Send this to your spouse: top gifts for her!! 

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s going to be here before we know it! This is one of my MOST requested posts of the holiday season and it's for all the spouses out there that need just a little help when it comes to the best gifts for their person. So read this list, check it twice, and then send this to your spouse with the “Top Christmas gifts for her…” AKA, you!!!

Send this to your spouse

Go ahead. SEND THIS TO YOUR SPOUSE. I'll even draft the wish list email for you: 

Hey Babe, 
The following is a list of approved Christmas gifts that'll arrive by Christmas Eve! I really like the ____ and ____ . And would really love ____. 

Just insert what you think are the very best gift ideas and voila! Guaranteed wins and NO after Christmas returns for you!

gifts for her 2022
UGG Robe
UGG Slippers

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In a hurry? Shop my picks below:

womens gift ideas - kitchen and cooking

#1: Gifts for her – kitchen lovers edition

  1. Salt & Pepper Shakers: I’ve had these salt and pepper shakers for quite a while and absolutely love them. This is such a great gift for someone who “has everything in their kitchen,” because I guarantee they'll still love these! They look very nice and will last forever.
  2. Kettle: This has been popping up everywhere so I really wanted to try it out, especially while I’m drinking Perk Chill every night to alleviate my restless leg syndrome from pregnancy. It’s been so easy and convenient to make every night with this kettle, plus it’s super pretty to set out on the counter. As we’re entering winter season and for whatever warm yummy drink you prefer, this is amazing! 
  3. Mug: This huggable mug is just so cute and I love how ergonomically it’s designed so you can hug your cup and keep your hands warm if it’s a chilly night. 
  4. Milk Frother: This milk frother is a unique gift but it really is a game changer. If you’ve never made hot chocolate with a milk frother before, I promise your life will be changed!! Especially if you’re blending something powdered like Perk or hot cocoa, it just blends it all together so perfectly so there’s never any weird chunks left behind. It makes mixing hot drinks so seamless and easy! This one has 3 settings and it's VERY powerful. I've never used a frother that works this well – it makes your drink DREAMY-creamy!
  5. Always Pan + Perfect Pot: The two other chefs I know best and gift to most often who are obsessed with the kitchen have LOVED the Our Place Always Pan and they use it a ton. So if you’ve already received that in the last year or two for Christmas or Mother's Day, then this year you can get the Our Place Perfect Pot! You'll love it just as much!
  6. Cheese Board: Charcuterie cheese boards have been super popular the last few years, and especially butter boards right now! For anyone who loves entertaining and hosting, I feel like you can never have too many boards to display your food on and this one is beautiful! 

And if you want a smaller gift, anything from the brand GIR is amazing. I’ve bought things for my mom and sister who are huge cooks from this line and they absolutely love everything! 

le creuset salt and pepper shakers
kitchen gifts
electric kettle
handwarmer mug
comfy gift ideas for women

#2 The Comfy Cozy Connoisseur

  1. Vuori Joggers: I gave these to all the women in my family last year for Christmas and they were all obsessed! I wear mine almost every day with this pregnancy because they’re so comfy but these also are so cute and make you feel more put together. They’re cozy like pajamas without looking like pajamas. The best kind of outfit in my opinion! 
  2. Barefoot Dream Socks: These socks are really dreamy, like a cozy throw blanket for your feet!! THE BEST.
  3. UGG Robe: This is maybe the most perfect robe I’ve ever put on. I discovered it this summer during the Anniversary Sale and I’m obsessed. The length is perfect, it’s not too hot, you can easily push the sleeves up to wash your face or hands without them getting wet. It’s stretchy, it’s cozy, it’s amazing. 
  4. UGG Slippers: This is just a super classic gift and I feel like someone who’s already obsessed with theirs could always use a new fresh pair every year or couple years. Also, as a newer trending alternative, the Tazz slippers were made super popular and trendy by the fashion model Bella Hadid. She wore them last year during fashion week with just a street style outfit and everyone went nuts over those. I bought some, wore them through the airport, took them on a couple trips and they’re just amazing! I feel like they’re enough of a shoe and not just a slipper where you can throw them on and run an errand. They’re so cute! 
  5. OnCloud Shoes: If you're going on a trip to Europe or you're on your feet most of the day, these OnCloud shoes are amazing and would be such a thoughtful gift… *wink wink* They slip on and off really easily and they’re just super comfortable. Both my mom and sister wore them all over Europe this past summer and they just go with any outfit too! 
  6. Coats for cold climate: The Moncler Puffer is one of those splurge jackets that one of my best friends bought last winter and she’s obsessed with it. We were talking about puffer jackets the other day and we agreed that we love our The North Face puffers just as much! They're puffers that'll last through many many winter seasons and will keep you warm and cozy during freezing cold temps. So both the Moncler and North Face puffers are great for someone who lives in cold weather.
ugg robe
womens gift ideas

#3 The Fashionista 

  1. Western Boots: Western cowboy boots are HUGE this year. There were a ton of them at the Anniversary Sale, they’re still continuing to trend everywhere in fashion.
  2. Gucci Loafers: These loafers are definitely a splurge item but totally classic if you’re looking for a more expensive really nice gift, or if you’re looking for one splurge item for yourself, this is the perfect gift! They never go out of style and they’re so beautiful. They’ve been on my list for a few years now, so this might be my year! 
  3. Bose Sunglasses: These sunglasses are amazing and one of the most unique gift ideas! You can put them on and have an audiobook, podcast, or music playing or take a phone call while you’re sitting in the car and your kids are in the back watching a movie, or if you’re standing in line somewhere. You can hear what’s going on around you but it also plays whatever you want and you can adjust the volume. They’re pretty revolutionary in that you can be listening to something but also be aware of your surroundings, while no one else can hear what you're listening to! I think these are one of the coolest high-tech gifts of 2022 and for the fashion-lover, they look really nice, too!
  4. Michelle Bracelet for Apple Watch: I got mine during the Anniversary Sale and absolutely love it. So for someone who loves both their Michelle watches but also their Apple Watch, it’s a really great happy medium to accessorize your Apple Watch! 
  5. Sam Edelman Booties: I got these booties last year and wore them a ton. They were my favorite booties of last year and they’re still carrying them this year! They’re just a really beautiful (and actually comfortable) bootie. 
  6. Treasure and Bond Rouche Dress: This dress is their #1 rated dress of all time. It’s just a classic go-to and even works when you’re pregnant — it’s amazing! 
  7. Vince Cardigan Coat: This cardigan coat (aka coatigan!) is such a beautiful, luxurious gift, especially for a special occasion. There are five neutral colors to choose from. If you live somewhere cold this is such a classy coat option, it's totally giving New York Christmas vibes! It has a really comfy stretchy feel that gives more of a wrapped-in-a-blanket vibe than just your run of the mill coat.
  8. MZ Wallace Jimmy Bag: My mom and I have both been obsessed with this bag the past few years. It's perfect for travel — if you’re a traveler you can slide it on top of your carry on suitcase, it carries a ton, and it can flatten into your suitcase so it’s super versatile. It’s an amazing bag! A total slam dunk gift. 
best christmas gifts for her
womens gift ideas - beauty

#4 Beauty Lover

  1. Buxom Set: This is my favorite lipgloss of all time. If I had to choose one lip gloss it would be Buxom White Russian. This holiday set comes with this gloss and one of the most popular lip liners! 
  2. Mason Pearson brush: This brush is crazy expensive but I did go on a trip last year and, per usual, forgot something – MY BRUSH! The only brush they were selling at the hotel we were staying at was this one. So I bought it and was kinda mad at myself for how expensive it was, but after I used it I fell completely in love with it. It’s truly an amazing brush and is such a great splurge gift for someone who loves a little self care. 
  3. Dyson Corrale: This is also such a splurge gift but it’s a flat iron that’s just insane. It makes your hair look so smooth and minimizes the heat damage but does ten times the job that any other flat iron that I’ve ever tried has done… AND it’s cordless. 
  4. Jo Malone Nectarine & Blossom: This is one of my favorite of all the Jo Malone scents. So if you’re looking for a very popular perfume to give to someone, this is a really great one. 
  5. Sigma Brushes: These makeup brushes are top three of all the brands of makeup brushes of all time and of any that I’ve ever used. It’s a great set for someone in their early 20s who’s just starting to wear more makeup or anyone who just needs new brushes. It’s a great set!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Beautifying Face Palette: I always love Charlotte Tilbury’s holiday collections and this one is breaking the internet right now. Everyone’s using it and it looks so pretty. This would be the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer!
  7. Anastasia Perfect Your Brows set: This set has the two Anastasia products that I love the most. If you care about your brow game, you'll love this set!
  8. Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm set: The two of my most loved products of ELEMIS in one set! 
best beauty gift sets
womens gift ideas

#5 Barbie Pink Lovers

  1. Top Shop Pink Coat: This is a really fun pink coat with the best vibe. It’s not too crazy expensive and it has perfect reviews so far! 
  2. UGG Mini Boot: I’ve been a die-hard for the comfort + ease of UGGs for years. It's always one of my top picks for Christmas gifts! And they come in a Barbie pink — perfect for Christmas! Would be super cute to wear with leggings and my next recommendation…
  3. Zella Amazing Crewneck Sweatshirt: I've raved about this sweatshirt for the past couple years, and I'm still obsessed with it because it's truly THE SOFTEST INSIDE EVER! And it somehow magically never loses that ultra soft, just-like-new sweatshirt feel on the inside. Now it comes in a fun hot pink. This really would look so cute with some leggings and the Barbie pink UGG boots!
  4. Hot Pink Dad Sneakers: If you’re all over the dad sneaker movement, Steve Madden came out with cutest hot pink dad sneakers. They’d be so fun to wear to spice up a neutral outfit! 
  5. Valentinos: If you love hot pink and want a splurge gift, these Valentinos rockstuds in the hot pink are really fun!!
  6. Alo Non-Slip Towel: If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, this non-slip towel would be a great gift for a yoga lover!
  7. Derma-Flash Mini: This is something I love and use very, very regularly! It removes all the peach fuzz and dead skin to create a super soft, even skin surface. And it’s so cute in the hot pink color.
  8. Pony Flow Stretch Cap: This is so perfect if you want to wear your hair up in a ponytail and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. It’d be so cute for workouts, a trip to Disneyland, or really anything!
  9. Sea Level Frill Swimsuit: If you're escaping the cold for somewhere tropical this time of year, this Sea Level Frill swimsuit is super duper cute!
pink uggs nordstrom

Shop gifts for her at Nordstrom because loyalty gets you far

When it's time to shop Christmas gifts, Nordstrom’s loyalty programs + services are hard to beat! Shop all these gifts and also enjoy:

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  • Free shipping/returns
  • Free alterations
  • Rewards – earn points and Nordstrom Notes
  • Beauty and Style Workshops (and gifts!)
  • Amazing customer service

Gifts for her! 

When gifting your loved ones, it’s sometimes hard to know where to even start! I’ve gathered up all of my favorites from Nordstrom all organized by category so your holiday shopping is made extra easy this year (for you and your spouse!). Let me know what you're adding to your list this year and check out the rest of our gift guides here!

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