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HOT BOGO Deal On the BEST Tanning Lotion Ever!!

August 5, 2019

You guys. The browning lotion I absolutely swear by for getting the perfect golden glow is on MEGA sale today!! I'm OBSESSED with Maui Babe! Any other Maui Babe fan girls out there? I don't go to the pool without it. I don't go to the beach without it. Basically anywhere I go in a swimsuit Maui Babe comes with me! Thanks to this smoking hot deal I totally plan on stocking up before my upcoming beach vacation!

Why I Love It

First of all it smells delicious. Second it totally works! This is the BEST stuff on the planet for getting a gorgeous tan fast! Hundreds and hundreds of perfect reviews and absolutely worth the hype!

How Do I Use It?

You can apply Maui Babe solo, but I prefer to use it with sunscreen. Yes, it works with sunscreen. Sunscreen up, apply this over the top and prepare to get the best tan of your life.

Deal Details

Today though August 24th when you buy one Maui Babe product you get a second one for 40% off! The deal includes the Browning Lotion, the After Browning Lotion, the sunscreen, the body butter-ALL the things!

After Browning Lotion

I really love the After Browning Lotion too. Honest to goodness it really does prolong your tan like nothing else! It seals in that deep dark vacation tan you worked so hard for and helps keeps it from fading. And if you do get a burn it will help you to peel less. It's super duper moisturizing and makes your skin so soft and smooth. It's magic!

Some people don't LOVE the smell of Maui Babe (it's never bothered me) but if you're turned off by the original scent of Maui Babe then you HAVE to try the Maui Babe with Coconut Oil. It smells AMAZING and works just like the original stuff!!!

Shop all the Maui Babe products eligible for this BOGO 40% off deal below. Even though the deal goes until August 24th you'll want to stock up ASAP so you can take advantage of those sunny days and summer rays!

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