The ultimate stocking stuffer gift guide for men and women!

Quick Version: our roundup of the best stocking stuffers for him & her to make it easy for you!

Shopping for stocking stuffers can sometimes be that extra holiday task that just seems overwhelming, amirite?! To make it easier for you so you can spend more time enjoying your family this season, we rounded up the best stocking stuffers for both men and women in this guide! All you have to do is click add to cart, purchase and they'll show up right on your doorstep. Let's dive into our gift recs!

lip balm

For Her

Lip Balm it cosmetics
  1.  Travel Jewlery Box: This small but mighty jewelry travel case is designed to keep her favorite jewelry safe, organized, and accessible on the go. The soft velvet interior keep everything in place, preventing them from tangling or scratching, while the compact size fits easily into her purse or travel bag. Plus it has a built-in mirror!
  2.  Electric Candle Lighter: This innovative lighter is incredible practicality, but looks sleek and pretty too! With its upgraded LED battery display, you'll always know when it's time for a quick recharge. Plus, the safety switch ensures peace of mind, making it safe to use around the house. It's windproof and uses a flameless plasma technology! It's a stocking stuffer that will light (ha!) up her holiday season.
  3. Crave Detangling Brush: This hair brush is detangling wizard! Whether hair is natural, curly, straight, wet, or dry, this brush effortlessly glides through knots and tangles, leaving your hair smooth and manageable. It's the perfect size to slip into a stocking!
  4. The Five Minute Journal: This journal is the perfect gift to help kickstart 2024 with gratitude, reflection, and intention. With just five minutes a day, she can shift your focus to the positives in life, set meaningful intentions, and track her personal growth journey. It's a thoughtful present that keeps giving throughout the year!
  5. IT cosmetics lip balm: This lip treatment is going to blow her mind! It has a magical quality that transforms into your perfect shade of pink when applied, giving you a natural flush customized with your skin tone. Our whole team tried this product and it showed up beautifully BUT differently on each person! It's very hydrating and feels like you’re wearing chapstick, but looks like the prettiest lipstick.
  6.  Gel Pens: These gel pens are a practical gift, but they are also super pretty too! The sleek and minimalist design, combined with the 0.5mm fine point, are a fun and useful item to give.
  7.  Scalp Massager: This scalp scrubber, equipped with soft silicone bristles, is a game-changer for maintaining a healthy scalp. It gently exfoliates, helping to remove dandruff and impurities, while also stimulating blood circulation to encourage hair growth. Use it to get a good scalp deep clean, or use it dry for a scalp massage. A self-care gift she most likely doesn't have!
  8.  Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case: This crossbody phone case is compatible with the latest iPhone 14, and creates a chic but useful way to carry your phone! Plus, it's a wallet too. It has slots for cards, cash, and essentials, making it an amazing on-the-go accessory.
  9.  Shower Bombs: Each of these eucalyptus-infused shower steamers is a mini bath bomb that releases soothing aromatherapy scents! These are perfect to drop in the shower and unwind or escape from the stresses of the day. They're great for days when she needs a pick-me-up!
  10.  Barefoot Dreams Socks: These socks are soooo cozy. Like bananas cozy. And who doesn't love a pair of incredibly soft socks?! Whether she's lounging at home, sipping cocoa by the fire, or simply winding down after a long day, these socks will become her go-to.

For Him

carhart beanie
  1. Carhart Beanie: Looking for a stocking stuffer that is always a hit? This beanie is perfect for your outdoor enthusiast or the guy who just loves a solid blend of comfort and durability. Plus, this brand is super high quality so you can trust this will last for many seasons after.
  2.  Ray Ban Sunglasses: This is a total classic and totally unisex style that has been our Ray-Ban go-to pair of sunglasses for forever. They make such a great gift because they are absolutely timeless and look good on just about everybody!
  3. Multi Tool: This multi tool is the perfect ‘just in case' for the car, the great outdoors, or that pesky drawer that's full of ‘someday I'll need this.' Ideal for dads, boyfriends, husbands, and grandpas – really, any guy!
  4. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge: This nifty little gadget is the perfect stocking stuffer for the car buff, the daily commuter, or the weekend road-tripper. With a backlit LCD for those not-so-bright situations and four settings that cater to cars, trucks, and bicycles, it’s like gifting him a pit crew in the palm of his hand!
  5.  Meat Thermometer: Slide this meat thermometer into his stocking and watch his grill game go from ‘good' to ‘gourmet'! Fast, accurate, and oh-so-easy to use, this waterproof wonder is the secret ingredient to perfectly cooked meats every time. It has a backlight for those late-night cookouts and a calibration feature to keep things precise.
  6.  3 Pack Stance Socks: Step up his sock game with these socks! They are suuuper high quality and have nearly 3800+ perfect 5 star ratings. Stuffed in his stocking, they'll be a gift that's as fun to receive as it is to wear.
  7.  Man Bar Soap: This trio of masculine-scented soaps smell amazing! Each bar is free from harmful chemicals and suitable to all skin types. Made right here in the USA, these soaps are a splash of homegrown luxury! (The trio is currently unavailable but you can buy them individually here)
  8.  Stanley Ice Flow: These tumbler are insanely durable, have a leak-proof flip top, and come in lots of color combos! It will keep his drink icy cold or piping hot for hours. We love that this fits in a car cup holder too!
  9.  Meat Shredder Claws: Ready for perfectly pulled pork, shredded chicken, or beef that falls apart just right? These meat-shredding claws are the kitchen tool he never knew he needed. Toss them into his stocking and prep yourself for a delicious meal soon to come!
  10.  Beard Bib: Say goodbye to that annoying sink-side stubble! This nifty apron is the perfect stocking stuffer, and a gift that keeps on giving to BOTH of you. Seriously, he'll love the easy clean up and you'll love no longer running into those pesky sink hairs.
man baar

Happy stocking!

And that's a wrap on our stocking stuffer roundup! We hope this gift guide made it suuuper easy for you and took the guessing our of stocking stuffer gifting. Wanting more gift guides? You can view all of our 2023 holiday gift guides here!

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