Best gifts for your mother-in-law + father-in-law!

Quick version: these are the best gifts for your in-laws this year!

Let’s be real, sometimes your in-laws can be the trickiest family members to gift shop for. Rather than guessing what to get your in-laws for the holidays, we put together an amazing list of gift ideas for your mother-in-law + father-in-law that'll save you the shopping stress. Let’s get started – check out our full gift guide below!

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In laws Gift Guide
  1. Saranoni Blanket: Our love for Saranoni blankets is WELL established at this point. They are the softest blankets we've ever felt in our whole entire lives and we really just think everyone needs one (or 4 or 6!) of these!
  2. Legacy Journal: This is such a sweet gift for your in-laws. This beautifully designed journal is an opportunity to capture and preserve the stories and wisdom of generations. You can create a space for them to share their unique life journey, impart valuable life lessons, and create a lasting family treasure!
  3. Digital Picture Frame: Picture frames may seem like an old and overused in-law gift idea – but this tech-enabled picture frame displays all the memories, seriously! From pictures of the grandchildren, to vacations, to all kinds of special fun times, it's something everyone in the family can contribute to. This is such a thoughtful gift that your in-laws will be grateful to have for years to come.
  4. Ancestry DNA: This is the ultimate gift for anyone curious about their heritage and personal genetic traits. This comprehensive DNA test not only reveals your ancestry and ethnic origins but also provides fascinating insights into your unique genetic makeup. It's a chance for your loved ones to uncover their family history, understand the cultural tapestry that makes them who they are, and discover hidden genetic traits that may have been passed down through generations!
  5. Always Pan 2.0: You’ve DEFINITELY seen this while scrolling through Insta, but it’s an amazing gift that your in-laws will LOVE. This do-it-all wonder pan was made to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware (eight essentials!) so you can do a ton with it (and always use it!). It boils pasta super quick, we love that it comes with a strainer, and it’s surprisingly lightweight. Make it an especially personalized gift with your favorite recipe attached!
  6. Rocking Outdoor Chair: Do your in-laws love the great outdoors? This camping chair combines comfort and convenience, making it an essential addition to their outdoor adventures. Its innovative rocking design allows them to relax in style, whether they're by the campfire, at the beach, or simply enjoying their backyard. Plus it has a built-in cup holder!
  7. Puzzle Board: With its generous size and built-in lazy susan spinning feature, this puzzle board makes tackling even the most intricate puzzles a breeze! The six spacious drawers provide a neat and organized space to store puzzle pieces, and they can pick up right where they left off whenever they please. This puzzle is a wonderful way for them to unwind and enjoy quality time together.
  8. Tabletop Scrabble Board: This Scrabble set is the classic game they have always loved but with a touch of sophistication! It not only adds fun to their family game nights but also serves as a stunning piece of decor in their home. It's the perfect way to bond with family members during the holiday season!
  9. Grilling Set: This comprehensive grill set includes all the essential tools from spatulas and tongs to a basting brush and skewers. They can enjoy hassle-free grilling and create delicious barbecue dishes for family gatherings and holiday celebrations. It also includes an aluminum carrying case ensuring that their tools stay organized and protected!
  10. Ninja Creami: This TikTok viral dessert machine is seriously genius. Make your own at home desserts in actual minutes – we're talking ice cream, sorbet, gelato, smoothie bowls, and most importantly lately – DELICIOUS protein ice cream that tastes actually SO creamy it doesn't even taste slightly healthy. It's truly SUPER hard to find right now but we found it in stock and on sale here for $30 off, so make sure to scoop it up for your in-laws (HA) it up while you can!
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Christmas gifts your in-laws will LOVE!

Your in-laws have already given you your BEST gift ever (aka your spouse!!) so we hope you find the PERFECT gifts for them on this list. Finding the best gifts for your mother-in-law and father-in-law has probably been tricky in the past, so we hope this inspiration's made this year a lot easier!

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