2022 Christmas gifts for kids, toddlers, & babies!

Quick version: These are all the BEST Christmas gifts for kids in 2022, separated by age!

Calling all Santas, Mrs. Clauses, aunties, uncles, grandparents, and parents! It's that time of year where you start scratching your head trying to figure out perfect presents for the wide variety of sweet kiddos in your life. It can be hard to find Christmas gifts for kids that are perfectly age-appropriate! You want them to be able to open their gift, enjoy it right away, and hopefully not grow out of it for a good long while. That's where our gift guide by age comes in!

Not only are these super cute gifts that you won’t hate looking at for the next year, but they're the highest rated. They're the best gifts that'll actually get played with over and OVER. They're the ones your kids are hoping Santa will bring them, all broken down by age ranges to give you an easy-as-pecan-pie time with your holiday planning.

babies and kids gift guide christmas
Play kitchen
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christmas gift ideas for babies 0-1

Baby Gift Guide

  1. Teething Blocks: These silicone stacking blocks are the perfect teething toy that doubles as a great educational toy, too! Only $19.99 with over 11,000 reviews of almost all 5-star ratings.
  2. Bike: If you have a one year old who's in the beginning stages of walking, this is the perfect gift! This safe and durable balance bike comes in tons of cute colors! It helps develop balance, teaches coordination, and promotes confidence. It's a bestseller and there's no doubt why!
  3. Play Mat: This beautiful neutral baby play mat is ultra plush and collapses like a piece of cake for easy storage! Perfect 5-star reviews with people raving how cute and functional this baby product is in their homes. Don't sleep on this gift idea!
  4. Wooden Carrot Montessori Toy: Match seven different sizes of wooden carrots with the different holes – such a fun activity for a one year old! Great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Not to mention how cute this game is! Only $15!
  5. Stacking Cups: These cute, colorful Danish cups are fun for your baby to look at, stack, organize or destroy. They're a simple toy that all kids ages 1-3 can play with! There are a few different cute color sets to choose from. Only $14.99!
  6. Instruments: A super fun set of musical instruments that'll keep your one, two, or three year old entertained and occupied! Your tiny musicians will have fun shaking, tapping, beating, and blowing instruments. Plus, they're very aesthetic-looking with the wood!
  7. Walking Toy: This clack alligator push toy is a darling gift idea for a new walker! Almost 900 five-star reviews with so many people raving about how durable and sturdy this walker is compared to a lot of the plastic walkers on the market. Also, it's incredibly cute and on sale for $51 right now!
  8. Bath Toy: This toy brings all the fun in the tub! This whale lights up and sprays water and is the perfect gift for any of your kids that need a little more fun in the bathtub! Almost 4,500 reviews of people raving about it too!

YOUR baby gift ideas

kids gift guide 2-4 year old gifts

2 to 4-Year-Old Gift Guide

  1. Drawing Board: This tablet doodle board is an amazing tool for keeping your kids quiet and still… at least for a few precious minutes! This doodle board has over 18,000 five-star reviews. No mess, no problem. These will entertain your little ones if you're traveling, running errands, or in a church meeting. A great price point at just over $20!
  2. Truck Set: If you have toddler boys, look no further for a holiday gift. Your little guy will be in heaven with this truck set! Lights, sounds, and a bunch of different vehicles to play with – the perfect gift for only $29!
  3. Baby Stroller + Baby Doll: Calling all mini “mommies”! This doll canopy stroller is to die for. The colors and style are so cute and stylish and perfect to push around this darling baby doll! It's soft for snuggles and has a pacifier that attaches magnetically. This is a great duo gift!
  4. Play Kitchen: There's so many play kitchens on the market, but so many are tacky or low quality. This one is clean, white and just so classy. It also includes a 27-piece cooking set! This is a gift that sparks so much creativity and imagination. On sale for $111!
  5. T-ball set: If your little guy's into all things “balls” and is starting to love sports, this t-ball set is great for indoors or outdoors and gets your kids excited as they learn more about sports! Over 18,000 5-star reviews and only $13!
  6. Scooter: A scooter with light up wheels – now that's cool! These Radio Flyer scooters are indestructible and are great quality. This scooter helps your 3-year-old and up to learn to steer and balance. It's such a fun activity that so many little kids love! Only $42 right now!
  7. Tools Set: Spark imaginative play with this darling wooden tool box and accessory play set! Perfect reviews and a toy that'd be great for any little kid who loves to “build” or pretend to fix things. Super high quality and only $22!
  8. Vet Play Set: If you're looking for an interactive toy for your toddler this year, this vet play set is it! All of the parts are very durable and well-made. This will entertain and occupy, which is what we love at this age!
  9. Roller Coaster: Bring the amusement park home! This ride-on roller coaster is every toddler's dream and will be used for hours and hours, day after day. This has thousands of amazing reviews! Corrine's getting this for Harry for Christmas this year, after seeing it at a friend's house over the summer. Both Millie and Harry were absolutely obsessed with it!

YOUR 2-4 year old gift ideas

kids gift guide

5 to 7-Year-Old Gift Guide

  1. Magic Mixies Crystal Ball: This is a SUPER popular gift that'll likely start selling out soon! For your magic-loving kids, this crystal ball is so fun and interactive. When you wave your wand, the crystal ball will react and REAL magic will happen. On sale for $69!
  2. Camera: Christmas gifts for kids that end up being used for years are the best kind. And kids think it's seriously the coolest thing to take their own pictures and see them digitally – it doesn't get boring as they age! Start their photography career off with this little kids' digital camera with sky high reviews.
  3. Tonie Box: This is an activity for kids who are fans of music, stories, and Disney's movie “Frozen”! Great for education, play and even bedtime stories!!
  4. Space Lego Set: Kids who love imaginative play and building things will love this gift!
  5. Weaving loom and loops: If you're going on a road trip, running errands, or even sitting in church, this activity is perfect when you need to entertain your kids for a longer period of time! It's quiet and they get to learn a new skill.
  6. Keyboard Piano: This pink keyboard – are we kidding?! This super cute keyboard piano is perfect if you have a child who loves music and wants to learn more. On sale for $79!
  7. Roller Skates: An active gift, like a pair of skates, is always a good idea! Your kids will have fun roaming and skating the sidewalks around your home! Not to mention a great way to get their energy out.
  8. Hover Soccer Ball Set: Some of the best Christmas gifts for kids are the ones the whole family can enjoy – and this game is just that! Instead of a regular soccer ball there's a cool hover ball that glides on any surface. And this material won't harm your children or furniture, so indoor soccer is always an option!!

YOUR 5-7 year old gift ideas

Happy shopping!

Hopefully these Christmas gifts for kids, toddlers, and babies give you an idea of what to add to cart for all the little ones on your list this December! It can be so daunting to shop for kids of all ages, but you've got this with all of these great gift ideas compiled!! And make sure to follow us on Instagram for MORE gift guides this holiday season!

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  1. What great ideas for gifts for kids. I love the idea of giving the kids experiences as gifts. Creating special memories is the best kind of gift. Thank you so much for sharing this fantastic list of gifts for kids.

    Wendy R Thomas

  2. You have a cool list of gift ideas in your post. I like the items, too! I’m a fan of gifts that develop our kid’s mind and creativity and I always search for fun things that can do this. And then there’s your post! Thank you for this! I’m excited to try these. I hope my kids will love and enjoy my gifts.

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