doterra dominican republic trip recap: how people make money with doterra, healing hands foundation, and january’s exclusive diffuser deal

doterra dominican republic incentive trip

We just got back a few days ago from the doTERRA incentive trip to the Dominican Republic and my mind has finally had a few days to settle down and sort through all the incredible experiences we had and people we met and things we learned.

First of all, I knew doTERRA as a company did amazing things like providing clean water for people in Haiti, and matching donations dollar-for-dollar for the Nepal earthquake relief, but it was really cool to physically take part in the healing hands foundation where we helped assemble hundreds of bikes and wheelchairs and school supplies for remote communities in the Dominican Republic. 800 people who were ON VACATION overflowed the resort ballroom to help all day long with these service projects.

It was absolutely, hands down, the highlight of our trip.

doterra healing hands doterra healing hands

Neil and I have been pretty quiet about the business side of doTERRA, but a little over a year ago, he lost his job and we weren’t sure what to do. Yes, the job for which we moved our entire family down to California. After months of job searches, interviews that dead-ended, and major heartache, we decided to give the doTERRA business a go.

We jumped into doTERRA’s business side full-force since we really knew the oils worked. We’d had so many powerful experiences using the oils to better our health and seen so many lives changed from people we knew using the oils that it was an easy yes for us.

I had this conversation with my mom just last night that kind of illustrates an example of what I mean:

Mom: so, does doTERRA cure cancer?
me: No, doTERRA doesn’t cure cancer. BUT doTERRA has done amazing things with providing emotional healing and pain relief while they’re going through cancer treatments.

Here’s a pretty cool story of another doTERRA wellness advocate who volunteered by giving people relief while going through cancer treatments.

doterra frankincense

Once we got past the fear of sharing with others and just embraced what we knew worked, it was incredible the response we got from people who started using the oils because we were willing to share with them. We’ve shared the oils with hundreds of people and not ONE has come back saying, “this stuff doesn’t work.” And if they did, doTERRA has a 100% money-back guarantee. Or so I’ve heard, but we’ve never had to use it 😉

Although it’s by no means an easy, totally passive way to create an income (yes you have to work for it!) it doesn’t feel like work. It’s amazing how sharing something that instantly helps people with their health and wellness can also afford your family financial freedom, the ability to stay at home, work from ANYWHERE, and help other people live that same lifestyle.

This is the view from our room, my “office” last week, on the all-expense paid trip for doTERRA’s top performers.

doterra dominican republic incentive trip 2016

So today on my periscope at 1 p.m. PST (follow me @mintarrow to get a notification when we go live!) we’ll be doing a brief overview of how people make money in doTERRA, more about the healing hands foundation, and a live Q&A on either of these topics for anyone who wants to know more! You’ll literally be able to type in questions live in the chat box during the broadcast to ask us anything about doTERRA.

We’ll also have a coupon code during the periscope broadcast that allows anyone who wants to sign up here for our January offer of a free diffuser and $100 in free oils! Read all the details of that deal here.
*update: you can watch the replay here for 24 hours and still use the code!

And lastly, as promised last week, here are my outfit details from the trip!

doterra dominican republic incentive trip 2016

small straw hat // bandeau one-piece swimsuit – the dominican republic’s ocean there is sooooo blue and beautiful!

doterra dominican republic incentive trip 2016

straw hat // black swimsuit

doterra dominican republic incentive trip 2016

small straw hat // stripe scarf // tan one piece

doterra dominican republic incentive trip 2016

See you guys at 1 p.m. PST on periscope to chit-chat live about doTERRA.

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