The Nordstrom Men’s Black Friday sale you CAN’T afford to miss!!!


Let’s hear it for the boys! There have been a lot of women’s fashion deals today, but how about one for the fellas! Is it just me or are men’s clothes expensive? This Nordstrom Black Friday Sale is one of the best times of the year to get the highest quality jeans, shirts and shoes for the best price.

Nordstrom is doing an insanely good Black Friday Sale that’s extremely rare because they’re offering an EXTRA 20% off select sale items! And it’s not just a few items, it’s a TON of amazing stuff!!!

I had my brother Stephen (who has WAY better taste than I do in men’s fashion) pick out the BEST from this sale. You can see everything he picked and read WHY he loves these favorites from the Men’s Nordstrom Black Friday Sale below. The good stuff tends to go quick so get it in your cart before somebody else does!

A new navy suit by Nordstrom for $239.51? I'll take three.
Nike comfort and reliability has always been at the top of my list when buying a new set of trainers.
PHENOMENAL shoe. I own the brown pair and they feel like/look like a new pair of shoes every time I put them on (if you polish them every few times you use them). They don't take long to break in either.
The Jacket can be worn with most formal wear underneath. I love how it is something that will keep you toasty while maintaining good style.
The wide collar and the color of this shirt grabbed my attention. Boss shirts are generally use great material as well. This one is on my list.
The shades come in two colors. I own the black pair. Love them. Not quite as long of lenses as the classic aviator, allowing the shades to be identified as a unique/stand out pair of Ray-Bans.
Black or white for this deal. I know I am one of many who is always needing more nike ankle socks.
I have bought a few of these before. and I have never been able to pay less than $375. Love the accent color and the overall look of the watch design!
I have always liked a classic pair of steve maddens. The design and color of these is something I would also wear as a utility shoe. Casual or formal.
Awesome casual wear for summertime or for your winter vacations to warm places. Because wearing your board shorts everywhere you during your vacation can get old.
Something that can be worn at a family gathering or going out with friends! Always nice to have something that could go either way.
Something sporty and warm. We never seem to have enough of these. Especially when cold weather hits.
Nike Basketball shorts are the most comfortable shorts. These are great for any pick up game or workout as well.
Another shirt that I would love to have for any sort of social or family event. The navy goes with most pants/shorts you will wear.
Good looking Under Armor pullover for working out or any outdoor activity during the cooler temperatures.
Cool two tone design for this nike pullover hoodie. I like having more hoodies than perhaps any sort of jacket because they can be worn in any casual setting if the temperature permits.

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