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It's coming on Christmas. And QUICK! We're about a week away from the big day and that means we're going to run out of shopping days soon! This is one of my MOST requested posts of the holiday season and it's for all the dudes out there that need just a little help when it comes to gifting their lady. So read this list, check it twice, and then send this to your spouse with your favorite gifts for YOU!!!

Go ahead. SEND THIS TO YOUR SPOUSE. I'll even draft the email for you: 

Hey Babe, 
The following is a list of approved Christmas gifts that will arrive by Christmas Eve! I really like numbers    and     . And would really love     . 

Just insert the numbers of the gifts you love and viola! guaranteed wins for him and NO after Christmas returns for you!

1. Pom Pom beanie –  I cannot get enough pom pom beanies. I'm OBSESSED. This one comes in three pretty colors and it's under $50!
2. Leather satchel – I've had my eye on this pretty bag for years! Love the look but not the price? This satchel is super pretty too for $64.95!
3. Glitter blow dryer – powerful AND beautiful? Yes please Santa!! This set is so nice for the girl who loves all things that glitter and especially if she loves a good round brush blowout.
4. Gold suitcase – super highly rated and super pretty luggage – the only problem for me is deciding between the gold and pink!!
5. Sunglasses – every time I wear these in my stories people flip out over them! They're such a good investment piece that I've loved for years now, but these are super cute dupes too! 
6. Jelly sandals – if you're headed somewhere warm or even if you just love flip flops for when the weather gets warm, these are a really fun splurge gift! Neil got these for me for my birthday and I've worn them like crazy. These are a really cute option too for under $100!
7. Gold apple watch – I don't know if you've seen the newest gold stainless steel apple watch but it. is. BEAUTIFUL. It's for sure at the top of my list! If you like a little heavier more traditional looking watch you'll love this one. If you want lighter and less expensive, for sure go with the aluminum!
8. Ugg gloves – Give me all the Ugg things! These are on my wishlist for sure!  Super cozy and touchscreen compatible-so you can ‘gram your snow day without taking off your gloves! 
9. Rose gold tote – if you've been following my blog for 5 minutes you know of my undying love for this light as a feather versatitle tote bag, and this new rose gold hue is INCREDIBLE. Any woman would love this!
10. Nordy girl phone case – such a fun little phone case for the girl who loves Nordstrom like it's her second home.
​11. Ugg slippers – I tried on all the ugg slippers and THESE were the very comfiest of them all. Something about the knit top makes them stretchy and extra comfy cozy!!
12. Makeup mirror – I swear by this and love it so much, I re-bought it after my kids broke my first one. It's a game changer for putting on your makeup and having it look the same as when you step out into natural light! You can even use a feature where you take a picture of the lighting where ever you work or a place you frequent, and have the mirror give you the same lighting for when you're doing your makeup. GENIUS.

 Remember all the gifts arrive by Christmas Eve if he buys them now! So send this to your Santa Baby ASAP!!!

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