if you’ve been procrastinating your m-day shopping, i’ve got your back. homie. 

under $25:

i found a really cute and feminine scarf on sale for $11.90. comes in 4 different colors. who doesn’t like a nice summer scarf? a nordstrom online exclusive. 

Sheer Fringed Scarf (Online Exclusive)

these pretty teardrop earrings and matching bracelet are on sale for 50% off! the earrings are $11.98 and the bracelet is $18.98. 

Drop Earrings

Stretch Bracelet

if you’ve not seen one of these in your mother’s kitchen, she needs this! if she cooks at ALL (like ever, even once a year) and she doesn’t own a microplane zester, this will CHANGE HER LIFE. perfect little tool for grating parmesan, zesting citrus, chocolate shavings, and it’s only $12.95. 

the barefoot contessa’s newest cookbook: foolproof.
no that’s not my caption, that’s the name of her new cookbook. and it really is foolproof. ina garten (author and owner of the barefoot contessa) is one of my only “foolproof” go-tos when it comes to recipes. i cannot tell you how many times i’ve wasted time and ingredients cooking something that flops. i trust my mom and i trust the barefoot contessa. anyone else is a gamble. ha. really though, this is an excellent gift for a mom who’s into cooking. on sale at amazon for $20.68.

under $50:

i was at nordys yesterday and saw this kate spade iphone 5 case and about fell over and died it was so cute. and it’s not like the other kate spade ones where the paint wears off on the edges. this one is silicon, stretches over and fits the phone like a glove, and offers more protection for the front screen. i had to practice a LOT of self control to not buy this for myself! $35, not on sale because it’s brand new BUT less than the other k.s. covers so i’m kind of counting it as a deal πŸ˜‰ comes in black & white or pink & white.

‘deborah dot’ iPhone 5 case

my favorite perfume of all time is on sale also on amazon. i don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this fresh, pretty smell. it’s a classic and you can’t go wrong with this one. 

under $100:
my husband bought me one of these a couple years ago for my birthday and i LOVE it. these babies will help clear up any weird skin funkiness and make your face feel like a baby’s bottom in a blink. they’re $120 everywhere else but on amazon the pink one is on sale for $95.99 and the white is on sale for $104.70. 

daddies, this deal is for you. if you’re buying for your wife or baby mama and she has a baby but she DOESN’T have this, i’m going to go ahead and say she NEEDS this. the ergo is my saving grace when i need to be hands free but baby girl wants to be held. i use it almost daily. don’t go fooling yourself by saying “she has a wrap” or “she has a sling” or heaven forbid, “she has one of those baby bjorn things.” sorry guys, this is totally and completely different. it’s kind of like saying, he has a flathead screw driver already, why would he need a phillips? did i just speak your language? good. i had to text my husband to ask him what the other kind was called, ha ha. but really, the ergo allows you to carry the weight of the baby on your hips and shoulders, unlike the bjorn which places all the burden on your shoulders. that works when they’re light as feathers, but the ergo will take you clear up to 40 lbs. LIFE SAVER. she needs one. seriously. on sale for just under $100 in camel and zebra:

over $100:
rose gold is so hot right now and i’m totally in love with this michael kors rose gold watch! on sale on amazon for $197.50 (reg $250). 

if you’re looking for a home-run with your mom and you want to go in on a gift with some siblings, or you’re feeling extra generous, or you have a baby mama who birthed one or more child of yours, here’s a deal on the iPad mini. last night one of my facebook friends posted that he was looking to buy a used iPad mini for his mom around $300 and i thought to myself, “i am sure i can find this guy a deal. especially for mother’s day. what a nice guy, buying an iPad mini for his mom! that’s it. it’s settled. i’m DEFINITELY finding this guy a deal,” was how the conversation went in my head. well some dude i’ve never met got me all fired up when he commented on this mutual friends’ status saying “apple never does deals on their products. unless you’re a teacher or it’s refurbished.” well guess what – tell me i CAN’T do something and you’ll just fuel my fire. at this point i had already found the deal but hey, guy who i’ve never met who said it can’t be done? look at what i just did:

free in-store pickup.
i hope this post helps anyone who couldn’t decide what to get their mom or baby mama and wanted to score a good deal on something really NICE! 

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Brittany R:

Thanks Lady! Little miss M's birthday is in two weeks. She has been begging for an ipad Mini….. maybe there will be one in her future!


Oh snap, I stand corrected. You win! =)

mint arrow:

ha ha! thanks sam. you were a good sport, letting me use you as my target.


Great finds Corriney!!


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