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Quick version: Today is the LAST DAY to register for the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp! Not sure if it’s right for you? Find out by taking this quiz.

If you've been around for a long time, you know how deeply I feel about this topic and helping people find solutions. If you're brand new, welcome! I hope you'll feel safe and welcome along with a lot of hope as you read through this post. What I'm about to share is the culmination of the self-development work I've been doing for the past 12 years, all of the hours of research and reading and practicing and helping coach others through their journey with codependency. All of the pain and heartbreak and loneliness and isolation and crazy-feeling of codependency that I endured for many years that felt utterly hopeless FINALLY means something. If you've been feeling any of those things, keep reading. I hope and I believe I can help.

becoming codafree bootcamp

What is codafree?

When I set out to do this work, to help people with codependency, I didn't want my efforts to be centered on a negative label: how not to be something. Instead, I felt really called and led to find a word that would embody the opposite of codependency. But not just the opposite, an EMPOWERING and freeing word. Something I could strive for everyday and help others identify the true principles of as well.

I studied and researched and puzzle-pieced words and pondered and prayed and studied some more and kept searching and searching for the perfect word, until one afternoon just a couple weeks ago, God finally helped this word come to my mind, clear as day:


Codafree means freedom from codependency. It means not being weighed down by problems that you can't solve, but living in a state of freedom and peace. It means learning to be okay even when everything, or everyone else, isn't okay. It's a power word and it means you take your peace back.

There's a lot to codependency, and therefore there's a lot to being codafree.

On my Instagram account, I taught for an entire month, the whole month of May 2023, about what codependency is and some tips on how to overcome it. What I learned from this teaching series was:
a) You can't teach in depth in just 60-90 second Instagram reels enough to really help people learn everything they need to know to understand codependency
b) There were SO MANY PEOPLE who had follow-up questions, wanted to learn more, and were ready to do the work to get better.

I realized after teaching this month-long series that God had called me to teach on this topic, something I'd painstakingly worked at for so many years, and help other people find the same peace and freedom I had, but in less time. I knew I needed to empower other people who were willing to put time and effort into the self-development work of becoming codafree.

Becoming Codafree Bootcamp is that place where I'm going to teach you how to become codafree, if that's what you want to be.

How does it work?

So what does that mean to become codafree? How am I going to teach these principles to you?

In 10 private podcast episodes, I'm going to hang out with you for about 30 minutes per lesson and teach you the basics of not only what codependency is, but how to become the opposite of codependent, or codafree.

I named it a bootcamp against conventional wisdom in the world of courses and online offerings. “Don't call it ‘hard work' or no one will sign up!” some people said. Others have said, “don't make it seem hard, make it sound easy!” But I know better. This isn't easy stuff. It IS work. But the payoff, oh man. The payoff is a totally new way to live, a new way to handle hard things that feel out of control, a new way to see the world, a new way to step into peace and freedom from the out-of-control circumstances that feel impossible to break away from!

Who is this for?

This program is for anyone who is tired of being codependent, or who wants to overcome codependent behaviors and tendencies and instead get REALLY good at living codafree!

Here's a few examples of who Becoming Codafree Bootcamp is for:

  • If you run circles around people you love to keep them from drowning, this might be for you.
  • If you’ve become WAY too good at detective work of constantly checking up on or “watching out for” another adult in your life, a spouse or an adult child maybe, this might be for you.
  • If you’re always the person who “figures things out” or rushes to keep the peace when other people around you are a mess or upset or out of control, this might be for you.

    There are many other ways codependency may be showing up in your life. Here's a quiz to help you figure out where you're at with codependency:

Take the quiz:

Let's find out…

Who is it not for?

This bootcamp is not the right fit (YET) for someone who has super recently found out their spouse is lying to them and living a double life. Someone whose trauma is super fresh, and they feel like they’re emotionally in the ICU just trying to survive. For right now, get a lot of love and support to surround you. Lean on friends and family and professional help if you can, and come back when you feel ready to do the work. When you're out of the ICU and your heart is ready for “physical therapy” emotionally, this will be a much better fit.

*Also, not everyone is a codependent!*

You’re probably not very codependent if:

  • You’re okay with other people being mad at you.
  • You aren’t looking for validation from others around you – you’re super solid in your true source of validation.
  • You have good, healthy boundaries that allow you to say no when you need to.
  • You can be happy even when others around you aren’t. If someone else is in a bad mood or angry or sad, you’re okay to let them feel their feelings while you feel your own.
breaking free from codapendency

What does it cost?

We have two tiers of the bootcamp, one includes just the BASICS in a 10-episode audio course, that you can listen to just like a podcast! The other tier is the full bootcamp with the audio course for you to start with, and then 10 video workshops with worksheets that you'll use to put pen to paper and DO THE WORK. Plus the full bootcamp includes LOTS of bonuses to help you along your codafree journey. See all the details here.

I also want you to know I did a TON of market research and evaluating and consulting people who have been doing this kind of work for years, and the value of what we offer in the bootcamp far exceeds the price. I know this bootcamp won't be for everyone. I ALSO know that when something is too cheap, like a $15 gym membership, it's really easy to blow off or skip and not feel too bad about it. I really want the people who sign up for this bootcamp to be invested, to DO THE WORK, because that work will = major results.

How much would you be willing to invest in a college course if your local university was offering a class on Overcoming Codependency in a 20-week semester with open enrollment? Or how much would you be willing to invest in 20 sessions of therapy to work on codependency?

This bootcamp is an investment in self-development.

What if it doesn't work, can I get a refund?

Yes. We are offering a peace of mind MONEY-BACK guarantee.

If you listen to the private podcast episodes, come to the live trainings, fill out the worksheets, do the work, and you don't get anything out of this, then I will give you your money back. That's how absolutely confident I am that if you DO THE WORK, you will get results. You will get codafree living. You will change, and you will change for the better.

Recovery is free

Another very important note: recovery is free. The answer really is FREE. If you cannot afford to enroll in this bootcamp (and even if you can!) you can google “12-step meeting near me” or use this meeting locator for a free meeting at my church and find a 12-step meeting almost anywhere in the world that you can attend in-person for free, find a sponsor, do the steps, and really truly find the same solution that both my husband and I found in doing the steps.

Is this the same thing as the 12-steps

The Becoming Codafree Bootcamp is not the same thing as the 12-steps. I highly, highly recommend doing the steps AND the bootcamp whenever you can. This is NOT a replacement for the steps. This bootcamp can be done before, during, or after you've done a 12-step program.

What I'll be teaching and leading you through in the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp is totally different than what you'll do if you do the 12-steps, although many of the same truths and principles (like hope and honesty) will be discussed.

Most people I know who have worked the 12-steps for codependency end up doing a LOT of further self-development work in studying codependency, learning about it, teaching others about it, and continually striving to live free of it.

This Becoming Codafree Bootcamp is my way of teaching you everything I've learned in 12 years of working on my codependency, but in a faster more efficient way.


We are offering 4 big bonuses, and these were crafted with ONE question in mind: what else did I really need or want or wish for when I was going through my early days of working on codependency? What was I googling? What could I have really used as I was trying to apply the principles of not being codependent, or what we now know is called becoming codafree.

  • Weekly affirmation texts specifically centered around the principles of living codafree. This will be a little reminder in your pocket that you can do it! And this is how.
  • Bonus meditation podcast episodes in the private podcast: meditation can be SO POWERFUL. I utilized a lot of meditations while I was working on my codependency, but could never find anything that specifically helped with exactly what I was working on. You'll get these meditations as a free bonus in the bootcamp.
  • My master list of healthy boundaries: I searched like crazy for something like this and could never find anything that fit this need! When we do the work on boundaries, I'll give you a master list of healthy boundary examples that you can use to create boundaries that apply to your own life.
  • My codafree playlist: you know how much your whole mood changes with music, right?! If you have a playlist for working out, it's likely very different than the playlist you might use to wind down or relax. This codafree playlist (that I'm exclusively only sharing with my becoming codafree bootcampers) is one I've been working on for a long time and it ALWAYS gives me a little boost of, “hey, I can do this! I don't have to live in codependency. I can let go. I can be free.” I'll share this little treasure that I've kept to myself, with you if you're in the bootcamp.
becoming codafree bootcamp

What kind of things will I be learning in the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp?

You'll be learning first the basics of what codependency vs. living codafree looks like. Here are some examples of the things I'll be teaching you:
– the first things you need to do to stop codependency
– how to create and keep healthy boundaries
– how to be more decisive and why that matters
– what healthy self care looks like and why you need it
– how to get un-stuck from old ruts

opposite of codependent

Where can I sign up?!

The doors to our Becoming Codafree Bootcamp are OPEN but not for much longer! You can secure your spot through midnight today, Friday June 30th! So if you've been on the fence, today is the day to join us in taking your next step toward becoming codafree.

And remember, when you enroll today you'll unlock our founder's pricing rate, which is the absolute lowest price we'll offer for the Becoming Codafree Bootcamp!

I can't wait to walk you through your journey in becoming codafree!!!

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