Sun Bum faves up to 30% OFF – we’re stocking up!

Quick Version: Right now get select Sun Bum sunscreen products are on sale up to 30% OFF HERE!

We're SO excited!! The absolute BEST sunscreen ever is on mega sale right now. We're OBSESSED with Sun Bum! Are you a browning lotion fan girl, too? We don't go to the pool without it. We don't go to the beach without it. Basically anywhere we go in a swimsuit, this sunscreen comes with us. And thanks to this smoking hot deal, we totally plan on stocking up!

Sun bum face mist
Face Mist

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Deal details

If you're wondering where to buy your Sun Bum sunscreen, you've come to the right place! Right now you can get select sun bum items for up to 30% OFF! This deal includes their browning lotion, sunscreen, even their tinted lip balms – ALL the best things!

The best and most popular products in this sale will go FAST, so let us tell you which ones are our faves so you can stock up before they disappear!

Why we love Sun Bum

Sun Bum is our very favorite sunscreen of all time EVER. We order this stuff every year online because it's SUPER hard to find our favorite SPF (15) that allows you to still get a tan, but stay protected, in-store. It's literally the perfect formula and that's why it's the best sunscreen in our opinion! You can get this on sale rn for only $12.94 (reg. $18.49)!

We swear by the sunscreen spray – We've never EVER burned with this stuff on, even when we've vacationed close to the equator in the Dominican Republic or Mexico and been in the hot sun for hours.

Corrine tends to get heat rash REALLY easily if she uses a sunscreen lotion and she's in very hot tropical climates, so the Sun Bum spray sunscreen also allows her skin to breathe while protecting it. This is a super duper RARE deal and we'll be stocking up big time so we can stay protected!

Also, when Corrine traveled to Maui a couple years ago she discovered the Sun Bum Cool Down Spray – it's HEAVENLY. It smells like a spa in the yummiest way and cools your body down with real aloe without feeling sticky or gross. It is currently on sale for less than $10! And if you're a die-hard mineral sunscreen person, they have super highly-rated mineral sunscreen that's part of today's sale, too- it's currently on sale for only $14.34 (reg. $20.49)!

sun bum products
Sun Bum Face Mist
SPF 15 spray sunscreen

What does Sun Bum smell like?

The Original Sun Bum sunscreens and lotions have a signature banana fragrance, which is honestly our FAVE and always gives us that sweet summer nostalgia! It's light and refreshing without being overpowering!

What's the Sun Bum browning lotion?

For the ladies who love to get TAN, the Sun Bum browning lotion is for you. This formula is made to protect, moisturize, and tan all at the same time. It basically accelerates the sun-triggered tanning process in your skin so you can get a quicker tan after laying out in the sun!

To ensure protection, Sun Bum suggests always applying an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen (like this one that's currently on sale for only $12.94 (reg. $18.49)) 10 minutes before applying the Natural Browning Lotion. But can you say summer glow? YES, please! Get the browning lotion on sale today for only $16.57 (reg. $18.49)!

sun bum lotion

Are Sun Bum's products reef safe?

Sun Bum has a whole statement on their website about this – but they're clear that all their products are reef friendly. In short, there's not a way to know if sunscreens are 100% safe for the reefs, but they've been super adamant about making sure their products have 0 ingredients that are questionable for us or the planet. (Grateful for this!!)

It's so comforting to know that when you apply any of Sun Bum's products, you aren't applying any harmful ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, retinyl palmitate, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde.

sun bum browning lotion
FROM: 7 Top Rated Beach Favorites
Photos by Arielle Levy

Here comes the sun

We don't know how long this deal will last, so make sure to add to cart ASAP! Like we mentioned earlier, the good stuff's going to go fast, so you'll want to stock up ASAP and be ready for those summer rays while these faves are on sale for up to 30% OFF!

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